Huawei Solar Inverter

Huawei, the gigantic Chinese company, is the largest manufacturer of solar inverters in the world. The company offers innovative Smart PV solutions, with more than three decades of proficiency in the technology of digital information. Huawei Solar Inverter is considered one of the best solar inverters not only in China but also in different parts of world.

By the integration of Cloud & AI, Huawei is also merging the most recent ITC-technologies with PV for optimizing the generation of power.

Thus, accomplishing a safe, highly sufficient and reliable solar energy plan, using Smart Observation & Management as well as grid supporting capacities would help to establish the base for solar to emerge as the principal source of energy.

Huawei Solar Inverter Pakistan

Read about Huawei Solar Inverter Pakistan: Grid-Tie / On-Grid:

A Huawei grid-tie inverter poses to be a mechanism which is used for the conversion of DC (Direct Current. It is basically created by solar modules, to AC (Alternating Current) of 240 voltages. It can then power up home appliances & supplied excess power into the grid.

Features of Huawei On-Grid Solar Inverter

Herewith the most distinctive features of a Huawei solar inverter

  • 6 MPPTs for flexible adaptations to multiple layouts
  • Optimum efficiency of 98.9 % to 99 %
  • IP65 protection from moisture & dust
  • Natural cooling technology eradicating the necessity for external fans
  • AC overcurrent safety
  • Anti-islanding shield
  • Type 2 surge arrester for both DC & AC installed
  • Capacity for detecting residual current
  • USB, Bluetooth & APP availability
  • LED indicator display
  • For lessening fire risk, AFCI powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Stylish & compact design with exceptional silent operations
  • A higher yield equal to 30 % from every solar module

Huawei Solar Inverter Pakistan Usage

An on-grid Huawei solar inverter is utilized for the under-mentioned procedures:

  • Maintaining an uninterrupted electricity supply
  • Adjusting of Direct Current to Alternating Current – 240 volt
  • Exporting of the excess electricity into the grid
  • Continuously stabilizing the voltages
  • Boosting the entire solar system’s efficiency

Huawei Solar Inverter Capacity

The on-grid Huawei solar inverter Pakistan comes in various capacities, as stated below:

  • 36 Kilowatt
  • 60 Kilowatt

Huawei Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

The Huawei solar inverter price in Pakistan varies and it will depend on the solar inverter’s capacity, type & specifications. The market in solar inverters have experienced a high level of innovation as far as its manufacturing & performance are concerned.

Currently the trend for renewable energy, especially solar energy, is reaching its peak, whilst the whole world is attempting to transform to renewable energy sources to eliminate the existence of the energy crises and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Factors affecting Huawei solar inverter price in Pakistan:

The following factors contribute to the variability in prices for solar energy equipment, particularly solar inverters.

  1. The inverter’s capacity
  2. The type of solar inverter
  3. The inverter’s operation type
  4. The inverter’s efficiency

1. The Inverter’s Capacity

The Price which is payable in Pakistan will also depend upon the inverter’s capacity. A solar inverter which has a higher capacity will be more expensive compared to a solar inverter with a lower capacity.

For example, an inverter with a capacity of 20 kilowatts will approximately have a price tag of two inverters of 10 kilowatts.

The price of a Huawei solar inverter in Pakistan will depend upon which kind of solar inverter you will choose.

2. Solar Inverters: The Type

  • Off-Grid solar inverters
  • Hybrid solar inverters
  • On-grid solar inverters

3. The Inverter’s Operation Type

The kind of inverter, as far as its operations are concerned also influence the Huawei solar inverter price in Pakistan.

Solar inverter: Operation types:

  • Micro inverters
  • String inverters
  • Central inverters

Huawei Solar Inverter Price

Huawei was regarded as a new arrival to the industry of solar energy when compared to other brands. However, this worldwide telecommunication company has been fine-tuning its solar inverter designs a lot of years before making its innovative designs commercially available.

