Domestic Solar Solution

A domestic solar solution represents a green and clean energy source, whilst it is an excellent way in reducing your carbon footprint. In turn mother nature will benefit as solar power is pollution free. A residence can become self-reliant with the installation of solar panels on the roof of your home. This will ensure that you make a contribution towards a viable future.

Solar Systems: Off-grid

Do you know a hybrid grid-interactive solar system? A Hybrid grid-interactive solar system will provide you with having the best attributes of two different worlds. With the additional accessibility to a system connected to the grid you can be earning credits of Feed-in-Tariff, if allowed, as well as the enhanced security provided by a battery backup.

Even during bad weather or an outage of power, you will still have an electricity supply. However, sophistication can also be description for hybrid solar systems, whilst you can program it too. Such systems can be custom designed for you by qualified and experienced electrical engineers. Such a system will combine all the available energy sources at your home.

Solar Power Inverters for A Domestic Solar Solution

Solar power inverters are available for residential, agricultural as well as commercial customers. These inverters are available in different sizes ranging from the standard inverters up to the sophisticated or advanced types which can manage such systems via remote accessibility by an experienced and highly skilled technician.

Factors to take into account when choosing to go green

  1. The surging in electricity prices
  2. Installing a solar system will add capital value to residential property
  3. It will reduce the carbon dioxide which is exuded in the atmosphere
  4. The possibility exists that you will not receive an electricity bill for about 25 to 40 years
  5. In general, solar systems endure for approximately 25 years, yielding with 80%, however it can last for more than 45 years
  6. Your savings will be determined by your solar energy system as well as your energy consumption
  7. Solar system starts to pay for itself instantly and it increases profitability annually as electricity costs rise
  8. Generally, your return on investment will be approximately 15 to 20%

Three Key Types of a Domestic Solar solution:

Solar Power System Known as Grid-Tied

This type of solar system is connecting your solar panel installation to the principal electricity grid.

Depending on legislation, you may be allowed to feed the surplus energy back inside the grid by using a special meter. According to legislation, if it is allowed, you will be compensated financially.

Solar Power System – Off-grid type

This kind of solar power system is usually used for properties in remote locations, where the connecting cost is either not financially viable or where connecting to the principal grid is forbidden.

A battery bank is charged by the solar system which is then used to produce power for the residence.

Hybrid Solar System type

This type of system is combining the best features of the two worlds. It provides you with the convenience of a system connected to the grid, whilst a battery backup will provide you with peace of mind. During a power outage or bad weather, electricity would still be available to you.

Going for a Domestic Solar Solution? Which Factors to consider

How much your solar system will cost will depend on various factors, such as:

  • Unshaded roof space available
  • The metering policy of your utility provider
  • Current energy consumption

The positioning of your solar panel system will depend on the latitude of the installation. In the Southern Hemisphere for example, your solar panels should be tilted upwards, with an angle of approximately 30 degrees. whilst facing north to derive the maximum solar energy. And in each country it will vary that’s why domestic solar solution should be managed by team of experts.

Be on the lookout for professionals offering strong guarantees, great after sales support & can provide verification of their track record and that’s none other than

7 Reasons to Convert Solar Power Energy

  1. Solar power is an asset to the environment
  2. Under-utilized land can use solar power source for electricity
  3. Using solar energy takes your house off the grid
  4. Solar energy reduces electricity loss
  5. Solar power improves economic growth, whilst creating jobs
  6. The grid security is improved by solar power
  7. A free energy source

Determining The Number of Solar Panels, You Will Need:

The following factors will determine how many panels you will need:

  • Sun hours
  • Energy consumption
  • Roof size

Sometimes to generate a solar power of 3KW, 12 panels are needed, whilst it will be 24 panels for an installation of 6KW. But it is not the same in every part of Pakistan. The larger the panel’s size, the greater its ability to generate more energy per square meter.

When determining the number of solar panels needed for the installation, you will have to take into account three principle factors to derive the maximum benefits of your domestic solar solution, as stated below:

  1. Your energy consumption on a daily basis
  2. The size of your roof or land where you install solar panel
  3. The hours of sun you have in your region

Your average consumption of energy, or the usage you are planning will be the foremost important factor to take into account when you determine the quantity of panels needed. Here you should take into account the total kWh (Kilowatt hours) you are using currently or your intended usage in your residence.

The quota of energy which the solar panels are able to generate will also depend on the sun hours. Hence, this will be influenced by where you are located. The hours of sun available in Pakistan vary, thus it will have an effect on how many of these solar panels you may need.

