Solar Panel Pakistan Electricity

Solar panel Pakistan electricity has become important need for 2021 and time ahead. We need electricity at cheaper rates here. The living standard of people from Pakistan is not very high. That’s why we need to have resources that can meet our energy needs. But some manufacturers try to give low standard solar systems in Pakistan.

We need to figure out those factors that will help us to buy solar panel Pakistan electricity without bearing losses. For example,

Solar Panel Pakistan Selection Criteria:

When choosing solar panels, there are several main factors that must be taken into consideration, the most important of which are

  • Solar panel manufacturing quality: It takes into account how the panels are manufactured and the quality of the materials used to build the solar panels, and it is worth knowing also to divide the manufacturers of solar panels into categories according to their manufacturing quality.
  • First category manufacturers • They are the elite companies that do not exceed 2% of the solar energy companies around the world that lead the market in terms of creativity and technology. The high investment is made on research to increase the efficiency of solar energy.

Medium level solar companies

There are mostly small to medium companies that invest in the field and carry out manufacturing operations for panels, but their focus on technology and creativity is less and they are distinguished by the following

  • Less money is invested in research and development.
  • There are Manufacturing processes in which the use of manual labor is at bigger level
  • Significantly Manufacturing experience of 2 to 5 years

3RD Category for solar system manufacturers

These represent the largest number of manufacturers and are distinguished by the following

  • Their activity is limited; they just try to engage customers for selling purpose
  • These types of solar companies do not invest in research and development.
  • Manual assembly lines and manual cell welding
  • Assembly experience from one to two years

In Pakistan there is energy crises we need to have some better arrangements for solar panels installations. There are not very high maintenance costs that can be equal to monthly electricity bills. It is normally considered as one-time investment. The main benefit is we incest one time and get benefits for many years.

Favorable conditions for solar panel Pakistan Electricity

Solar Panel Pakistan Electricity

In Pakistan, sunshine remains 8-9 hours per day. Its is quite favorable condition if we see other countries of world. the issue is technology sector in Pakistan is not much advanced. We always feel hesitation whenever there is a new project based on technology. Quaid-e-Azam solar power park was the initiative by Punjab Government in the desert of Cholistan. Over 300,000 houses can take benefits if this solar panel Pakistan electricity project remains successful.

Zero carbon

Zero carbon is a big group that is performing leading role for the development and success of solar panel Pakistan electricity here. Industrial and household projects can rely on solar energy now. The team of experts at zero carbon is quite talented.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the world today faces an unprecedented turning point, as climate change represents a real threat to its prosperity, and from here renewable energy research, including solar energy, is of great importance.

In addition to their contribution to curbing climate change, renewable energy technologies create jobs and reduce air pollution, as well as the it needs less water, and protects countries’ economies from external shocks in terms of energy security.

Although several new solar materials are currently being tested, silicon remains a widely preferred material in the field of photovoltaics. “Monocrystalline silicon remains the favorite material in the field of photovoltaics due to its low cost, nontoxicity, excellent stability, good efficiency, and well-established manufacturing procedures.

However, one disadvantage of silicon, which appears with certain applications, is its toughness, unlike some thin-film solar cells. And, these resilient cells are either made of low-cost, low-efficiency organic materials or more efficient but very expensive inorganic materials.

Any solar panel is guaranteed by two types of guarantees

A warranty on the product (materials), which is usually a maintenance/ replacement warranty, and the warranty period is usually (10-12 years).

A guarantee on the capacity, and the guarantee should be in writing to prevent premature deterioration of the solar panel’s efficiency. And the guarantee should be by a well-known local company. Solar panel warranty is normally with 90% capacity for 10 years and 80% for 25 years. All solar panels with 10 years’ product warranty have at least 25 years or 80% capacity warranty.

Existence of a bypass diode

Standard crystalline silicon panels consist of 60 to 72 individual cells connected in series. Diode passing current is required for every 20-24 cells to avoid hot spots and damage to the cell.

When the panel is fully or partially shaded in a series of panels in succession, the sun shaded cells work in reverse position, and become effectively resistive. At the same time the current is pushed through the reverse cells, which will eventually damage the cell and possibly cause a fire. So, these are the things which you must take care of. When we talk about solar panel Pakistan electricity then we should have these factors into mind.

Power generation efficiency:

It is represented by the power generated by the plate (Wp) relative to its surface area according to the standard test condition (STC), at solar radiation of 1000 watts per square meter.

Example no 1:

If the area of the plate is 1 m 2 and according to (STC) its power is 150 watts, then the efficiency of the plate in this case is: (150 / (1 * 1000)) * 100 = 15

Example no 2:

If the area of the plate is 1.63 m 2 and according to (STC) its power is 270 watts, then the efficiency of the plate in this case is: (270 / (1.63 * 1000)) * .100 = 16.56%

Manufacturing defects are a phenomenon that must be avoided when purchasing a solar panel 

Not all the defects of solar panels require an expert and specialized measurements. A virtual examination of the solar panel can reveal some manufacturing defects and the quality of the solar panel, here are some of the most prominent defects that – should be avoided.

  1. The welding between the cells of the solar panel is defective (rusted, cracked, or not firmly fixed in place
  2. If you see some color spots, or kinds of scratches or creaks on solar plates then it is a not good sign. The designs are obvious but having cracks may spoil the taste of your investment.
  3. If the barcode is really difficult to read or understand then there is some issue. The blur scan code is not good for quality of solar panels.
  4. Solar panel glasses must not have any strange or unusual shapes, there could be some dirty fillings that can affect the efficiency of panels. You should keep this factor in mind
  5. If Solar panels cells are irregular, then try to be careful because presence of migration between them can be risky for solar panel Pakistan electricity.

4 Examples of some common mistakes that may lose your solar panel warranty

  1. Failure to follow the manufacturers installation manual
  2. Improper grounding, or no grounding
  3. Connecting a number of cells greater than the maximum capacity of the system 600, 1000, or 1500 volts, according to the technical specifications of the panels.
  4. Using unqualified technicians to install the system

In conclusion, when buying solar panels, your choice of the finest and highest performance always remains the best economic choice. Solar panel Pakistan electricity means you are going to arrange a system which will produce electricity for the next 5 to 25 years. Check the ability of solar panel supplier because it may have effects for the solar Panel Pakistan electricity.

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