Solar tubewell in Pakistan

Solar Tube well is an incredible idea for farmers and landlords in Pakistan. Pakistan is agricultural land, enjoys contributions of 19.2 per cent to the GDP and provides employment to around 38.5 per cent of the labour force. More than 65-70 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. However, farmers face difficult times due to frequent energy crises and price hikes. It is high time to turn to the solar tube well in Pakistan.   

Introduction to Tube well   

A traditional tube well is a water well dug down with a broad and long stainless-steel tube bored down the ground. A hole is drilled underground for a stainless-steel tube or pipe that is 100-200 millimetres (3.9-7.9 in) wide. A strainer is installed on the lower end, and a pump lifts water for irrigation. The water table’s depth determines the required well depth.  

It functions as a temporary water reservoir. In addition, casing, screening, and groundwater safety are done with the help of a tube well. It has been working since the British era.   

Why Solar Tube Well?   

The largest portion of Pakistan’s economy comprises the agricultural industry, which also employs a sizable portion of the country’s people. As the nation still produces insufficient electricity, power outages are widespread in rural areas. Villages use 12 to 15 per cent of the electricity a country generates, primarily to power tube wells. The situation in these places is made worse by the high frequency of load shedding compared to the cities. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for farmers to water their fields in time for the growth of crops.  

Due to all these difficulties, choosing alternatives to the traditional tube well that consumes electricity is essential. The assertive option is the solar tube well installation.   

Benefits of Installing Solar Tube wells in Agricultural Sites  

We have outlined the advantages of this solar system since the Zero Carbon solar panel undoubtedly offers advantages that you should be aware of. Pakistani farmers would benefit from solar tube wells as they consider increasing production.  

Usage of Free Power Source  

Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy on earth; hence there are many benefits to using solar panels.  

The step towards a Greener Pakistan   

Due to the fact that they don’t release any damaging greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, solar panels are environmentally benign. Additionally, solar power does not add to global warming.  

Longer Life Expectancy   

It doesn’t lose much efficiency during the course of its useful life, which is about 20 years.  

Energy Saving Services  

Yes, using solar panels indeed has the additional benefit of allowing you to conserve energy as their usable lifetime is expected to last for 20 to 25 years.  

Intelligent PV Sheet Usage  

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic cells or when interpreted as “electric light,” are devices that transform light into electricity. These devices are made up of solar cells that do the actual conversion.  

Solar Tube Well Scheme 2022  

Pakistan’s agricultural powerhouse, Punjab, contributes over 80% of the country’s total GDP to the agricultural industry. The provincial government has launched a solar tube well plan to encourage farmers and landowners to create irrigation systems to increase crop productivity. The following are the critical components of the Solar Tube well Pakistan scheme:  

  • The government will contribute money to cover 80% of the installation costs.  
  • Landowners and farmers with fewer than 12.5 acres of arable land are eligible.  
  • This plan only works on agricultural land with subterranean water 50 to 80 feet below the surface.  

Install Uninterrupted Power Supply  

Farmers can now instal uninterrupted power supply for their crops and farms by the experts of Zero Carbon. Zero Carbon is a professional services provider that offers solar solutions for agricultural setups and sites.   

In addition, you can benefit from a government scheme to support solar systems for agricultural sites in April 2022.   

Furthermore, Zero Carbon has the following power points  

Features of Zero Carbon Solar Tube well System  

  • Installing a solar tube well will reduce the electricity cost.   
  • The installation costs of Solar Tube well by Zero Carbon are low as the company duly entertains the government schemes.   
  • The solar panel associated with the tube well requires low maintenance. It is a one-time installation.   
  • The solar tube well by Zero Carbon works fine in cloudy weather. There is no problem if some days are not sunny enough.   
  • Experts of Zer Carbon are available from stage 1 to the after-sale service for its clients. The portfolio of ZC for agricultural sites can be seen here.   
  • The PV panels and batteries are imported by high-quality manufacturers. Hence, quality is guaranteed if you buy solar for tube well systems in Pakistan from Zero Carbon.   

It is your time to enjoy the extra subsidy by the government of the Punjab to install a solar tube well at your farm, crop site and agricultural land. It will increase your production, and your earnings will boost with low cost and regular power supply. For details, discussions and queries, please fill out the contact form on Zero Carbon so that our representative contact you and provide assistance accordingly.   


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