300-Watt Solar Panel Price in Lahore

Climate change as well as the increasing shortage of power resources particularly in our country, has been an alarming issue these days. Under these circumstances, the world is feeling a dire need to switch to some renewable energy resources that will cater to the needs of the people. The production and consumption of energy resources have indeed become hot topics to discuss across the world.300-Watt Solar Panel Price in Lahore is here.

Before indulging in the debate regarding types and prices of the solar panels in Pakistan, we are here to first guide you about what solar energy is and how it works in producing electricity that will meet most of our electricity needs. So, it’s time to take a short ride to the world of solar energy. Are you ready?

Solar Energy—everything you need to know

Apart from the artificial energy resources, the sun is probably hailed as the most powerful energy source across the world. According to Britannica.com, Solar Energy is basically the radiation from the sun that is capable of producing heat. Sun radiations can cause chemical reactions and can produce a great amount of electricity as well. With the growing rate of the population across the world, the electricity demand has also been increased while resulting in an energy crisis. To meet the electrical energy needs, the researchers agree on the fact that the sun can very effectively produce powerful energy. In the modern era, Solar Energy has indeed become a renewable as well as an attractive source of producing electricity. It is all because of unlimited supply and non-polluting characteristics. So, if we count on the benefits provided by solar energy, we will probably forget all the artificial energy resources.

How Solar Energy Works?

People across the globe are benefitting from solar energy on a large scale. The reason is that solar energy is a clean, renewable power source and is quite inexpensive when compared to the other electric power sources. Most importantly, it can be gained from anywhere in the world where sunlight can directly hit the surface of the earth. All those areas that are rich in having direct sunlight can prove to be a treat. It is very easy to generate solar power in those areas and locations. Hence, the sun is indeed a great source of solar power.

In the modern era, power generating technologies are usually connected with infinite resources. Because when they will be connected with fossil fuels it will take a huge time period for oil or gas to produce electricity. Moreover, the resources are completely depleted. However, when producing electricity through infinite resources using wind, solar, or hydropower, the resource doesn’t deplete. For instance, producing electricity through sunlight will never deplete the sunlight. Sun will always keep on shining on the earth’s surface. This resource will not be disappeared after use. There is always more sunlight available to produce electricity. This is the reason why the entire world is running after this renewable power source.

However, despite many advantages, the United States is still producing electricity using fossil fuels along with solar energy. In one way or the other, solar energy remain inexpensive when compared to other renewable energy sources.

A solar panel or solar module is made up of layers of silicon cells. There is a metal frame all around, a glass casing, and wires that transfer electric current from the silicon cells.

What is Silicon?

Silicon is a nonmetal having properties of absorbing and converting sunlight into the electricity.

When the sunlight directly hits the silicon cells layer placed on the solar panel, it creates electrons that further creates an electric current flow. This effect is commonly hailed as the “photovoltaic effect”. The entire solar panel technology works on this effect. This science of generating electric energy through solar panels with Photovoltaic effects was first discovered back in 1839 by Edmond Becquerel. The electric current produced in the silicon cells is because of the semiconductors. These semiconductors when exposed by the direct sunlight produce the electric current flow.

Now the question is how the photovoltaic effect works in creating an electric current in the solar panel. The process is mentioned below!

  • First of all, the photovoltaic cells absorb the radiation coming from the sun that directly hits the silicon cells on the solar panel.
  • When sunlight hits the silicon cells on the panel, all the electrons present at the panel begin to move and start producing electric current flow.
  • Then the wires convert this direct current (DC) into the alternative current (AC) and feed this direct current to the solar inverter.

Now we will compare solar energy with wind energy and hydroelectric energy to determine what elements have made solar energy superior among these three.

Wind Energy

The method of producing electricity by using wind turbines have been followed for ages. However, with the advancement of the latest technologies, this method is not promoting in many countries. Still, wind turbines are used to produce electricity in many regions of the world. Wind energy has been a huge source of electricity and alike solar energy it is possessed from the infinite resources i.e. wind. As we have learned that sunlight is never going to fade from this planet so is the wind. It is available at free of cost.

Now the question is why solar panels are still considered preferable than the windmills?

  • The reason is that windmills require a huge area and look unattractive when placed in the landscape.
  • Moreover, the recent studies reveal some harmful effects of windmills on the birds.
  • Most importantly, windmills or wind turbines are being set on a large scale requiring a handsome amount that is not possible for an individual.

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy is a form of energy that is gained from the moving water. There is no waste or depletion of the resources as fast-moving rivers and waterfalls can easily produce this energy.

When compared with solar energy, hydroelectric energy is produced on a large scale requiring a handsome amount that is not possible for a person to start this business individually.

