Solar panel companies in Lahore

Here you will be given complete information about solar panel companies in Lahore. The best vendors for solar panel in Lahore will be listed below. Solar panels have not only become cheaper, but also more beautiful. Where in the past you could buy ugly blue solar cells on white plates and silver aluminum edges only, now completely black panels can also be purchased. These ‘all-black’ solar panels are much less noticeable when they are placed on black roof tiles.

But much more is now possible in addition to the choice of color. Solar panels incorporated in roof tiles do produce much energy and they are nicer. These quite affordable plastic roof tile elements with solar panels in them are the solution for the large villas and small houses as well where money is not an issue.

Solar panel companies in Lahore

But before going into the details about solar panel companies in Lahore, we would like to let you know about some cheaper and best options that you can adopt before installation of solar panels.

Integrated solar panels

The cheaper interim solution that we personally believe in is the integrated solar panels. If you put ordinary solar panels between the roof tiles with a simple water drain underneath, then you suddenly have nothing on the roof anymore, but integrated into the roof in an invisible way would make the whole process quite effective and safe.

Adorn the roof with beautiful solar panels

Personally, we like to go one step further. Why would you still choose roof tiles on a roof when you can adorn it completely with solar panels. For new-build homes, there are more and more options like, Building Integrated Photovotaic Systems (BIPV) that make this possible.

Solar panels for flat roof

There are also special plastic elements for flat roofs that support the solar panels and place them at exactly the right angle to the sun. The installer focuses them precisely on the southwest normally, so that you can take full advantage of the sun. This is also the reason that flat roofs are very suitable for solar panels. They are often high, out of sight and can be placed perfectly in the sun. And yes, there are some special systems in which the solar panels rotate with the sun.

Straw roofing

In thatched roofs you also see solar panels appear here and there because the panels can be incorporated between the reeds with (special waterproof plastic elements). This gives you the free energy without putting anything strange on the reed.

Even in winter season solar panels will work

Solar panels also work without sunlight or in winter season too. The only thing solar panels need is daylight. And the bright sun in the summer sometimes heats up the panels so much that the output is better in spring and autumn than on those hot summer days. In winter, solar panels simply generate energy through daylight, which is good because you want to switch on the lights earlier in the evening.

Solar panels During Rainy Days

When it rains, there is also normal daylight during the day and the solar panels installation will still be profitable. Of course you prefer a nice spring sun from early to late, but the rain rinses the panels nicely. Clean solar panels, without dirt, may yield more than unwashed panels.

Keep track of your output yourself

For many solar panel owners, there is nothing better than checking the free kWh every week for an hour. Via beautiful apps and handy measurement programs connected through the internet you can easily keep track of how much rupees you have already saved and what the output of the solar panels is, and that in real time!

Solar energy for Nature lovers

Perhaps you are already a big nature lover and you can also enjoy a walk through nature. When the purchase of solar panels is made purely on cost-benefit analysis basis then it means you are giving proof of nature love.

Zero carbon concept in Community

Some people even go so far as to say that the solar panels are the beginning of the urge for a zero-on-the-meter and zero carbon concept at home. This rapidly growing community of zero carbon consumers consists of progressive people who believe that things traditional energy processes can be completed differently.

Fossil fuels are running out

The above point is therefore good for the wallet and good for the earth, and that is good to see too. Fossil fuels are running out and often we fail to meet the climate target and have to trade for energy with other countries in order to meet energy needs of Pakistan.

Energy falls on your roof for free

However, the future is of the solar energy because the sun has much more energy in it than we ever need here on earth according to the scientists. It is actually strange that we burn oil, coal and gas to make energy and transport it over hundreds of kilometers while the energy falls on your roof for free.

No permit required

You never need a permit for solar panels if they are simply placed on a roof. You can also expect no objection from the municipality at the front of a house, because they also have a climate objective and encourage sustainability. However, you need to contact best solar panel companies in Lahore to meet your energy needs.

Expandable option for solar panels

In the future you can easily expand energy production with set of new solar panels. You have to make the inverter heavier because it must be able to handle the power. If you now have a budget for 9 solar panels, you can easily add 3, 6 or 8 solar panels later.

Home battery for solar panels

With a household battery you can store the energy generated during the day so that you can use it in the evening to burn the lights and switch on the kettle or electric devices. You can buy that home battery with latest features and connect your solar panels to it. Without such a battery, you simply supply it back to the energy grid and this is later leveled with the purchased kWh. So you get real money for your sold kWh to the energy companies and that is nice. However, the government may limit this in the coming years.

Solar companies in Lahore

You already saw it before: the efficiency of the panels themselves is still under development, but that is not going to be a big burden anymore. Every few years you see a growth of sufficient percentage in solar panel companies in Lahore.

That’s why now we have professional solar panel companies in Lahore which are giving extra value to the customers who need solar energy for homes or business. One of them is Zero Carbon and other suppliers for solar panels are:

  1. Zero Carbon
  2. Solar power Lahore
  3. Solar giant supplier Pvt Ltd
  4. Alpha Solar company Lahore
  5. Super Energy Green Lahore
  6. Pakistan Solar Traders
  7. Swift Solar Energy Source

Make a contact with a professional supplier who has repute in the market of solar energy. Price is important but you need at least solar panels which must have capacity of 15-25 years’ working.

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