What size of solar panel should I get for camping?

Converted vehicles should have electricity supply for basic activities. However, when the electrical needs turn to other ancillary devices (refrigerator, television, etc.), a second source may be necessary because when you are not at the port or your truck or motorhome is not parked near an electrical source, the only recourse is the battery. These factors would have impact when you are looking for a solution regarding What size of solar panel should i get for camping?

Using a generator can be a solution to be self-sufficient in electricity, however, the groups are bulky, require fuel and above all, they are noisy. Faced with the few possible alternatives, the best compromise between profitability and comfort is therefore the solar panel.

Which solar panel will be best for motorhome?

Before answering what size of solar panel should i get for camping, you should see some best solar panels for motorhomes. To calculate the power of solar panel you need for camping, you should know the amount of power you need for basic use. Allow a margin, at least 15%, to take into account losses during battery storage and when converting 12 V direct current to 220 V alternating current. Once this quantity to be produced has been defined, it remains to determine the power of the photovoltaic panels that you are going to choose.
For a 12 V system, this gives an output between 9 Ah and 36 Ah. Of course, this production is maximum if the panel is exposed to the sun full south, forms an angle of 35 ° with the horizontal in a region where the solar balance is maximum.

Composition of solar panel kit

Solar panel kit consists of Photovoltaic panels, an electronic regulator and an inverter. Photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electricity. If you need more power, head to polysilicon or monocrystalline silicon panels for the most efficient.
An electronic regulator adapts the production of the panels to the characteristics of the batteries to prevent overheating and preserve their longevity.

An inverter which draws continuous 12 V electricity from the batteries to supply 220 V AC devices, like in a house! These things are necessary to know when you are going out for camping. What size of solar panel should i get for camping also depends on the consumption or needs. If you are out with a bunch of friends then obviously you would need big a big capacity solar panel.

Camping is quite healthy hobby and nowadays, we would say these are lucky people who can enjoy such types of activities, Hold on! Let me ask, have you ever experienced special activities such as slacklining, climbing trees, boating, fishing, etc. that you can’t do in the city?

Camping is held in the mountains, on the banks of rivers and lakes, so you can experience nature’s unique play. Even if you don’t make a reservation, there is a campsite where you can rent / use tools and give lectures on tips, so you can feel free to play.

Do you have a favorite season in spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Camping in nature allows you to experience seasonal changes and characteristics with all five senses.

Spring: Spend time in a warm climate

You can relax and surrounded by beautiful flowers that bloom in a warm climate.

Summer: Watch the night view from a summer resort in high places

The high altitude campsite is cool even in the middle of summer, and you can see the night view unique to high places at night.

Autumn: Enjoy the taste of autumn among the beautiful autumn leaves

In the beautiful scenery surrounded by autumn leaves, you can enjoy the well-ripened fruits that are unique to this season.

Winter: Healed by a bonfire swaying in the clear air

Watching the bonfire swaying in the clear air without any insects will heal your body and soul. By feeling the spring, summer, autumn and winter at the campsite, you can have more fun in each season.

It’s also a good idea to try camping during the season when you tend to stay in your room. In order to enjoy such a winter camp safely, it is necessary to carefully take measures against the cold.

The maximum output (W), which indicates the amount of power generated by a solar cell panel, is the value that produces the most power under certain conditions. Under actual usage conditions, it does not produce maximum output throughout the day. The amount of power generated will drop in the morning, evening, cloudy and rainy days. Therefore, we expect that the maximum output per day will be about 3.5 hours after noon, and we can design the best system.

Can a larger wattage (W) charge more?

If it is a linked type solar power generation system that connects to the electric wires of an electric power company, the one with a larger wattage (W) will generate more power. But what about independent storage solar systems (off-grid solar systems)? In fact, even if the wattage is high, most of it can be wasted.

Which one can charge more?

Suppose you use a 200 W solar panel and an 85W solar panel to charge a 12V battery respectively. Which one can charge more? At first glance, it seems that 200W can charge a lot …
When charging the battery (battery), be sure to check not only the wattage (W) of the solar panel, but also the voltage and current values.
By the way, when charging a 12V battery (storage battery), the optimum operating voltage of the panel is about 17-18V.

  1. At open circuit voltage, it is about 20 to 22V.
  2. Even if you use a solar panel with the optimum voltage, some loss (about 20%) will inevitably occur when charging the battery.

The reason why the voltage has a margin is:

  1. Solar panels have the property that the voltage drops as the temperature rises.
  2. If the surface temperature of the panel is close to 80 degrees, it may drop by about 3-4V.
  3. Therefore, even when the temperature is high and the sunlight is strong, such as in the summer, there is a margin in the voltage so that the voltage that can charge the battery can be maintained.
  4. The extent of the decrease varies depending on the type of solar panel (crystalline, amorphous, compound, etc.).

So, now your query about What size of solar panel should i get for camping is fully answered.