Solar Panels—Renewable Energy Resources

There is no wonder that the energy crisis has become a universal issue now, so, several researchers and surveys are working on various methods to deal with the energy crisis. In their point of view, solar panels and wind turbines are probably the best solutions to the energy crisis not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.

Within the last few years, solar panels and wind turbines have become one of the cheapest resources of producing energy that people can rely upon. And when these two are compared, we all are familiar with the fact that wind turbines require a specific environment to work, whereas, solar panels are less demanding than the wind turbines in terms of the environment.

As I have mentioned above that a solar panel or solar module is made up of layers of silicon cells. There is a metal frame all around, a glass casing, and wires that transfer electric current from the silicon cells. Silicon is a nonmetal having properties of absorbing and converting sunlight into the electricity. When the sunlight directly hits the silicon cells layer placed on the solar panel, it creates electrons that further creates an electric current flow.

So, more or less, we end up using solar panels as the cheapest source of electric energy. In addition to this, solar panels are easy to maintain as well. Going solar will never disappoint you rather it will be beneficial both economically and environmentally.

Furthermore, using two-sided solar panels can prove to be a double treat for those who rely upon solar panels for electricity production. Two-sided solar panels or double-sided solar panels can absorb more heat when compared with the one-sided solar panels. They can provide a double benefit to its devotees.

In the last few years, there have been amazingly wondrous reforms in the solar panel industries. According to Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Gallegos at the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore,

“The goal for any solar panel is to absorb as much energy from the sun as possible. At present, solar panels around the world are predominantly installed with a fixed orientation, and absorb light only from one side. The advantage of using two-sided solar panels is that they can also absorb energy that us reflected by the ground onto their rear side.”

Benefits of Solar Panels Installation

When you are going off the grid or facing a power supply lapse in your locality, a solar panel is perhaps one of the key components that you are required to carry along with you. The use of solar energy panels in Lahore, and all over Pakistan, is on the increase as it provides a highly efficient substitute for conventional energy sources. Owing to the energy lapses suffered by the masses, a lot of consumers that belonged to various sectors have turned to solar panels as the best solutions.

The sustainable solar panel system ensures energy and money-saving. And also, such solar panels are accessible at affordable prices, and it makes them a smart choice for the consumers. The solar panel is an inevitable selection for a renewable and clean source of energy in our country. Pakistan is fortunate to have a great deal of sunlight throughout the year, all because of its placement in the tropical region. The unified solar system installation puts an end to power outages, and it would also help bring soaring electricity bills to zero.

How much energy a solar panel can produce?

The size of a solar panel, the quantity of sunlight the panel gains, and the productivity of the solar cells contained by the panel are the elements on which the amount of electricity generated by a solar panel is based. For instance, if a 300-watt i.e. 0.3kW solar energy panel is placed in full sunshine and is allowed to actively generate power for 1 hour, it would generate 300 watt-hours that are equal to 0.3kWh of electricity. The very 300-watt energy panel generates 240 volts, which approximates 1.25 Amps.

However, solar panels do not create a continuous stream of electricity all day long. They produce a lesser amount of power when the sun shines low in the sky i.e. in mornings and in evenings, or when it gets cloudy across the rooftop. The scorching high temperature is most often found on rooftops; they can also badly disturb the energy output of a solar panel. The choice of photovoltaic panels designed especially for such climate is the best available way to combat the energy lapse, and a mounting system should be installed, i.e. the installed panel should be placed some inches above the roof.

Well, it’s not only limited to the homes, but several commercial and industrial companies are also taking advantage of the solar panels. The demand for solar energy is increasing day after day, hence, more solar panels are used across the globe.

300 Watt Solar Panel Price in Lahore

The prices of solar systems vary according to their size, energy-output, warranty, and durability span. In Lahore, usually, there are three types of solar systems available: the first one is an A-grade branded solar panel, whose price per watt ranges from Rs. 42 to 55, and the life span of this solar panel extends from 20 to 25 years; the second one is an A-grade China factory made solar panel, having the price per watt from Rs. 35 to 42, and has a life span of 8 to 10 years; the third one is locally made solar panel with a price of Rs. 20 to 35 rupees per watt, and a durability life span of 1 to 3 years. Thus, an A-grade branded 300-watt solar panel may range from Rs. 12,600 to 16,500, an A-grade China factory made 300-watt solar panel may range from Rs. 10,500 to 12,600 and locally made 300-watt solar panel may range from Rs. 6,000 to 10,500.

Some online selling brands like Alibaba.com, buysolar.pk, etc. provide concession in the price of the solar energy panels as well. Buysolar.pk provides an AE Solar 300W Poly-Crystalline panel of Rs. 25,500 at an off-price of 20,999, providing its customer with a good deal of discount to cherish.

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