325 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Producing electricity by using solar energy is one of the most efficient and reliable resources in the world. In order to meet the current energy crisis across the globe, solar energy appeared to be the only solution that can be relied upon without any fears. It’s not easy to survive in areas that have no electricity supply. Mostly al the remote areas in Pakistan have suffered from electricity outages. Under such circumstances, people usually adopt alternative means of electricity such as solar panels or wind turbines. However, wind turbines are set on a large scale. It becomes very difficult for an individual to set up wind turbines. It requires a greater amount of money and time.

Surface of Solar panels

When wind turbines are compared with the solar panels, they provide uninterrupted access to the electricity. The silicon cells presented on the surface of the solar panels have the ability to convert solar energy into electric energy. Moreover, solar panels help in decreasing your monthly bills while you save money.

People who rely upon the solar generators welcome a huge change in their electricity bills. Meanwhile, solar panels and generators are lifetime assets. Next generations can also get benefitted from them. And of course, they guaranteed a clean and fresh environment while meeting all your energy needs.

Purpose of Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels were basically designed to be used in the areas that experience continuous disconnections power outages. During the day time, these solar panels absorb radiation from the sun and convert them into electric current. At night, these inverters automatically switch to the electricity grid and act as the normal UPC that provides backup in the form of the batteries in the hours of load shedding or electricity supply disconnections.

Solar Panels are usually black plates on which silicon cells are installed. These solar panels are usually kept in a place where direct sunlight hits solar plates. These silicon cells placed on the solar panels convert sunlight into the electric current or energy.

On the contrary, batteries are used to save electricity for night time when there occur electric disconnections. So, to store electricity for the night time to make your appliances work smoothly you need to make sure that your appliances are getting a good electricity supply to function properly. For this purpose you need batteries.

The increasing demand for Solar Panels

The demand for solar panels or invertors across the country remains robust amid increasing electricity tariffs. People are seeking help from artificial resources that will cater to their needs. As we know that solar panels are quite low-cost resources for the production of electricity, more people are inclined towards using them in their house or business areas.

Moreover, in all those areas where the sun shines brightly, these solar panels can work even more efficiently. However, what about those areas that are receiving less sunlight and remain cloudy throughout the day? We all know that there is nothing perfect. If solar energy has so many benefits then it has some disadvantages as well. These disadvantages are very important to discuss to let consumers know about them.

The solar panel having greater watts and output capacity is difficult to install. Their installation cost be too huge to manage by a single-family or entity.

There may not appear to be any return on the investment especially when your solar panels are placed in areas where the sun shines too low to meet the user’s electricity needs.

If there is no sunlight then it definitely results in zero production of electricity through the solar panels.

In order to fulfill the electricity needs of a big family, you need many solar panels.

And lastly, solar panels require a huge landscape to function properly. So, make sure that they are placed on a surface where they have ample space to work efficiently.

The efficiency of any solar panel gets distracted by the outside weather and the position where it is placed. Moreover, below are some factors that affect the performance of the solar systems,

  • The geographical sphere where the solar panel is placed
  • The cloud coverage
  • The amount of sunlight that hits the surface of the solar panel
  • Orientation and angel of the solar panel
  • The overall performance of the components

So, lamentably, these factors can really disturb the overall performance of your solar panels. It’s all about the shade, the cloud coverage, the areas, and the amount of sunlight that passes by that affect the output of the solar panels. So, while installing any solar panel, make sure that your location is not getting disturbed by these factors.

In case if your solar panel is not delivering the exact amount of energy that it is designed to then you should consult an expert to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

325 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The price of the 325-watt solar panel in Pakistan is decreasing with each passing day. The reason is that people are inclined towards the bigger sized solar panels as they are easy to install and offers more electricity to the consumers. The similar solar panels include Trina 330 Solar,  JA solar 330 Watt, Risen 330 Watt, JA, Renesola 270 Watt Solar Panel, Canadian Solar 330 watt solar panel, Astro energy, and Tesla 310 Watt Solar Panel.

These solar panels are of different watts as mentioned above. Not all of them are of 300 or 330 watts.

The prices of solar systems vary according to their size, energy-output, warranty, and durability span. In Pakistan, usually, there are three types of solar systems available: the first one is an A-grade branded solar panel and the life span of this solar panel extends from 20 to 25 years. The second one is an A-grade China factory made solar panel and it has a life span of 8 to 10 years. And the third one is locally made solar panel and its durability life span is of 1 to 3 years.

Some online selling brands like Alibaba.com, buysolar.pk, etc. provide concession in the price of the solar energy panels as well. Providing its customer with a good deal of discount to cherish.

If you do not want to rely upon the online resources, then you can visit local markets and powerhouses that are providing the best quality solar panels to their customers.

The price of the 325 watts solar panel in Pakistan ranges from PKR 15000 to PKR 23000.

How much power is produced by a 325 watts solar panel?

A 325 watts solar panel while placed in a position where it receives direct sunlight can generate 325 watts hours of electricity in one hour. It can produce 250 volts. So, it is more than sufficient for a medium family.

What is the size of the 325 watts solar panel?

The size of the solar panel depends on the company that manufactures it. 325 solar panels are available in mono and polo types. The reason why customers or the users prefer 300-400 watts solar panels is because of their reliability as well as easy installation.

Features of the 325 watts solar panel

  • 325 watts solar panel is considered ideal for large scale installation
  • It is of high power and reliable
  • 1000V UL/1000V IEC certified
  • It is hailed as one of the most reliable and trusted modules
  • It is made of anodized aluminum that made it durable
  • Best Performance
  • More than 30 in-house tests
  • PID Resistant
  • Protection rating is IP67
  • Energy conversion efficiency is 17%

Due to its excellent energy conversion, 325 watts solar panel is largely welcomed by the masses that usually suffer from electricity outages. It can better absorb sun rays because of the structured glass base. Several industries have tested its performance in bad weather conditions and proved that it is capable of delivering good performance during the bad weather conditions.

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