How to use a solar calculator?

How to use a solar calculator? Solar energy is a powerful resource if you talk about some of the best investments in financial markets. Even if you are a house owner or commercial trader, you have pretty chances to earn a handsome amount of profit or savings each month. Solar calculator is another vital term in energy world, which we need to focus in this short post.

Let’s try to understand the process of using solar calculator in an easy way. This will give you answer to how to use a solar calculator with step-by-step guide.

First step – choosing the type of roof for solar calculator

How the system is installed and the layout of the solar panels are affected by the type of roof of your home:

A roof may be of different kinds you know; however, we have mentioned some major common types:

  • flat roof
  • Combined roof – tiled + flat

Second stage – the size of the roof for solar calculator

We normally install solar systems on roofs of 50 square meters and up.

The larger your roof, the more solar panels can be deployed and your profit can be increased accordingly.

Having trouble knowing its exact size? It is possible to enter an approximate roof size in the calculator. This will give you a complete idea in figures.

Third stage – the direction of the roof for solar calculator

The direction of the roof determines the number of hours the roof is exposed to the sun. This figure will affect your future earnings.

Choose the direction of your roof from the four options:

  1. A south-facing roof
  2. Roof facing southwest
  3. Roof facing southeast
  4. Roof facing west or east

Fourth stage – shading on the roof for solar calculator

What shadows are there? Trees and plants near the roof, elements on the roof, air conditioner systems and buildings around the roof.

Your solar system output is affected by the sum of all these factors. This solar calculator calculates three levels of shading:

  1. No shading at all
  2. A little shading on the roof
  3. Many shadows on the roof

Tip: You should clean shading elements on the roof as much as possible, and perform preliminary operations such as pruning trees and moving air conditioner compressors.

Fifth step – results after calculation

Solar companies in Pakistan have multiple possible routes of financing according to the size of the roof for instance,

  • Purchase route – 50 square meters or more
  • Leasing route – 100 square meters or more

After entering all the parameters in the solar calculator – the results of the calculation will be displayed in both tracks.

  1. Purchase Model Results – Your System and Profits Are All Yours:
  2. Expected income – profit in shekels Annual average + profit in shekels for 25 years

System size in kilowatts – power generation capacity. The more the system produces, the greater your profit.

Yield – average annual yield. Did you know? The average return in the real estate market is 5%-7% per year.

Energy saving – in other words, your contribution to the planet! We should think about green energy as our country needs it. We need to find cheap energy sources that can meet the electricity requirements for a house or business setup.

Solar panel installations will help you in multiple ways some of them are given here in order to realize the big powers of solar energy. For example, the biggest advantage is the cost of generating electricity saw big reduction in tariffs. Now, you can avail free electricity for your home or office. Pakistan is a country with hot weather conditions in most of the months.

Here the atmosphere is really favorable for solar panels. But why do we not try to gain the massive economic benefits? The answer is not really simple because there has been no proper awareness towards solar systems and cost of an average solar system for household.

But now, Zero Carbon is trying to promote this IT revolution in every city or even in villages people are buying solar panels. This is indeed a good move and soon we will realize the big role has been played by ZC.

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