Solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar panel price in Pakistan is an important factor for the person who wants to buy solar panels for their homes or factories or offices.  solar panels are available for different capacities. What kind of solar panels do you need depends on the area for which you want to provide electricity. Your home needs for electricity would define the price for solar panels.

In this article we are going to tell you about solar panel price in Pakistan for various brands and models. Now the rented homes are also arranging solar panels because a solar system can be moved into other places. This would not carry a lot of costs or damages for you. It is the best investment in this sense as you are going to have a moveable asset for your home or office.

Updated Solar panel price in Pakistan

Here we will give you an estimation about the price schedule. These are subject to companies’ policies or they depend on markets’ conditions.

  1. A polycrystalline solar panel of 330 watts would be of cost around 16,300 rupees
  2. A Canadian Solar panel of 410 watts with mono solar panel functions can be of rupees 18,700/-
  3. Mono solar panel Jinko for 220 watts would be available in 15,900 rupees
  4. Crystalline solar panel for 330 watts would be available in 20,500 rupees
  5. 360 Watts mono solar panel with at least 5 years’ warranty is available like 20,300 rupees
  6. Solar energy panel of 375 watts with a mono solar category and 6 years’ warranty is available in 20,130 rupees
  7. Solar panel price in Pakistan for 400 watts half cut mono PERC solar panel is 18,700 Rupees
  8. If you want to buy a monocrystalline solar panel of 405-watt capacity than it would be available in 25,800 rupees
  9. 295-watt solar panel with at least 5 years’ warranty would be available in 15,950 rupees.
  10. Solar panel price in Pakistan: 335-watt poly solar panel with at least 5 years’ warranty is available for normal customers in 16,340 rupees

Does Price factor measure Quality?

You can have an exact idea before buying solar panels in Pakistan for your homes. You should also know that price factor is not the measure to calculate the quality for solar panels for example some cheap solar panels can give you benefits for more than 10 to 15 years. And there are some expensive types of solar panels which do not give you the expected production of electricity.

It’s the solar panel distributor who gives the idea about total working life for solar panel. The seller should be experienced so that you can get a clear picture for the total working life.

Trustworthiness of Solar panel distributor

The thing is we should buy only those solar panels which can give us benefit for 20 to 25 years. However, you cannot figure out which type of solar panel would be giving you solar electricity for 20 to 25 years. In some cases, it may be available for 30 years and the upper surface or the layout of the physical structure cannot guarantee you the good performance.  You are not an engineer and you do not know the exact material which is used in the Solar Panel manufacturing however you can rely on the Solar Panel distributor.

Solar Panel Distributer

If solar panel distributor is quite professional and the profit margin is not the only factor for solar distributor, then you can expect the quality product.  We can say it is a need of time to find such kinds of solar panel distributors in Pakistan which can give you solar system at very reasonable price.

Solar Panel Companies

The Solar Panel companies for example, if we talk about then you should have trust level for this company because it is a company which is owned by Punjab group of colleges. Everybody who is living in Pakistan knows the worth of PGC. The academic performance which this group is producing is awesome and fabulous.

You cannot find any competitor of Punjab group of colleges in any city of Pakistan just because of the excellence which this group has maintained in the education.

Similarly, in the field of solar energy, you will find ZC as one of the best solar companies in Lahore. Solar price in Pakistan is also crucial because when you are dealing with a seller who is not the manufacturer then the cost price may differ.  The module or the structure of solar panels may affect the price level for a solar system in Pakistan.

After telling you about Solar panel prices in Pakistan we are going to show you the top 10 brands of solar panels and also the price structure for the systems which you can easily buy and install at your required place.

You should also note that this form of solar energy is ultimately going to produce sustainable energy. We are living in Pakistan and we need sustainable energy in big quantities.  The prices for different products are increasing day by day and we are not finding any alternative to cut down the expenses.

Pakistan is trying to get rid of the grey list. The consumption power of inhabitants is not very high in this country. Basically, a solar panel uses the power of photovoltaic cells in the panel and then the sunlight is converted into electricity which you can say is termed as green energy concept as well.

Sustainable Energy from Sun

The sustainable energy extracted from the sun collects and converts Solar energy in a very short time. The cost for such solar energy or solar electricity is normally very low when compared with the grid electricity.

Let us tell you one another fact about solar energy that this is the same energy which is being used in the space travel. I think this factor makes it clear that Solar panel price in Pakistan does not matter because the benefits are worth more than the actual price.

Similarly, in the remote areas where you do not see the arrangements for grid electricity, it is the very best idea to install solar panels.

Zero Carbon is also aiming at raising the standard of life in remote areas especially, in rural areas we need to bring changes in positive way and in practical way.  We should invest in some projects which can bring happiness and economic prosperity for the people who were living in remote areas or in villages.

