Zero Billing with Solar in Pakistan

Zero billing with solar in Pakistan is helping a lot of Pakistanis to save energy. Discussions on solar technology have been carried out since 7th century B.C and is not new at all. But now with the advancement in solar technology we are able to utilize the power of solar panels for homes or businesses.
Today there are mainly two types of solar technology being used; photovoltaic solar technology (converts sunlight to electricity directly) and solar thermal technology (capture’s sun heat).
Most of On-grid as well as Hybrid systems qualify to get Net Metering. This permits them to get rid of power bills with no cost or danger related to disconnecting through the grid.
In Pakistan, energy needs are growing and the use of renewable energy sources are vital. Pakistan is a land that gets sun warmth throughout the whole year. People can get zero billing with solar in Pakistan.

Why do we focus on solar in Pakistan?

  1. Solar energy is great player in green energy domain
  2. Solar energy is an ongoing cost free energy.
  3. It offers decentralization of power.
  4. It eludes politics and price instability.
  5. It conserves eco-system and sustenance.

How to get zero billing with solar in Pakistan?

Following are some steps to get zero billing with solar in Pakistan:
After getting electricity through solar panels you can meet your energy needs. But keep in mind always use gadgets which save electricity. (Use LED bulbs, DC fans, insulate hot water pipes, you can insulate under the floor)
You can quit using gas, wood and petrol (replacing gas stove with induction, or you can use hybrid cars)


The sun helps us by providing renewable energy which is called solar energy. It is powering our world and is free of cost. By following the steps given above we can shift to this valuable resource. Solar energy is a must have need to overcome the growing energy problems and people can get zero billing with solar in Pakistan.

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