Electricity Tariff in Pakistan

The Electricity Tariff in Pakistan is enhancing over time as the country is undergoing huge energy crises. Though it looks like the government has captured the energy shortage up to some extent yet a lot more work to do. Behind the high price, there are lots of reasons that the government is highlighting but ultimately it is the common consumer who is feeling the actual heat.  The tariff is a serious issue for common households or for industrialists.

Everyone wants reduction in electric tariff in Pakistan but the main concern is how? Everything cannot be expected from governments. We should also look for energy alternatives that can produce electricity at low tariff.

There is nothing impossible if we want to the high rate of Electricity tariffs in Pakistan. Although it is because people cannot stay away from the usage of electricity. The energy we all know is the lifeline for every nation and hence, is required to fulfill the needs of life.

The Crises in Power Sector

It is almost two decades that we are facing problems in the power sector. The officials are trying but they are just adding fuel to the fire. It is true as well that the problem of shortage has been covered up to 80% but some of the problems are still there. The high Electricity Tariff in Pakistan is one of those problems that the government should resolve for the betterment of the common users.

The electricity demand is enhancing in Pakistan and so is Electricity Tariff in Pakistan. The increase in demand is because of two reasons; one the rising appeal of the industry and two the explosion in the population. The government must pay focus on all of those x-factors.

List of Electricity Tariff in Pakistan

The Electricity Tariff in Pakistan is not the same for all sectors as well as not for the overall usage of units. Yes, it is true as the commercial Electricity Tariff in Pakistan is different from that of the house Electricity Tariff in Pakistan. Apart from that, the usage of units applies at a different rate.

In such circumstances, it looks pretty difficult for the common consumers to understand the difficult nature of the Electricity Tariff in Pakistan. Also note additional taxes increase per unit rates and that’s really annoying situation.

Future Prospects for Electricity Tariff in Pakistan

Observing the current outlook of the Electricity Tariff in Pakistan it can be said that in the future the problem will be still there. Although the government is trying very hard to reduce the Electricity Tariff in Pakistan yet the situation is not looking satisfactory.

In that case, the current government is trying to revisit the contracts of the power sector so that relief could be made possible for the consumers. Things are happening in series of incidents and will be happening but the question is still there whether the government will be able to provide relief to the people or not? And the answer is not as it is looking a hard nut to crack.

Final Verdict of Electricity  Tariff in Pakistan

The power sector is one of the leading pillars of the economy for a country. It is very important to reduce the Electricity Tariff in Pakistan because inflation especially in the power sector is a threat to the development of poor people. Currently, it is looking beyond achievement but with the help of small but positive as well as effective steps this problem can be solved on permanent grounds.

What are electrical appliances with Electricity Tariff in Pakistan?

Do you know of the electrical appliances that you use every day that have a particularly high electricity tariff in Pakistan?

The causes of high electricity Tariff in Pakistan include household appliances such as lighting, gas water heaters, air conditioners, washlet toilets, and refrigerators.

Let’s look at what is the cause of each.

Lighting & Electricity Tariff in Pakistan

There are differences in the power consumed by lighting depending on the equipment used, but the cause is that the electricity is left on in the first place.

  • Gas water heater

Since the hot water in the bath is boiled with gas, many people do not know that it will cost electricity, but when the bath is automatically boiled or re-cooked, depending on the controller panel you use, the electricity tariff will be unexpectedly high.

Boil itself is done by gas consumption, but other temperature control, hot water volume setting and measurement are all done by electricity.

  • Air conditioners / refrigerators

As mentioned, the larger the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, or between indoors and refrigerators, the more electricity is consumed, and the higher the electricity bill.

  • Washlet Toilet

In addition, even the now mainstream washlet toilet has a function to warm hot water type things and toilet seats, and it continues to operate even when not in use, so the electricity bill will be high.

By household! What is the average electricity tariff in Pakistan?

The average electricity tariff in Pakistan also depends on the number of people in your household.

High electricity bill Cause: Standby power

In many cases, it is based on the electrical appliances used as described above, but standby power when not in use is also one of the reasons for the high electricity bill.

For example, with regard to air conditioners, I think that many households are limited to summer and winter, but even if the power is turned off with the outlet plugged in while not in use, standby power is generated and electricity costs are incurred.

In recent years, many households have been trying to save electricity all over the country, so some people do not use the air conditioner all year round. If you use solar technology, then you do not need to bother about electricity tariff or air conditioner’s expenses.

