Where to Get Reliable Home Solar Systems in Pakistan?

Domestic consumers and households are the most affected part of society by Pakistan’s power disruptions and price hikes. In recent times, the alternative energy solution has been the talk of the town. Zero Carbon is a certified, customised solar solution provider in Pakistan. This article will clear all your doubts about where, what, how, and why to install home solar systems in Pakistan.

Introduction to Home Solar 

Solar Systems are a prominent alternative to traditional energy sources. The generation of electric power is done either through the consumption of water or the burning of coal. Coal consumption results in carbon emissions and air pollution. Such factors are the ultimate cause of smog.  

On the other hand, solar systems work on sunlight absorption through the PV sheets of solar panels. Later this energy, also known as Direct Current (DC), is converted into AC (Alternating Current) current for usage in electronics.  

Therefore, the solar panels installed in home setups are called home solar systems. In addition, it is also called the residential solar setup. At the same time, the same solar panels are installed in industrial, commercial, and agricultural setups as per requirements.  

However, residential setups can be beneficial in numerous ways. These are mentioned below. 

Benefits of Home Solar Systems 

Installing solar systems in homes and residences could be an expense. However, its benefits are far more alluring, captivating, and rewarding. To know these, keep on reading.  

Reduce Utility Bills for Electricity 

The ability to reduce monthly power costs is one of the founding reasons why so many homeowners are choosing to install home solar systems now in Pakistan. Each month, the cost savings you and your family will experience on your utility bills of national electricity power will make you feel great. 

You can drastically reduce your energy consumption expenditures by installing a home solar system. This is a straightforward process. Installing the proper size solar cells, fulfilling the requirements of your home, and mounting them at the appropriate place are all required. A residential solar system has the potential to generate a sizable amount of electricity. It is simple to produce enough electricity to run your entire home. 

You can fight the unreasonable price hikes, and load-shedding, with uninformed power outs by installing solar systems in your home and domestic locations. 

Positive Impact on the Environment 

The power source for solar systems is sunlight. The entire process is neat and clean of any burning and carbon emissions. Therefore, it impacts the environment positively. On the hand, the Carbon generated electric power pollutes the air to hazardous levels.  

For the same reason, solar energy is also known as green energy.  

Reliable Source of Electricity 

You can stop depending on the occasionally unreliable traditional power sources of electricity by instituting a home solar system. By installing solar panels on your roof, which harness the heat and energy of the sun, you will be producing your electricity. 

Low Maintenance Costs 

Contrary to widespread belief, residential solar energy systems are simple to maintain. Solar panels are incredibly sturdy and will not need maintenance for several years, saving homeowners the headache. 

You must wash the solar panels a few times a year to remove the dust and debris. A professional cleaning service is another option. I am done now! You will not need to perform other maintenance on your home solar system. 

Enhancement in the Value of Property 

Installing a home solar system offers you more advantages than lower energy costs. The value of your property will go up if you invest in a home solar system in case you ever decide to sell it. Yes, planning always pays off. 

By making repairs and improvements, homeowners raise the value of their property. Consider adding a home solar system if you are planning some house improvements. It will not only save your energy costs but also significantly raise the value of your house when you decide to sell it or rent it out. It is essential to remember that modern purchasers want to buy energy-efficient homes, so you should consider making this investment.

Mechanism of Home Solar 

In Pakistan, onsite solar systems are the most popular type. These are also known as on-grid solar systems. On-grid solar systems work with the national grid. It also enables the sale of the excess solar power generated to the national grid. This entire process is called net metering, and in Pakistan, it is dealt with by the NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and related DISCO (distribution) offices.

Crucial Points Regarding Residential Installation 

Before considering installing home solar systems, there are a few points penned-below to be taken care of. These are the essential elements to ensure you get the best performance and results from your solar panels at your residence in Pakistan.  

Average Power Consumption 

You must examine the electricity bill to determine the amount of power consumed at your residence. You will see the amount of electricity used under “Electricity Used” or a phrase to that effect. If you cannot locate this value on your account, check your metre and deduct the last reading from the most recent one. You ought to be prepared with your electricity usage. 

Now you also desire daily or hourly consumption. In the absence of such a value on your electricity bill, divide the monthly reading by 30 to determine your daily power consumption. In addition, the best way is to take an average of the 6 months of usage. Summers are best to take the maximum consumption average in Pakistan.  

To determine how many panels you require, you should have these values. Otherwise, your solar system may not work optimally for you.  

Other Factors 

In addition to the average power consumption, there are other factors.  

  • Number of Solar Panels  
  • Types of Solar Panels & other hardware 
  • Location Compatibility 
  • Mounting 
  • Installation Cost 
  • Durability 
  • Warranty 

All these factors are vital to ensure the most suitable solar system installation at your home. It is not easy to search the market as a consumer. But taking professional advice is always a better idea. Therefore, you should talk to professional customised solar solution providers in Pakistan. Get in talks with them.  

The experts at Zero Carbon offer turnkey customised solutions for residential solar systems in Pakistan. The contact details are next in this article. Furthermore, Zero Carbon is a proud partner with high-quality solar panel manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, product quality can be discussed as per home requirements.

After Effects of Installing Home Solar in Pakistan 

Installing an optimal solar system at your home will make your life heaven. It will ensure you can run air conditioners and other electric equipment in Pakistan’s hot, burning summers. Moreover, it also enables you chances to earn if net-metering is initiated.  

Zero Carbon helps its clients with site audits, system design, solar financing, official permitting, installations, and after-installation performance analysis. However, engaging with the experts from the initial stages is effortless. We also offer a mobile app to monitor the efficiency of your solar system.  

Tailored Home Solar Solutions in Pakistan 

In Pakistan, you can get optimised and customised solar energy solutions from professional, certified, and quality-oriented solar solution providers for your residential needs. In addition, business, commercial, and Agri-solutions are also available. You can fill out this form, and a representative from Zero Carbon will get back to you.  

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