What is the solar panel orientation calculator? You need to understand the concept about solar orientation. Orientation is said to be the direction of anything in general sense. The way where your solar panels should face is called its solar orientation. Solar panel is a flat piece of sheet and must be placed in a certain direction. Solar panels need light from the sun to create electricity, hence in order to receive maximum sunlight and to create most power, the solar panel orientation must be facing in the right direction.

Most often the direction of the panel becomes confusing for a common person who has no technical info about solar palates. In this scenario solar panel companies play their role for solar panel orientation so that they can get maximum time of sun energy throughout the day.

The more the solar panels are exposed to light the higher the productivity, we can expect. If you want to use your solar panels in a fixed position and optimize it for maximum return all year long then you should orient it at a certain angle which would be 90 degrees minus your latitude. It is a generic and simple solar orientation formula but we would recommend let it fix by some professional.

This calculation is done by using a solar panel orientation calculator to find out exactly what angles your solar panels should be set up for different times of the year. With the aim of achieving right angle for your solar panels the calculation can be done using a mobile phone or there are online solar calculators available which are pretty handy.

Basic formula to calculate solar panel orientation

However, the basic formula to calculate the solar panel orientation is to add 15 degrees to your latitude when there is a winter season and subtract 15 degrees to your latitude when there is summer season. If you don’t know the latitude of where you live you can find it through a professional solar installation company. Since you want to get maximum productivity from the solar panels and that is why in any case you always want to orient your solar panel in the right direction.

Easy way for right direction of solar plates

Solar power is the most sustainable and clean way to power your home. It is neither polluting nor costly. However, if you live in Pakistan and you are not aware of the solar tariff then it will affect you. Zero Carbon expert will tell you and give details about cost and production. They have a detailed information of this hike in solar tariff as well the procedure that needs to be followed to get it reduced. You just need to make sure the exact area or location for solar panel installations then the tariff as well as right direction for solar plates would be easy to follow.

The cost of solar technology has consequently decreased, and these tariffs might have a detrimental effect on the country’s economy.

Many people out there are wondering why it is that Pakistan’s Solar Panels import/export is going through a very severe tariff increase. This is because the Pakistani government has decided to introduce a solar tariff at a much higher rate than it had previously decided. Apart from that, the new tariff will be applicable to all Pakistanis. But now the cost or tariff are becoming reasonable that’s why we see spike in demand of solar panels.

How to get maximum solar panel output?

We suggest you to contact ZC because they know your home or office requirements after proper visit. Some home owners after watching YouTube videos would try to set direction of solar panels but it is good to keep in mind winter and summer sunrays direction as well. Using a solar panel orientation calculator can remove all deficiencies or wrong estimations and then maximum output is achieved.

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