High electricity bill Cause: Not using with a power plan that suits your life

For households that charge many thousands for electricity, there are several ways to save money.

Did you know that there is a plan for electricity charges like a mobile phone?

By reviewing the contract amperage of the rate plan, discounting by specifying the usage time, cutting standby power, etc.,the electricity bill, which has been charged many thousands per year, can be saved by about 10 to 20%. It is also possible to save power.

For example, if you live alone and have the same plan as a household with a large number of people, you may feel that your electricity bill is high.

By lowering the contracted amperage, the monthly basic charge will be reduced.

Let’s say you changed your contract for 60 amps to 30 amps to suit your usage. With that alone, you can use it cheaply a month.

Also, some people who feel that their electricity bill is high may be related to the time of day when they are using electricity.

People who use a lot of electricity in the morning type and people who mainly use the night type have different ways of using it, but if the time zone to use is decided, there is also a plan that the electricity bill will be cheaper in a specific time zone.

In addition, there are even cheaper prices on Saturdays and Sundays for those who often leave their homes on business trips. People know very well about this system in foreign countries but dear readers we are in Pakistan and we need to have immediate energy sources.

How to expect lower electricity tariff in Pakistan?

We need to depend on solar panels then we can expect lower electricity tariff in Pakistan. The power of sun in not limited if we utilize it with proper solar systems then we can get the best tariff burden on our shoulders.

The cause of high electricity bills is not limited to just overuse of electricity. For example, if you leave the plug of a home appliance connected to an outlet, standby power is generated and it consumes power without your knowledge. It is also possible that electricity costs are incurred due to the high power consumption of the home appliances used.

In addition, there are cases where the amount of electricity used is counted a lot due to electric leakage, etc., and there are various causes.

When calculating the electricity bill, the specific number differs depending on each electric power company, but it is calculated by the formula “total electricity bill payment = basic charge (minimum charge) + part proportional to the amount of electricity used”. It is common to be done. In other words, the more electricity you use, the more you will pay for electricity.

High electricity bills

There are some crucial possible causes for high electricity bills. I will introduce each in turn.

There is extra standby power which you don’t often bother. Standby power is the power consumed when a home appliance is switched off and plugged into an outlet. It occurs when using a water heater, air conditioner, or home appliances with a timer reservation function.

There are cases where the electricity bill suddenly becomes abnormally high.

If you’re still using it, or if you’re saving electricity and your electricity bill is unusually high, suspect an earth leakage.

There may be electric leakage due to aging of electric wires, but it is surprisingly possible that there is an electric leakage at home. If condensation or moisture gets into home appliances or outlets, electricity can easily pass through water, leading to electric leakage. Leakage not only increases the electricity bill, but also causes a fire, so check with a circuit breaker or ask a contractor to deal with it as soon as possible.

There are various possible causes for such a high electricity bill.

It is worth checking the electricity bill to see how much power is actually being used now, and comparing it with the average electricity bill of other households.

We recommend that you perform a simulation once from the homepage of each electric power company you are using and check the plan. This will help you to reduce electricity tariff in Pakistan.

Investigate the cause and try to use electricity that suits your lifestyle so that your monthly electricity bill will be cheaper. By doing so, you can reduce your electricity bill without spending a lot of money once again. We know the tariff issue is a burden fort those people who are not having high per capita income.

That’s why the best solution is to utilize the power of solar panels and start saving electricity. You should note the return in shape of electricity will make your investment double or triple in less than 5 years. This is quite feasible and sensible decision to reduce electricity tariff in Pakistan. Buy a solar panel with suitable WP and if you don’t know about it then read below about watt peak.

What is watt peak in easy words (WP)?

The Wp of a panel is determined by the manufacturer as part of the mandatory International Standard Test. A panel with 250 Wp delivers 250 watts of power under standard test conditions.

In practice, the weather conditions (radiation, humidity, wind speed, reflection, position with respect to the sun) are completely different. In practice, panels with a high Wp can yield less net than panels with a lower Wp.

What is power tolerance in solar technology?

A solar panel is a natural product. Each cell will have slightly different properties. Each panel will therefore have a tolerance in color but also in yield. Now it is important for your net output that the panels within one system are as homogeneous as possible.

A specific solar panel only works with positive power tolerances. So with the delivery of 295 Wp panels, the real power will be between 295 and 300Wp. This means that the rated power of your system is in any case reached or exceeded. So, your issue of electricity tariff in Pakistan can be managed with solar panels easily.

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