Solar panels would be cash crop for farmers

Posted On: 02 February,    Author: Zero Carbon

Solar panels would be cash crop for farmers is a true fact because farmers can save a lot of money each month. Electricity cost would be like a burden on farmers because it is already included in production expenses. Solar panels would be cash crop for farmers because once they install it then they can produce enough electricity for their daily usage.

Solar power is attracting farmers

Even if modern farmers have farmland, there is no one to have better resources to meet energy needs. Agricultural land is only a burden to such people. Therefore, the use of solar power generation is attracting attention. You will see agricultural land basically in a sunny place, so it’s a great place to install solar panels. However, it is not possible to install solar panels on farmland without permission, so some legal procedures are required.

The options at that time are “conversion of farmland” and “farming”. I will explain what kind of features and merits each has.

Agricultural land conversion type solar power generation! What are the features and benefits?

Of the solar power generation using farmland, the farmland conversion type is a method of using all the farmland for solar power generation. Since solar panels are laid out on a large sunny land, the amount of power generation will be considerable. It will be bought at a fixed price for more than 10 years, so it will be a big supplementary income for those who have been playing farmland until now.

However, there are major problems with the conversion of agricultural land

The government, which does not want to reduce its food self-sufficiency anymore, is trying to prevent the loss of agricultural land. Therefore, the permission for conversion of farmland itself is usually not given. Exceptions are allowed only if the surrounding area is significantly urbanized or expected to be urbanized. Therefore, if you want to convert farmland to solar power, you must first check whether the land can be converted.

If possible, the next issue is ground improvement. In order to generate electricity efficiently, it is not enough to place the panel on the ground, but it is necessary to take into account the angle with the sun and tilt the panel. For that purpose, a stand to fix the panel is required, but since the soil is soft in the agricultural land, if it is installed as it is, the base will become unstable.

Farming type solar power generation! What are the features and benefits?

In contrast to the farmland conversion type, the farming type is a method of performing solar power generation while farming. If this is the case, solar power generation can be used even on agricultural land other than urban areas.

What’s more, since the method is to set up columns on the farmland, install solar panels on them, and grow crops on the ground, you can expect double income from solar power generation and agriculture.

However, in this case, agriculture is the main focus. Since it is necessary to secure 80% or more of the profit from agricultural products, it is not possible to spread solar panels all over the agricultural land like the diversion type. Solar panels need to be lined up at regular intervals to ensure that there is enough light to grow the crop. Therefore, the income from solar power generation will be less than that of the diversion type.

These tips will increase your solar panel power generation. These factors attract us to think, yes, solar panels would be cash crop for farmers. They can get rid of dependency on electricity from grid. And we see usual rise in price of electricity that’s also a reason which keeps the farmers behind in growth.