Solar tubewell in Pakistan

Solar tubewell in Pakistan is a need of time. If we focus on the installation and usage of solar tubewell in Pakistan, then we can save millions of rupees every month. Our electricity needs are increasing as we see continuous rise in population. The industrial requirements also demand cheap electricity but the government is not always in a position to give big relief.

Energy Crises in Pakistan

Several factors are behind the energy crises, some are of managerial types and some would come under technical category. The high cost of electricity is obviously putting big impacts on farmers and agri-business.

New Hope for farmers in Pakistan (Solar System)

The introduction of solar tubewell in Pakistan is a new hope for these farmers or agriculture developments.

If we talk about top professions in Pakistan, then we should acknowledge that most of the Pakistanis are connected directly or indirectly with agricultural sector. If we bring up a better solution for these persons then it will be a blessing and great gift for Pakistan’s economy.

Availability of (Solar Tubewell in Pakistan)

Solar tubewell in Pakistan is available in almost each area where agriculture land is in use. The buying power of our farmers or agri-businessmen is enough to acquire it because the rates introduced by Zero Carbon are quite reasonable. Traditional tube wells consume much electricity and in our country Pakistan power cuts, of course are not good for business. Electricity production cost is quite high that’s why we see its impacts on all professions or businesses.

Farmers want to water their fields at right time with tube wells but the main issue is electricity failure or high cost for bills. That’s why Zero Carbon has introduced a concept of solar tubewell in Pakistan. It is going to change the destiny of our farmers. It is going to reduce the cost up to 30% to 50% in bills. If farmer is taking benefits from this solar energy option, then why not we should come forward and try to implement this system in all over Pakistan.

The trial phase has been ended successfully and the farmers who purchased this system are quite happy. They are saving millions of rupees every month. They are establishing themselves because the saving power has been improved. They are investing their saved money on other projects.

Best Financing facility for Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

It is also a true fact that our farmers are not very rich. In most of the cases they are not able to do heavy investment throughout the year. Their everything depends on the cultivation. They want to avail some loan or easy installment systems for buying new machinery or energy sources. Zero Carbon also takes this concern seriously on behalf of our farmers.

The farmers are given easy finance facilities so that they can buy solar tubewells in Pakistan. This is all to raise the production of crops.

No Dependency on Grid Electricity

When you install solar tubewell in Pakistan easily then you end your dependency on grid electricity. You are not worried our short fall in national grid because you use natural energy sources. You can take better decision for your farms and cultivation schedule.

Timely production of Crops

When there is no electricity shortage then the timely production of crops is not a dream anymore. The farmers can water their fields with solar tube well in Pakistan easily and without any breaks. The exact and right time to water farms help the farmers to see better production in the end.

Cheap Agricultural Solar Solution

Electricity is not the only energy source in Pakistan especially for the farmers. There are other options as well, because solar tube well in Pakistan is accessible now. The ones who are putting this system in their farming process, will take huge benefits due to cheap agricultural solar tubewells.

You need not to wait or depend on grid electricity as it may damage the crops or fields. Worsening electricity crises as well as high costs for diesel forced farmers to think about the cost effective alternative energy resources. They could not rely on the grid electricity only. Thy started finding electricity alternatives to water their fields with minimum possible costs.

Solar energy is not expensive and you will experience its payback very soon. Our irrigation system can be made effective with the help of solar tubewells in Pakistan. We just need to make people aware of the benefits of solar tube wells in Pakistan. We cannot have big achievements if we don’t utilize the power of solar energy in our agriculture field.

Pakistan is rich with proper Sunlight

The sun shines in all corners of the world, therefore, if there is sun, there is solar energy to a greater or lesser extent. Undoubtedly one of the advantages is that it can be used to have electricity in places that cannot depend on electrical networks. You only have to install the panels to enjoy this type of energy.

When as farmers we understand the strength and savings with the help of solar energy tube wells then it means we can invest high amounts in enhancing the production process. Return on investment is the main thing which can help the farmers to take buying decision. ROI on solar tube wells is quite attractive.

Some tips to choose solar energy supplier before the contract are worthy to mention here.

A solar project is a relatively large investment, even if it is an investment that can always be reckoned with over time. Therefore, it is important to have a grasp of the conditions for your particular project.

How successful your solar project will be? It is governed by both technical factors  and your ability to choose a professional and experienced supplier.

  • Find out which main fuse the farm has.
  • Always receive specified written quotes from your intended suppliers.
  • Request and contact credible references before deciding on a supplier.

It is one-time investment regarding solar tuebwell in Pakistan but its results are long terms. Once you start saving each month then you can start investing on other projects.

