Solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy?

Solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy is no doubt an important question which comes in mind. This type of energy comes from sun. This type of energy on the roof comes through solar panels. Solar panels convert energy into electricity. You do not know the exact procedure when solar panels convert that energy into solar power but with the help of this post we will let you know the exact process of solar working.

Solar panel on the roof of a house is also called green energy

Yes, you heard correct, it is a green energy setting that not only gives you perfect saving rather you can install heavy electrical equipment as well at your homes or offices. If you want to install solar panels on your home, this new guide is for you:

  • How many photovoltaic panels to install on a 100 m² house?
  • Should you always install your panels on your house roof?
  • How much does such a solar installation cost?
  • Is a do-it-yourself kit an interesting solution?

I answer all of these questions and more in this new guide. First of all, do you know how a self-consumption solar installation works?

Example for solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy

It’s very simple: your photovoltaic panels capture sunlight and then transform it into electricity, in the form of direct current.
This electricity then passes into the inverter, which transforms it into alternating current, which can then be consumed by your electrical devices. A self-consumption solar installation therefore allows you to use the energy produced by your solar panels to meet your electricity needs.

Sizing of your solar installation

Before explaining about solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy, let us study about sizing of solar installation. A solar installation whose power is too “small” or too “large” will not allow you to make significant savings. To know the number of solar panels to install, you must first take into account your electricity consumption.

To give you an idea, here are orders of magnitude of solar installation power adapted according to your annual electricity consumption, and the number of panels that this represents:

  • You live in a 100 m² detached house.
  • You have all the common electrical appliances (oven, fridge, hotplates, TV, computer,
  • light bulbs, washing machine, etc.).
  • Your house is also equipped with a hot water tank and electric heaters.
  • Your electricity consumption is around 9,000 kWh.
  • Solar panels and swimming pool

Do you own a swimming pool?

That turns out really well dear readers!
Solar panels would be a worthwhile investment in this situation.
Hey yes: your swimming pool (more exactly its filtration pump or its water heater) consumes electricity when the solar panels produce it. The filtration pumps being in operation much of the day during the summer season, over a full year their electricity consumption weighs on the bill.

For example:

Your filtration pump with a power of 1 HP (i.e. 750 Watts) operates from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (i.e. 14 hours per day) from April to September (i.e. 183 days).
Its annual consumption is therefore 0.75 x 14 x 183 = 1921 kWh.

Can you Calculate your Energy consumption of home?

If you want to build a house, you do not yet know your consumption. Fortunately, it is possible to estimate it. If you are not sure then contact
For each electrical appliance in your future home, multiply its power (expressed in Watts) by the number of hours of daily use, then by the number of weeks.
Then divide the result obtained by 1000 to obtain your annual electricity consumption in kWh. These calculations will broaden your vision about your query about solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy.

For example:

You use your oven twice a week for 1 hour.

Its power is 3000 W.
Its annual consumption is therefore (3,000 x 2 x 1-hour x 52 weeks) / 1,000 = 312 kWh. Now that you know the method, you just need to apply it for all your electrical devices.
You don’t have the time or the inclination to do these calculations?
We calculate your future consumption during your detailed study for your solar project. To do this, put your complete research on our website.

Have you calculated your future annual electricity consumption?

So you know how much electricity you will need to produce each year.
How many solar panels for an independent house?
How to be autonomous?
Total autonomy is the dream of many people.
Imagine: no more Grid electricity bills, no need to be connected to the electricity network, 100% green electricity.
Unfortunately, this kind of project is still difficult to achieve today, for several reasons. Remember: your panels produce electricity when they receive the sun’s rays, that is, during the day. However, you need to select the efficient solar panels that can meet your energy needs.
Even by limiting your consumption, you use electricity at night, for your fridge, a few lamps, and your internet box for example.
It is therefore necessary to succeed in storing part of the electricity produced during the day, in order to be able to use it when your panels no longer produce.
There are storage batteries specifically designed for this purpose, but they have several drawbacks.

  • Lithium battery photovoltaic solar panel
  • For starters, their particularly high price.
  • For a lithium battery, per kWh cost remains high.

Concretely, to last a night and a morning with conventional electricity consumption (fridge, light, internet box, etc.), you must invest in a battery with a storage capacity of 3 kWh.
Then, the battery life is rather limited (between 7 and 10 years).
And once at the end of their life, some of the components are not recyclable.
For example, lithium-ion batteries have a recycling quota of 70%.
In conclusion, what should be done?
Quite simply, invest today in a solar installation to save money now.
And when the price of storage solutions has fallen further, you can invest in purchasing a battery.

Monitor your electricity production and consumption

After knowing solar panels on the roof of a house is what type of energy you can have little insights regarding monitoring of electricity. This kind of project requires constant monitoring of your electricity production and consumption.
Because if you are not connected to the electricity grid, you cannot consume more electricity than what you produce.
You must make sure your electricity consumption exceeds ever production of your panels.

And you have to make certain choices: which electrical device to use?

  • At what time of the day?
  • For how long?

Finally, you have to do without certain energy-intensive household appliances, such as the washing machine for example.
To conclude on the subject: yes, it is possible to be autonomous in electricity, but it is complicated, expensive and it requires some sacrifices if you buy solar panels from unprofessional companies. You should see, where you can get the best ROI for solar panel systems.
I invite you to read our complete guide to buy cheap solar panels in Pakistan. This post will give you extra value because you come to know the most profitable solar panel.

You now know:

How many solar panels you need?

If you want to invest in batteries now or in a few years;

Which solar installation is suitable for your home?

So, a common question about, solar panel on the roof of a house is what type of energy becomes easy to understand. It is a natural source of energy that comes from sunshine. And you don’t need to be worried about supply of electricity at night time as well.

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