Solar Tube well Price in Pakistan

It has been rightly said that the necessity is the mother of invention because many useful discoveries are made when there left no other option to rely upon. In Pakistan, we are facing an energy crisis and there are many factors that are behind it. There are several managerial as well as technical factors causing the energy crisis in the country. Policies that have been made to overcome the energy crisis are not acted upon the way they should be. Resultantly, Pakistan comes under the spell of the energy crisis.

Solar Tube well Price in Pakistan

So, under such circumstances, there occurs a dire need to overcome problems related to the energy crisis. Moreover, people living in rural areas have been targeting the most. They are kept deprived of the basic facilities. In the modern era, farmers and agri-business are facing a lot of problems because of the energy crisis.Read details of Solar Tube well Price in Pakistan in this article.

There is no wonder that the invention of solar panels has indeed made life easier with unlimited electricity access. However, the invention of the solar tube-well is certainly hailed as the best invention for the farmers so far. More than half of the population in Pakistan is engaged in the agricultural sectors. So, this new invention of solar tube wells is indeed a sigh of relief for many people to overcome electricity issues.

Moreover, the working and installation of a solar tube well in Pakistan can not only cater to electric needs but also helps in saving a lot of money. The growing rates in the electricity bills are creating a lot of problems for the poor families living in the remote areas of Pakistan. The alarming increase in the population of the country is the reason why electricity demand has risen so high. The industrial sectors in Pakistan are also relying upon these solar systems for better consumption of electricity.

Through solar tube wells in Pakistan, the farmers can easily ensure the water supply to their fields. Moreover, solar tube wells and other related solar systems are entirely self-operational as well as maintenance-free. You can easily rely upon these solar solutions in those areas where electricity supply is almost equal to no. with the installation of such systems, water pumping and irrigation have become quite easier.

Solar Tube well Price in Punjab Pakistan

There are many companies that are providing easy finance facilities for the farmers as they know that farmers are already facing a lot of difficulties in earning their livelihood. So, this is a great opportunity for many formers to buy solar tube wells on easy installments and financing facilities.

When it comes to the price of the solar tube wells in Pakistan, then it may vary company to company and area to area. The overall cost of the solar tube wells depends on the various factors. These factors include,

  • The delivery rate
  • The depth of the water
  • The desired amount of water per day

On account of these three factors, the cost of solar tubewell depends. However, the approximate rate of the solar tube well in Pakistan is around 1.25 lakh per HP along with the warranties and repair cover.

Benefits of installing solar tube wells in the agricultural sectors

  • Economically good for the farmers
  • Efficient Working
  • Environment friendly
  • Long Service life
  • A long term free energy source
  • Minimize maintenance cost
  • The high standard energy source
  • 20-15 years power guarantee

Solar tube well has lessened the farmers’ tensions of watering their fields timely. In ancient times, the farmers need to make sure that their fields are receiving enough water supply at the right time. The only hindrance behind this was the electricity shortage or power cut. Under electricity failure, how can farmers make it possible to water their fields? Of course, there was no way out. A huge thanks to the technology that helped them in making them carefree about watering their crops.

Solar tube well helps in reducing the 40% to 50% in bills. Those farmers who are already taking advantage of this type of solar technology are enjoying their work without getting worried while saving millions of rupees every month.

With solar tube well, the production of the crops could be made timely. The timely watering of the fields can result in a handsome output. There is no need for the grid-electricity as it will only cause damage to the fields and crops.

Solar tube well indeed provide an easy solution to the farmers. We only need to spread awareness among the farmers about this cheapest energy source. You cannot make the best use of it without realizing its powers.

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