Benefits of solar cells or solar tube wells in Pakistan

  1. Economically good for average farmers
  2. Long service life
  3. Increases the value of your business or farms
  4. Free energy source for long term
  5. Minimal maintenance cost each month
  6. Proven technology with high standard
  7. 10-25 or even more years’ power guarantee

You can make money on your surplus electricity, yes it is a plus benefit if you are going to install solar panels at your empty space. Once you see actual delivery of your first order then you can buy or test other products as well.

Solar system is Friendly, but how?

  • You make a contribution to the climate
  • Renewable energy source
  • Emits no pollutants in electricity production
  • Silicon is the second most common element in the earth’s crust
  • aesthetically
  • No new land areas are needed; solar power can be exploited in existing space without disturbing the existing arrangements
  • Does not smell
  • The technology is quiet & swift

A solar cell is made up of a thin sheet of semiconductor material, the most common at present is silicon.

When the sun’s rays hit the solar cell, the solar energy is converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. This is done by creating an electrical voltage between its front and back and the sun can thus generate direct current. Since each individual solar cell provides a fairly low voltage, all the solar cells in the solar cell module are connected in series to increase it.

If you want to connect the solar cells to the regular mains, you need an inverter, where the voltage is stabilized and converted from direct current to alternating current. The most common solar cells sold today have an efficiency of between 15-20%, but in laboratories new types of cells have been developed which in the future will make it possible to have an efficiency of between 40-50%.

Excellence of Solar Panels

The advantages of using solar panels are a lot as they utilize solar energy, and the sun is the most abundant source of energy on earth.

Solar panels are environmentally friendly because they do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide. Solar panels also do not contribute to climate change.

Its useful life reaches around 20 years so it doesn’t lose much efficiency in its useful life.

Energy saving, yes it is because the next advantage of using solar panels is that you can save energy because with the useful life reaches 25-30 years in the future.

Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity, these devices consist of solar cells that convert light into electricity, solar panels are also often referred to as photovoltaic cells, or when interpreted as “electric light”.

Solar panels or solar cells are electrical devices that convert energy from light into electricity, the function of solar cells is to capture sunlight which will later be converted into electric power.

Benefits of Solar Panels

The solar panel from Zero Carbon certainly has advantages that you need to know, therefore we have explained the benefits for this solar system. Solar tube well in Pakistan will help the farmers to think about increase in production.

When the electricity sources are based on natural resources then business owners can expand the business easily.

Pakistani government is also promoting the needs of solar energy panels for traders and industrialists. It is a fact this plan is bit late but still we have chances to lift our economy and farming industry.

In developed nations where sun gives enough light or energy, we see there proper use of solar electricity. Either it is a park or main road, we see the installation of solar plates. So, we should not keep waiting for the decrease in electricity prices rather we should contact the solar energy leader from the market.

Once you get to know about the reputed and trusted seller in solar tubewell industry then discuss your land area where you want to cultivate or water the farms.

The expert team at Zero Carbon is going to guide each farmer with utmost care and responsibility because it is not the only relation of a client and business owner.  We think if you (farmer) get the huge benefits and energy alternative then ultimately the productions will be improved.

If we get success in improving the farms production, then it means we are giving boost to economy. If Pakistan’s economy is strong then our people will not be poor here. That’s our dream, that’s our mission and that’s our tagline which we are following for the last few years.

The rainy season is not always as per the expectations that’s why the need of tubewell is understood. We have observed some land areas of Pakistan are very productive but the problem is the lack of resources. The farmers cannot pay thousands of rupees every month in the form of electricity bills.

They need to arrange funds for seeds as well or fertilizers. They need to arrange cash for harvesting or transportation from their farms to cities. So, such land lords or farmers should develop their thinking. Now, the world has entered into technology. Our business should take benefits from the use of technology.

Zero Carbon team of experts is working all over Pakistan with farmers and we have given solutions with minimal expenses. That is the reason we are a leading brand in renewable energy suppliers. Our panels have no flaw or deficiency.

Mostly farmers are not well educated, they do not understand the requirements of solar tubewell in Pakistan that’s why our experts personally visit such places. They install and make the whole process easy on auto system.

Auto system for Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

We have not designed a complex system rather we have designed a really easy system which is going to help farmers in true spirit. Everything is on auto methodology. The farmers need not to be worried about the working or devices. They do not need to arrange electrical devices each month. Suppose, at any time our farmers feel problem in the system then we are just one call away from them.

Our experts are almost in each city or village area. In 24-48 hours our technical experts reach at the destination and resolve the issue. It happens once in a year or less because the technology which we are using is not anywhere else in throughout Pakistan.