Types of Solar Panel Pakistan

There are different types of Solar panel Pakistan which are helping the people here. These panels are sufficient energy alternatives which can be helpful to save electricity cost.

Types of Solar Panel Pakistan

Zerocarbon.com.pk can design and supply a solar system for your needs. They also have typical solar hot water systems. They design various systems for water heating:

Single-circuit, for seasonal use or in areas where there are no negative temperatures throughout the year. The water should be light and clean. That’s only requirement for this system to be effective.

Double-circuit solar system, for year-round use, as well as in areas with hard and / or contaminated water with mechanical impurities. Each of the systems can have natural and forced circulation of the coolant. Therefore, the heat supply system can be:

  1. With passive circulation
  2. With active circulation

With natural circulation of the coolant in the system (thermosyphon system), the hot coolant rises, so the storage tank must be located above the collector. If such an arrangement is impossible or impractical, a system with active circulation of the coolant should be used.

The cheapest will be a single-circuit thermosyphon system. The most expensive will be a two-circuit system with active circulation and one or two heat exchangers.

Cost of solar panels Pakistan is also not very high. A person with average salary can easily afford it and keep that at home. We will give here average price of solar panels Pakistan so that you can make a budget as per your convenience. Obviously, there are big level or small capacity solar panels in market. But ultimately you would love to know a grade solar panel price in Pakistan as well. Let us confirm you one thing, always buy solar panels from a trusted company. That is big question when you decide to buy a solar panel in Pakistan.

A grade solar panel price in Pakistan

In this post we will be talking about a grade solar panel price in Pakistan so that it help you to check best solar panels in 2021. Get updated list for cost of solar panels Pakistan.

  1. Cost of Inverex 150 Watt Poly Solar system Rs 8,000/-
  2. Cost of solar panels Pakistan for Vertex 170 w Poly Solar system Rs.9,000/-
  3. Price of solar panels pakistan like, Tesla 165w Mono Solar system Rs. 10,000/-
  4. A grade solar panel price in Pakistan Vertex 490 Watt Mono Solar Panel Rs. 23,000/-
  5. Inverex Axpert King 3.2 KW MPPT Solar Rs. 58,000/-
  6. Nitrox a grade solar panel price in Pakistan 6 KW 3 Solar On-Grid Inverter Rs, 140,000/-

General requirements for solar heating systems

It is recommended to use solar collectors in systems that do not require draining the coolant in winter. The coolant in the collector circuit can be chemically purified water or, if freezing is possible, it is recommended to use antifreeze based on ethylene or propylene glycol, used in heating systems of individual buildings and containing corrosion inhibitors.

Maintain high efficiency

To increase the service life and maintain high efficiency during the entire period of operation, solar collectors are recommended to be used in indirect water heating systems, i.e. the first closed loop of two-circuit systems with a special intermediate heat exchanger for transferring heat to the storage tank-accumulator of the system. Direct heating of water in the collectors is not recommended due to the acceleration of internal corrosion and possible clogging of the channels of the absorbing panel with mechanical suspensions and salt deposits.

When using collectors in solar heat supply systems, they must be designed in accordance with the requirements of standard Installations of solar hot water supply. The collectors that are part of domestic solar water heaters are installed in accordance with the operating instructions for these installations.

Installation of a diaphragm expansion

In the collector circuit of the system, it is necessary to provide for the installation of a diaphragm expansion tank to compensate for the increase in the volume of the coolant during heating and a safety valve to protect the collector from an increase in pressure above the operating pressure.

Almost all solar systems operate in the mode of heat accumulation in a storage tank, since the useful heat is supplied to the system (to the collectors) only during the daytime, and the system must provide round the clock supply of hot water to the consumer.

Solar collectors can be used both in thermosyphon systems with natural circulation of the primary (collector) circuit, and in systems with forced (pumping) circulation of the coolant. A feature of the systems is that in the case of a thermosyphon system, the lower point of the storage tank should be located above the upper point collector and no further than 3-4 m from the collectors, and with pump circulation of the coolant, the location of the storage tank can be arbitrary.

Solar energy is the heat

Solar energy is the heat and light emitted from the sun’s rays, and due to their importance, they have been exploited in many techniques and means of modern technology, which are constantly developing.

Saving maintenance, because once the solar panels are installed, they start their work with the highest levels of efficiency and perfection, and preserve the environment from noise pollution and the production of usable electrical energy in solar panels does not make any noise and does not emit any harmful emissions that cause environmental pollution.

Solar Energy radiation

Solar energy is the radiation and heat from the sun, which humans have exploited and harnessed to serve their interests, through the use of a set of advanced technological means, where solar energy is converted into electrical energy, through the use of photovoltaic converters or heat engines.

Drinking water is distilled and purified using solar energy. It is also used to generate high temperatures, and these degrees are used in industrial work. It is important to know that solar energy has both positive and negative effects. These effects arise from the way we use and adapt this energy, but in this article we will highlight the positive effects of its use.

It does not require a lot of maintenance and installation work, and thus it saves individuals the effort, and the effort expended in maintenance, as once the solar panels are installed, their work begins with the highest degree of efficiency and perfection.

It is used in heating homes and buildings, by using a special technology that captures the thermal energy from the sun, by absorbing the sun’s rays, and the absorbed heat the air inside homes and buildings, and it should be noted that this device is called the solar thermal collector. This device can be made of plastic or glass materials, and this method of heating homes is considered one of the best methods, because of its low price compared to other methods used in heating buildings. So these were different types of solar panels Pakistan with latest cost in Pakistan.


You can first decide which module should be bought as per your need of building. If you are not sure then contact a team of experts from Zerocarbon.com.pk then you will be given expert opinion. Present your home capacity or needs for electricity then you can compare price plans for solar panels in Pakistan. Cost of solar panels Pakistan is still under reasonable budget. So, end your worries and start a new better life.

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