How Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Solar energy is a big and effective source of energy now a days. It is the light and heat coming from sun. This energy is used in various purposes. The sunlight that hits the earth in one and a half hour is enough for all energy consumption of the world for a whole year. By the solar technology the sunlight is converted into electricity through its panels. To understand fully the advantages of getting electricity by solar energy, there should be a complete awareness of ‘how solar panels generate electricity’.

Layers of solar panels

To see how solar panels generate Electricity, first learn about the solar panels. They consist of many layers. The upper layer is the glass protection layer. This layer protects the silicon cells layer. The sunlight contains photon used by the solar panels to generate electricity. To get maximum energy the panels are usually placed together in the form of arrays. They are grouped on roof tops or at open places.

‘How solar panels generate electricity

In the process of ‘how solar panels generate electricity’ it is necessary to know that the photovoltaic cells which are called the solar cells absorb sunlight in day time.

The semiconducting silicon cells consist of two layers; positively and negatively charged layer. In this way, an electric field is created. When the solar panel is hit by the photons, they are absorbed by the silicon cells. Because of this process, the electrons are moved away from atoms and are free around the photovoltaic or solar cells. The electric field sets them into motion. This motion generates the electricity. It is called direct current electricity.

Mostly in homes the alternating current is used. So this direct current electricity is converted into alternating current by an inverter. Batteries can also be used for the storage of this energy. It is the advanced but most affordable way of getting solar energy in the form of electricity. So, you have noticed how solar panels generate electricity in an effective way.

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