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Official solar panel Pakistan distributor | Solar panel system cost in Pakistan

There are a lot of benefits of solar panel Pakistan. Once you know the exact capacity as per your home then you can save each month. Your electricity needs or any energy need can be fulfilled easily if you buy one of the famous solar panel Pakistan brands. In reality, the buyers remain confused as they decide to have solar system at their homes. They do not know authorized solar panel Pakistan distributor.

Solar Panel Pakistan Distributor

When you talk about official Solar Panel Pakistan Distributor then obviously, one supplier will appear on the list. It is none other than

You can check the projects which Zero Carbon team has accomplished. They will also let you know famous solar panel Pakistan brands. You can choose any solar energy system as per your current budget.

In this article we are going to give you sufficient knowledge about following topics:

  1. Benefits of solar panel Pakistan
  2. Solar panel system cost in Pakistan
  3. Solar panel Pakistan brands
  4. Solar panel Pakistan distributor
  5. why do we need solar panels in Pakistan?

So, to know details for these topics stay connected here. We are going to give you brief information about Top solar panel Pakistan distributor and you will be pleased to know the ongoing projects.

  1. Dunya cables solar system Sheikhupura
  2. Ultra Pack Solar Project
  3. Fish Farm Kasur Solar panel
  4. Ultra Pack Solar Project

Along with it, there are multiple residential or industrial solar energy projects which enable the clients to save millions of rupees each year. Annual energy generation capacity is going to make you amazed.

Renewable solar power is one of the fastest growing forms of energy production source. It allows the consumer to choose different solar panels for solar electricity, even at night and in winter.

The operation of solar panels

The production of solar electricity is based on the conversion of solar radiant energy into electric current. The energy radiated by the sun consists of small particles or photons.

Upon hitting the solar panel, the photons are absorbed into semiconductor materials such as silicon. They detach negatively charged electrons from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow freely in the semiconductor material, creating an electric current in the current conductors of the solar cells.

As the intensity of the radiation increases, more electrons are emitted: the solar panel gives better performance in summer than in winter because there is more light.

Pakistani conditions are quite suitable for utilizing solar energy. In most of the parts of Pakistan, the sun radiates a total of about a thousand kilowatt hours per year on a horizontal square meter.

What if summer is cloudy and rainy, does the photovoltaic system produce electricity?

Yes, it does, although not as much as the sunshine scorching perpendicular to the panels. Solar panels collect energy from the light reflected through the clouds as well as from diffuse radiation, i.e reflections from the environment. The output of the panels can be compared to the amount of light. In addition to this, photovoltaics produce sufficient electricity in cool weather because the electricity loss is lower in cool than in warm.

House Security Control Room – Check on the functionality of your system

Now you can manage functionality of your solar panels as you finish the installation process. All photovoltaic systems which are installed come with the auto control functionality, which allows us to get information about the amount of electricity produced.

This will give us indication that the system is working as per the expectation and standard. If, for one reason or another, the yield of the panels suddenly deteriorates, we will be informed and we will be able to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Best Solar panel Pakistan distributor does not require any additional charges from the customer. Everything is involved in the package. So you can focus entirely on enjoying living knowing that the functionality of your panels will be taken care of. wants to give you such standard in solar system. You should not be concerned about solar panel system cost in Pakistan always if you want to enjoy auto or remote solar energy control system.

This is how the photovoltaic system works

  1. Solar panels collect sunlight easily in sunshine but also generate electricity in cloudy weather.
  2. An inverter, converts the electricity produced by the panels into alternating current that is suitable for home electrical appliances or industrial use.
  3. The photovoltaic system is connected to the house’s electrical switchboard.
  4. Excess electricity is transmitted to the electricity grid. You can easily distribute excess electricity into other channels. It is best option when you decide to have solar system at home.

The new service ensures better yield of solar panels

New stunning panels are installed on the roof. Now you have to enjoy the electricity they produce anymore, don’t you? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Interruptions and other disturbances in the houses’ own electrical systems are common and may turn off the photovoltaic system without the occupant noticing anything.

In addition, there may be a technical fault in the photovoltaic system itself. This small risk always exists, even if the highest quality panels and other components are used. However, there is a convenient solution to the problem.

A disturbance can dramatically drop the return to zero

Various disturbances in the electrical network and in the electrical systems of houses are common. When interference occurs, the solar panels may turn off. For example, if there is a power failure, the photovoltaic system will be switched off for safety reasons. However, this may easily go unnoticed by the resident for a very long time. When it finally comes to light, many sunny months may have been wasted.

Technical faults in the photovoltaic system are also possible. The photovoltaic system is expected to function properly for several decades, which is why it is not reasonable to expect a resident to monitor yields on an ongoing basis. For this reason, it is no wonder that a rare technical failure is not noticed. Although the warranty replaces the repair of the defect, the return on the “lost” months will not be refunded.

So, it is better to get solar panels from a trusted supplier. will tell you if the return has dropped is a service designed to avoid the unpleasant situation described above. If the output of the photovoltaic system drops, we will be notified automatically and take immediate action. In other words, ZeroCarbon monitors the return of the panels on behalf of the customer. In this way, we ensure that the whole syetem works so well that the customer can focus on enjoying living.

Here we will be talking about solar panel system cost in Pakistan and the details are below. You will get an idea the normal solar panels for homes. Similarly, solar panels of 550, or 460 watt are also available.

  1. Solar panel system cost in Pakistan for 150 Watt Solar Panel is normally about Rs. 8,200/-
  2. Solar panel system cost for Monocrystalline in Pakistan is about Rs. 31,200/-
  3. Solar panel system cost for Tesla 300 Watt Rs. 13,530/-
  4. Solar panel system cost for Astronergy 285w Monocrystalline Solar panel is Rs. 16,700/-
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