The abundance of solar energy in remote areas

The major benefit which we can get from the remote areas is the abundance of solar energy and this energy can be converted into the electricity with the help of solar panels.

The government and the local bodies should consider the installation of solar panels, especially in remote areas. The price of solar panels in Pakistan does not matter here because you are trying to promote the IT culture in village areas or remote areas.

Solar panel price should matter for a common citizen but when we talk about the remote areas here then the government and the local agencies should come forward. They should buy the solar panels at their earliest because if the solar panels are installed there successfully then the production of crops.

This is how the efficiency of farm land would be increased. We know the fruits and vegetables come from the villages or rural areas when the electricity comes at a cheap price there then people who are living in the cities can buy the dairy products the or fruits and vegetables at low prices.

So installing the solar panels in remote areas would have impacts for both citizens of urban areas and also inhabitants of remote areas simultaneously. These kinds of projects always have a positive impact on the lives of people. One of the major advantages of having solar panels in Pakistan is that there is nothing risky factors involved. Solar panels do not create pollution for the environment or for the animals or for the human beings it is a complete package for green energy.

Shade determines the yield

The circulating power is also the reason why shade reduces the yield of a set of solar panels. Less current will flow in the shaded cell so that the electrons no longer circulate. For example, in a series-connected system, the power circuit is in fact as productive as its shaded link. This will not make you worried because of the high solar panel prices in Pakistan.

To reduce this loss of yield, panels bypass diodes, which temporarily ‘bypass’ the shaded cell. By using the bypass diode, the yield of the solar panel system decreases. A system usually has 3 bypass diodes. One-third of the system is switched off per bypass diode, so you have a third less yield. It is, therefore, best to avoid shade!

Solution: Micro-inverters or Power Optimizers

If there is really no other option and you know in advance that the solar panels will be shaded, you can use micro-inverters. In addition, each panel has its own inverter and a shaded panel does not ensure that the entire system produces less.

A micro-inverter costs about 160 euros each, so a system with micro-inverters is more expensive than a system without. Another solution to this situation is to link MPP (Maximum Power Point) trackers (also called ‘power optimizers’) to each individual panel.

This is a small box that ensures the current and voltage of the solar panel maintain an optimal ratio. In this way, the yield of the panel is used to the maximum. Sometimes power optimizers are integrated in the panel. They are usually cheaper than microinverters.

What does your house look like? Consider dummy panels

You can also place a dummy panel around a chimney, flue, and dormer. Such a panel looks like a solar panel but does not supply any power. Dummy panels provide a calmer image on your roof so that the solar panels are less noticeable.

Standard temperature and lighting.

When calculating the actual yield, installers use software programs to combine the values for Pakistani conditions with the tilt angle and wind direction of the panel. The solar calculator also helps us when we install solar panels here. These estimations can figure out the total output for each solar panel.

Solar panel price in Pakistan is also dependent on electricity production on behalf of solar panels. First, you should get a rough or exact estimation for electricity production under sunny days or under cloudy days. Then it will take you on final decision mode.

Black, blue, thin film

70% to 90% percent of the solar panels on the Pakistani market are made of monocrystalline silicon (black panels) or polycrystalline silicon (blue panels). There are slightly more black panels than blue panels.

Blue panels are usually a bit cheaper. There are also panels in other colors (for example green, purple or bronze). The yield of these colored panels is one-tenth to a quarter lower than that of conventional panels.

However, the solar panel price in Pakistan is still very affordable. If you look at the price level in foreign countries, then their solar battery cost sometimes is quite high. You can easily afford a solar system for your home if you are in Pakistan. Shaded areas are a big issue but in Pakistan, there is sufficient sunshine.

There are two solar panel systems. One is an installation connected to the electricity grid and the other is an autonomous (stand-alone) installation, which works via a charge controller and storage batteries.

Solar systems linked to electricity Grid

Photo-Voltaic modules generate energy from light via silicon or a CIS compound (Copper, Indium, and Selenium). This is direct current (DC).

The AC cable is connected to your meter cupboard. This way you can feed all your equipment via your own generated power and at that moment feed back too much-generated power to the grid.

And vice versa, you can just keep drawing electricity from the grid. You can always read how much net power you have generated on the SolarProf inverters. In your meter cupboard you can see how much net electricity you have used (or supplied to the grid).

Autonomous installations of solar panels

The energy generated by the PV panels goes via a charge controller (if you have appliances in the house or an electric car with a DC battery) to the storage batteries. The desired power for your equipment is supplied via an inverter in alternating current. There is no connection to the network. So, these were some facts that can open up solar energy opportunities for you.


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