Solar Panel Pakistan Electric Fence

If you want to know about Solar panel Pakistan electric fence, then you are at right place. We will let you know not only solar electric fence in Pakistan but also why do we need solar energy in Pakistan? Why do we need to install solar systems at small or large houses?

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Solar panels are used to generate electricity to help you keep charged and run your substations with unlimited autonomy. They will be useful to you to operate your lighting, but also to generate electricity for your energizers. Thus, your equipment will be proficient and will allow you to work in good circumstances. You can find solar products in the dedicated category on our online store.

Solar panel Pakistan electric fence

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What is price for solar panel Pakistan electric fence?

Price for solar panel Pakistan electric fence is not high, it may range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000/- it depends in which city you want to get your orders.

Specifications about solar panel Pakistan electric fence:

There are different types of solar electric fence as per your needs but here we will be mentioning some of the most used types.

For example,15 W solar panel consists of a metal battery box with direct connection clamps to the 12 V battery included. It allows maintenance-free operation from spring to fall.

Characteristics of Solar panel Pakistan electric fence:

  • width: 37.5 cm
  • height: 42.0 cm
  • depth: 2.5 cm

Includes in Solar panel Pakistan electric fence:

15-watt solar module

Solar panel Pakistan electric fence has become a need of time. Whenever you are going to buy solar system them you would need it. The problem is you do not have clear idea about its cost and working life. That is the reason we advise our readers to contact Zero Carbon. The professional team our ZC is going to help you in choosing best solar panel Pakistan electric fence.

The solar panels operate by recovering energy from solar radiation and converting it into heat energy or electricity. This energy generation system remains very under-exploited. A note about this is that if all the solar energy that arrives on earth in a period of one hour was recovered, there would be enough to meet all of humanity’s energy needs for a year.

The efficiency of a photovoltaic panel apart from its intrinsic qualities is generally based on three factors: the geographical location, the orientation of the panels and the amount of sunshine.

Photovoltaic installations just need the light to produce energy. And although their efficiency is higher in the presence of the sun, solar panels produce energy in cloudy or rainy days.

What are The different types of Solar panels?

There are two types of solar panels:

  1. The solar panels converting the light of the sun into electricity
  2. The solar panels which, themselves, convert solar radiation into heat

The two systems are compatible and the green energy produced by the solar panels can be used to run a heat pump, heat the indoor air, etc. This means less electricity consumption burden on the network grid, for maximum optimization we should use green energy methods.

Installation: Methods and conditions

There are four ways to install solar panels on your roof: overlay, built-in, easy-built, and on-ground

The superimposition:

This is the type of installation which is the simplest to achieve, it consists in placing the photovoltaic modules directly above the roof on supports. It does not require destroying an existing roof. It has its advantages (limits the risks of overheating, lower costs) and its disadvantages (efficiency, aesthetics, easier to fly).

Integrated into the frame:

in this type of installation, the solar panels are integrated into the plane of the roof where they replace elements of the roof such as tiles or slates. Its main advantage is that it allows better waterproofing of the roof and also to benefit from a higher feed-in tariff for the energy produced.

Simplified integrated into the frame:

In this type of installation, the solar panels are not integrated into the roof plane (they are integrated in parallel). Its advantage compared to integrated into the frame is that it costs less and requires less work, its disadvantages are that it does not ensure the waterproofing of the roof and that the feed-in tariff for the energy produced is half as much.

On the ground:

The solar panels are placed on the ground. This type of installation is also easy to achieve and its relatively affordable cost, but in the list of its drawbacks we can mention, among other things, that it is necessary to have a fairly large perimeter, this floor space is “lost” or could have been. Be prepared for another use, the equipment is easy to steal, the feed-in tariff for the energy produced is much lower.

Before embarking on the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, we recommend that you check that the conditions below are met.

  • A good orientation of the roof: an orientation towards the sun is advised
  • A good inclination of the roof: the ideal being 30 °
  • A well-exposed roof: the ideal is to limit the shadows produced on the installation by neighboring buildings or trees.
  • A frame in good condition

The advantages of a photovoltaic panel in Pakistan

Main advantages:

Among the advantages of the photovoltaic solar panel, we can mention, among other things, the fact that it is economical, ecological, and guarantees a certain independence. Economical because for a lifespan of 30 years, it is amortized after 20 years and can cover up to 70% of the energy needs of the home.

It is ecological; in fact, photovoltaic panels cause very little emissions of co2 or other greenhouse gases. In addition, solar panels are reliable, their yield continues to increase while on the other hand their prices keep falling.

Main disadvantages:

Among the disadvantages of the solar panel we can cite: a high purchase cost, an incentive to relocate, very little help available, limited power, risk of theft. But these factors or risks can be avoided if you are in contact with a professional company. For example, you have Zero Carbon with yourself. They can guide you on each step.

Despite a downward trend which has been confirmed in recent years, the budget necessary for the installation of a system based on solar panels is relatively expensive. Here the problem of profitability arises less than that of the cost of the initial investment, which is almost impossible to bear for many households. However, if today, the cost of the electricity produced tends to increase, that of the energy produced by a photovoltaic system tends to decrease. In the more or less short term, the 2 costs will balance out. And maybe faster than you think.

But good thing is now you have many options whenever you are going to buy solar panel or even solar panel Pakistan electric fence. You do not need to save thousands of rupees each month if you want to install whole system. You just need to choose best economical plan as our experts suggest you. They check your energy requirements on daily basis routine.

They also look at the devices or electric gadgets you have at home or in industry. They check how many rooms or TVs you have; how many washing machines or air coolers you are using at home. These things will decide your energy needs per month then you will have a quality solar panel system at home.

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