Solar Panel Output per Square Meter

Posted On: 06 June,    Author: Zero Carbon

Solar energy is one of the most affordable and a big source of energy. The sunlight that reaches the earth is enough to tackle the energy consumption in world for many years to come. So, it is necessary that this treasure must be saved and used for various purposes. In this way, the cost for energy generation will be minimized in a country with the help of solar energy. For electricity, solar energy is one of the best sources and thus you are interested to know about solar panel output per square meter.

What is solar radiation?

Sun emits electromagnetic radiation that is also called solar radiation. This radiation is captured by solar technology and is converted into electricity or used as thermal storage. Usually there are two types of solar energy technology; photovoltaic solar energy and the second one is concentrating solar thermal power.

When photon in the sunlight hit the solar panel, they are absorbed through photovoltaic cells in the solar panel. As the result of this process, the electrical charge is produced due to inner electrical field of the panel. Electrons are moved away and apart from their atoms they start moving all around the solar cells. This movement is actually the direct electricity production.

Solar panel output per square meter

Determining the solar panel output per square meter depends on various factors. These include the size of solar panels their position of installment and their numbers. Some factors are under control like size and position or number etc. But others cannot be predicted like weather, year time and daylight hours. So, these are the basic things that affect largely on solar panel output per square meter.

But for a general calculation of solar panel input and solar panel output per square meter you can have a look on a standard scale. There the input rate for a solar panel is about 1000 watts per square meter. Most of the available solar panels work on 15-20 percent efficiently. So, by this calculation, it can be said that solar panel output per square meter is approximately 150-200 watts.

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