Zero Carbon Customises Turnkey Solar Solutions for Residential Units

Due to the present power problems in Pakistan, everybody is puzzled to the core. The households are facing massive financial issues, because they have a limited budget for monthly expenses. Whether you talk about the elite class, middle or lower middle, the frequent power failures, load-shedding, price hikes, and never-ending inflation are hard times. Therefore, alternative solutions are preferred on all levels. Zero Carbon, the certified solar solution provider, offers turnkey solutions to residential units and households. The great news is that the option of customisation is available with these turnkey solar solutions. You will know the options you could have if you are interested in installing solar solutions for your residential unit.  

Introduction to Turnkey Solutions 

Once you make up your mind to install solar panels as the energy alternative solution at your home, the proceeding step is to choose the solar solution provider. Installing a solar system can be done in two ways either; some people would instead buy their equipment and employ a solar panel installation to finish the work. Some people are even tempted to purchase ready-to-use solar panel kits, making it simpler to obtain supplies. Or choosing a solar business that handles everything—from installation to maintenance. These businesses are frequently referred to as Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solar contractors or turnkey solar solution suppliers. 

Brief On Residential Solar Options 

The needs and energy usage of each home are unique and vary greatly. Some people store their energy and use less electricity while aware of their utility expenses. They use less electricity than a household that makes the most of it without concern for costs or anything else. Similar to this, smaller homes with fewer occupants use less electricity than larger homes with the same number of occupants, more occupants, or fewer.  

Zero Carbon uses a tailored approach for clients and provides solar solutions in accordance with their needs while upholding exacting standards, ensuring that clients only pay for the systems that best meet their needs. Therefore, customised turnkey solutions are available at Zero Carbon for residential clients. However, industrial and commercial clients can also have tailored solutions.  

Zero Carbon Turnkey Solar Solutions 

Zero Carbon offers onsite, also known as on-grid, and hybrid net-metered solutions for residential consumers. Due to this facility, they can sell back the excess electricity which they have generated from solar panels to the national grid. In this way, they will reduce their monthly electricity expenditure to its maximum potential. On the other hand, Hybrid solar solutions are the best option for residential clients to fight power outages.  

Benefits of Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions  

Choosing a turnkey solar solution provider could be the best decision anyone can make, especially if the purchaser is a first-timer and a residential customer. This is because having ample information about your requirement and suitable options available in the market one can get into much trouble in the market where he is inexperienced.  

Therefore, it is advised to go to professional solar solution providers. We at Zero Carbon are turnkey solar solution providers, and we help our clients from the initial steps to the after-sale maintenance. Our experts are just a call away and ready to assist household owners in all these steps.  

Site Audit 

A site audit is the most crucial element in installing a solar system at any location. Residential locations are no exception. The exact space availability, average power consumption, sunlight access, and placement options are well analysed in this step. According to the actual calculations, the installation process moves forward.  

With the help of professional assistance, it becomes possible for an inexperienced person to see the details and requirements that would be suitable to meet the power consumption on a regular basis. 

System Design 

The system design is the next step, including the actual design of all setups and choosing the hardware. In this regard, Zero Carbon has partnered with the most prominent, A-grade providers. For instance, our technology partners are some of the biggest names in the industry. Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Huawei and others are proud partners.  


Next comes obtaining permission from relevant authorities to get the job done. Zero Carbon also helps home solar owners proceed with requests and permits professionally.  


Next comes the central part of the installation. Zero Carbon’s expert staff ensures to install the solar panels with all the supporting elements, including the PV panels, wires, and inverters. The target is to provide a smooth and working installation.  

Net Metering 

The element of net metering is the prime source of reduction of electricity expense. In Pakistan, this matter is handled through the national power suppliers of NEPRA and its distribution channels around the country. The distribution channels are also known as DISCOs.  

Zero Carbon professionals also help their clients acquire the licences and authority green signals.  


After installation, monitoring the solar system is vital to eye the working, productivity, and consumption metrics. Therefore, Zero Carbon fully assists the monitoring phase for its home clients. Furthermore, Zero Carbon has a well-developed app which is usable on mobile devices. And you can see the details there. 


Looking after is essential to everything. The same is the case with solar panels and solar systems. For the same reason, Zero Carbon offers a complete maintenance cycle.  

Solar Financing  

In addition to all these steps, Zero Carbon also assists its clients in managing solar financing on reasonable terms.  

Zero Carbon is Available 

Hence, you have seen the benefits of turnkey solar solutions for residential setups. It is a great idea to install alternative power solutions by ECP solution providers. Zero Carbon invites you to talk with them to get information regarding solar panel installation and working. We are just a click away! Just fill out this form, and our representative will get back to you.  


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