Solar Survey in Lahore

A solar survey in Lahore is a procedure in which engineers, project managers, and surveyors visit the site in which the solar panel system is planned to be installed. In this survey, they inspect whether the area where the work is being implemented is free of any obstacles and is the best orientation site.

Solar survey in Lahore for commercial places

During the solar survey in Lahore, they check the area to have the estimates of the project and to figure what type of design should be applied and where. Solar surveys in Lahore are available for both houses and commercial areas in which one wishes to install the solar panel system.

Forms of solar survey in Lahore

They can be in two forms; solar site surveys to latter solar completed surveys. In the survey, it is ensured by the surveyors to the people that the installation will be as effective as possible. All solar setups start with solar surveys by experts.

Main focus points during solar survey in Lahore

Following are the main focus points in the solar survey in Lahore:

  • The climate condition
  • The requirement of power
  • Physical details including roof
  • Best spot for implementation
  • Property status
  • Property size
  • Monthly kWh consumption

Tips to acknowledge before a solar site survey:

  • Making a primary PV system on Google maps: this can help to know which place will be first inspected.
  • Making a list of important things needed during the inspection
  • Putting together the important calculating tools
  • Ensuring attendance of the right people
  • Take pictures and capture videos
  • Inspect the connection parts
  • Getting the usage details


A Solar survey in Lahore can help people save time, resources, and money. There might be a case where one can over-install the system. So, this issue can be saved with the help of a solar survey.

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