The Evolution of Solar Panel Technology in Pakistan Over the Years

These days, solar panel comes up as the most effective option to reduce electricity bills in Pakistan. Considering its benefits, it is no wonder that many Pakistani people have started using solar solutions at every home now. But when did the country start using solar? And when did the Pakistan Government begin to realise the importance and benefits of solar? Let’s explore the evolution of solar panel technology over the years in Pakistan! 

A Worldwide History of Solar Panel Technology 

The worldwide history of solar panel technology was first driven by individual inventors and scientists. Then, the first modern solar panels were invented by Bell Laboratories in 1954. Later on, the space and defense industries began to recognise its value. Following this, solar energy began to emerge as a promising alternative. However, at that time, solar was still a costly alternative to fossil fuels in the 20th century. Ultimately, the solar industry began to grow further in the 21st century. As for today, solar ended up being a reliable and inexpensive technology for everyone.  

When Did Pakistan Start Using Solar Panel Technology? 

Pakistan is a country blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year for potential solar energy. Moreover, the geographical location and favourable climate of the country make it perfect for the growth of many solar solution users. Considering the high solar irradiation levels in Pakistan, especially in regions like Balochistan and Sindh, the country has a significant resource availability. 

When Did Pakistan Start Using Solar Panel Technology? 

2009 – The Plan to Electrify 7,000 Villages with Solar Energy 

In 2009, the Federal Minister of Water & Power of Pakistan, announced the plan to electrify 7,000 villages using solar energy by 2014. However, there was still lack of available resource the country had to deal with. Back then, many areas of the country did not have the access to the necessary infrastructure to install solar power. In addition, with the fact that the solar panel technology was still relatively costly, it was quite difficult for individuals and businesses to invest in it. 

2022 – A New 25-Year Energy Policy for Solar Panel 

Responding to the public concerns, in May 2022, the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced the removal of 17% general sales tax on solar panel technology. Even better, the Pakistan Government has been working on a new 25-year energy policy which aims to get 20-30% of all energy derived from renewable energy sources by 2030.  

2023 – The Total Solar Installed Capacity at 1.24 GW  

Furthermore, thanks to the Pakistan Government’s effort, the total solar installed capacity was recorded at 1.24 GW in 2023. 

In addition, the Pakistan Government has established lofty objectives as 30% of the nation’s power will come from renewable solar sources by 2030. To support this, the government has started to construct solar power facilities nationwide.  

What Are the Solar Energy Challenges in Pakistan? 

Now, there are, still, several challenges that Pakistan Government needs to address to promote the growth of solar panel technology.  

Here are some of the solar energy challenges in Pakistan! 

  • Lack of infrastructure 

The lack of infrastructure in the country includes the absence of transmission lines, substations, and grid connections. All these factors make it difficult to transmit solar energy to the national grid. 

  • Lack of awareness 

The public still lacks awareness about the benefits of solar energy. 

  • Technical capacity 

Minimum availability of technical capacity also comes up as a major challenge for the growth of solar panel technology in Pakistan.  

Above all, we should note that the future of the solar industry in Pakistan is one of enormous potential. Hence, by addressing the challenges above, the solar industry can be a powerful force that benefits the country. 

The Advantages of Installing Solar Panel Technology in Pakistan 

Despite the challenges above, the Pakistani people began to rely on solar panel technology for some good reasons. In fact, installing solar in Pakistan comes with promising advantages.  

Here are some main advantages we should note! 

Solar Offers Low-Cost Electricity  

The main advantage people can get by switching to solar is low-cost electricity. In brief, Pakistani people now can reduce their electricity bills by switching to solar panel technology. In fact, by getting the best solar company like zero carbon solar solutions, they will get low-cost electricity for 20 to 25 years.  

Solar Provides a Sustainable Solution  

Another advantage of solar panel technology is that it helps in promoting a cleaner and greener environment. Better yet, the use of renewable solar energy sources contributes to a sustainable recovery process without damaging the planet. 

Moreover, with the increasing concern of smog issue in the country, switching to solar will be ideal to make a greener environment in Pakistan. Well, this is the main reason for Pakistan Government to install solar panel on some public buildings. 

Solar Enhances Energy Access in Remote and Off-grid Areas 

Yes, solar panel technology can enhance energy access in remote and off-grid areas in Pakistan. This means it helps improve the lives of some communities that still lack access to electricity. 

The Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan 

Indeed, with its growing evolution, solar panel technology has a great deal of potential in Pakistan. However, there are still some challenges that Pakistan Government needs to address to make solar a viable energy source for the country. Overall, we can confidently say that the future of solar energy in Pakistan is bright. Yet, it will only happen if the government takes the necessary steps to ensure its success. 

Moreover, as the world approaches to renewable energy sources, the solar panel technology in Pakistan has the potential to become a key player in the global energy landscape. Most importantly, with the right approach and investments, the Pakistan Government can continue grow the solar industry to become a viable energy source. 

Final Ideas 

No doubt, the worldwide history of solar is an interesting story to know. Speaking of how solar came to Pakistan, it began in 2009 with the plan to electrify 7,000 villages using solar energy by 2014. Later on, the Pakistan Government is also working on a new 25-year energy policy to promote solar.  

Considering the advantages of solar, one of the best options for customised solar solution providing company is Zero Carbon, which offers cost-effective solar panel technology installation. So, if you are interested in starting to use solar installation, you should book your free survey today! 

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