Another principal factor is the size of your roof, due to this fact you can determine how many panels can be placed on the roof. Size of roof also determines the cost & the quota of energy which will be generated.

You should also take into account the suitability of the roof; can it be able to support the solar panels’ weight as well as the angle of the panels?

The Top 5 Advantages of Solar Energy: Domestic Solar Solution

1. Solar can reduce your electric bills or even eliminate entirely

By installing a solar power system in your residence, you will be able to produce your own electricity, resulting in the fact that you will rely less on your electricity service provider. This will reduce the cost of your electricity bill on a monthly basis if your one portion of home is still using grid electricity. Otherwise the whole electricity bill will be zero.

The lifespan of your solar panel power system is approximately 25 to 35 years. By going solar you can reduce your future electricity costs even for some decades.

2. Solar panel solution can provide you with money as a return on your investment

Your solar panel power system can in addition create savings on your electricity bill, earn you a profit. Net metering and SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) are two main advantages of solar through which can actually bring profit in some regions. This permits you to obtain bill credits and maybe some additional cash, all this is because your domestic solar solution is producing electricity. During such situations you receive compensation for the electricity which is generated by your panel system.

If you are residing in such a state where each of these two incentives are applicable, you can have the expectation of immediate returns from your domestic solar solution as well as in the long term.

3. Domestic solar solution adds value to your home

According to recent studies the installation of a solar panel system improves the value of properties.

Even if you are considering moving somewhere soon, you will be able to earn your investment in a solar panel system back and then in the event of selling your home, some more.

4. A domestic solar solution empowers you to control rising energy hikes

Installing a solar panel energy system grants you control where energy generation is concerned. In general, you are not able to control the electricity rate of your utility. During the past 10 years, the solar cost has diminished by over 70%, whilst electricity costs went up by approximately 40%, a trend which is expected to continue.

Public utilities are adapting rather fast to adopt the rising of renewable energy. Hence Pakistani government is increasing its goals concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to become energy autonomous.

5. Diminishing of carbon emissions through solar panels

Solar energy diminishes carbon emissions whilst protecting the environment & assisting the Pakistani people moving forward to energy independence.

Solar energy is both a renewable and clean energy source which can assist to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, whilst lowering our effect on our natural environment.

In contrast with traditional fossil fuels such as oil & coal, solar energy doesn’t result in pollutants such as carbon dioxide which are released into the water supply & atmosphere.

Solar energy leads where an environmentally friendly solution is concerned, even beating nuclear energy. A domestic solar solution is seen as a trendy resource as the world is searching for cost-effective methods to decrease the carbon dioxide production concerning global climate change.

Solar panels can’t be used on every kind of roof so that’s why you can contact a professional solar installation company to fix it on the land. A mounting system also called racking, is used to connect solar panels to a rooftop.

In historical or older houses some roofing materials like cedar tiles or slate can cause obstacles for the installation of solar as a domestic solar solution. So, check all these obstacles through a reliable solar distribution company.

In addition, a lot of apartment buildings or houses have rooftop acquisitions such as decks or skylights which can result in making the process of solar installation either costly or difficult. But these obstacles cannot resist you to install solar panels. There is always an alternative to install solar panels on the land surface or some artificial height.

However, such a barrier can be overcome by opting for solar panels which are mounted on the ground or you can purchase a share in the solar garden of a community.

A domestic solar solution does not require an expensive financial investment, whilst it involves short time to reach the point of breaking even. A new homeowner, considering to relocate in a few years, will experience the financial layout on solar panels as an undeserving investment. However, because solar adds value to your home, it can increase the price of your property when selling it.

Not everybody can make an investment without cash on hand due to the sizable up-front payment, which is the disadvantage but hold on, you can get domestic solar panels on easy finance scheme.

Due to the fact that solar is a foremost fast growing market worldwide, there are a variety of companies which are using aggressive tactics to sell their product. But prefer to choose ZC as top solar panel company in Pakistan.


It is a fact that rooftop domestic solar solution offers the ideal fit for all homeowners. However, solar panels provide clear advantages to those homeowners who need to reduce their electricity bills and need energy upgrades. A domestic solar solution should be considered as a low-risk investment, providing major returns, although it is a substantial investment.

Solar is the most cost-effective choice. ZC (Zero Carbon) is transforming to renewable energy and backs away from oil and coal, which are fossil fuels. Solar energy is a foremost consumer-friendly and scalable option within the landscape of clean energy. The cost of electricity and installation of solar panels look very low when you compare with grid electricity.

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