Solar panel Pakistan brackets

Posted On: 02 February,    Author: Zero Carbon

If you are looking for information about solar panel Pakistan brackets, then you are in right place. Before installing solar panels in Pakistan, you may have some concerns about solar panel brackets. In this post, we will discuss them in an easy way so that if you are a genuine buyer of solar systems then you should have a clear idea about it.

Why Do we use solar panel Pakistan brackets?

Yes, this is a quite relevant question why do we need solar panel Pakistan brackets. Can we buy them from any supplier of solar panels in Pakistan? Can we differentiate between original or fake solar Pakistan brackets? You need to see the authorized dealer for solar panels in Pakistan.

  1. Solar panel Pakistan brackets can help you to fix the base of the solar system
  2. The aluminum frame is fixed with hard screws
  3. Basically, these are solar panel mounting bracket
  4. Compatible solar panel Pakistan brackets

The weather also affects the amount of electricity generated by solar panels. Photovoltaic power generation cannot be performed unless the sunlight reaches the solar panel, so the amount of solar radiation will be decreased and the amount of power generation will drop, not only on rainy or snowy days but also on cloudy days.
Comparing the amount of power generated on sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, and snowy days, the quality of solar panels will have effects. It is said that the amount of power generated by solar panels can be reduced to about one-third to half even on cloudy days, but by using solar panels that are resistant to low-light (sunlight does not reach much) environment, some power generation can be achieved even on cloudy days. It is also possible to secure the amount.

Calculation formula for the amount of power generated by solar panels

Ep (annual expected power generation) = H (average amount of solar radiation) x K (loss coefficient) x P (system capacity) x 365 (annual days) / 1 (standard sunshine intensity)
* The estimated annual power generation that can be derived from the above formula is just a guide.

System loss (loss factor)

Here, we will explain in detail the loss factor that appeared in the above formula.
What is important when considering the amount of power generation is the loss (loss factor) due to the system. The loss factor is often calculated at 0.85 these days.

  1. The following factors are typical loss factors.
  2. The surface temperature of the solar panel becomes high above 25 degrees

It is said that when the surface temperature of the solar panel rises above 25 degrees Celsius and when the sunlight is strong in summer (July or August), the amount of power generated will drop by about 0.5% per degree.

Power conditioner conversion

Power conditioners have the role of converting direct current electricity created by photovoltaic power generation into alternating current electricity for connecting to home appliance wiring. During this conversion, any manufacturer’s power conditioner will incur a loss of approximately 5%.

Life of solar panel (aging deterioration)

It is said that the amount of power generated by solar panels decreases due to deterioration over time, depending on the number of years since they were purchased.

  1. 10 years after the purchase: 2.7%
  2. 20 years after the purchase: 5.4%
  3. 30 years after the purchase: 8.1%

These factors must be kept in mind when you try to buy solar panel Pakistan brackets. The lifetime and security of solar panel systems will depend on the quality of solar panel Pakistan brackets.