The anticipation which surrounded Huawei’s avant grade technology for residential use started during 2016 when imposing product specifications began to circulate.

However, it was disappointing when Huawei’s SUN2000L range of hybrid solar inverters for residential use, only became commercially available in 2018.

Eventually, it was worth waiting for! Rather than to push for market superiority more rapidly, the Gen-2 inverter models are evidence of the contemporary inverter design. Furthermore, it has also rekindled the competition with regard to more state-of-the-art products to generate power.

Single Phase, Model Size – kW

SUN2000 LI 2; 3; 4; 5;

Three Phase

  • SUN2000 M1 5; 6;
  • SUN2000 8; to 12;
  • SUN2000 17; 18; 19; 20;
  • SUN2000 29.9;

Huawei: Extras – Optional

  • Smart PV Optimiser – SUN2000-P 375 W
  • Smart Power Sensor: DDSU666H  /  DTSU666H

The inter-solar award-winning, future-generation three phase residential Huawei solar inverter, which will cater for clients having smaller three phase power-supplies, with a need for battery connectivity, will be obtainable from April 2021

Huawei Solar Inverter Prices Updated

  • Huawei Sun2000 for 5KTL Inverter (On-Grid) ₨198,000.00
  • Huawei Sun2000 for 15 kw On Grid Model Rs, 320,000/-
  • SUN2000 20KTL Huawei 20 kw Price Rs. 370,000/-

Customers looking for an all-inclusive solar inverter solution, frequently opt for the Huawei solar inverter range. Always take into account the Huawei solar inverter price, which is highly competitive, and also consider the smart and innovative technology which is used to design the Huawei solar inverter.

If you want to read about Huawei Solar Inverter Review, then Zero Carbon is the best place to look at.

Huawei Solar Inverter: SUN2000I Range

These inverters in the SUN2000I range are single phased and their size varies between 2 – 5 kilowatts in power, also called hybrid inverters, whilst it can be utilized with battery storage.

The LG Chem RESU-7H & 10H are also listed as the suitable battery system.

However, the Huawei solar inverter is incapable of providing backup power when a blackout occurs. Thus, this offers a cost-effective option for customers who are looking for home energy storage.

5 years’ guarantee by Huawei

Despite the fact that these inverters are not multimode, they come with a competitive price tag. It appears that Huawei mastered the art of manufacturing inverters which is reliable. Therefore, they offer a 5 year guarantee of full replacement for residential inverters.

In addition, they offer another 5 years afterwards, whilst they will provide an inverter as replacement, free of charge or parts. However, they won’t be paying for the labor. This is an excellent warranty, indeed.

The company also manufactures optimizers for solar panels to get a higher performance from it. Huawei ranked first in the world market share of solar power conditioners for 5 consecutive Years-Wood Mackenzie survey.

Wood Mackenzie, an international research institute in the United Kingdom, publishes the results of a survey on the global share of power conditioners for solar power generation in 2019. Huawei is the top global shipment, maintaining the top share for the fifth consecutive year.

In April 2021, the British research institute Wood Mackenzie announced the global share of the power conditioner for solar power generation (power conditioner). Huawei, which recorded a 22% share, took the top spot, maintaining the number one position in global shipments for five years from 2015.

In 2019, the top three companies alone accounted for 43% of the global market share. In particular Huawei, which is the top for the fifth consecutive year, had surpassed, approaching a quarter of the world’s total shipments. The company’s shipment volume is over 28GW in 2019 alone. The cumulative total so far has exceeded 100GW, which is the only power manufacturer in the world.

In addition, the company’s power conditioners have a particularly strong presence in the decentralized power conditioner market, boasting a 42% share in the decentralized power conditioner market. This share alone exceeds the total share of the 2nd to 8th largest manufacturers.

Global power conditioner shipments increased 18% year-on-year. However, it did not increase uniformly in each region, and there were many regions that turned negative. Only Europe, the United States and Latin America shipped brass year-on-year.

Growth in Europe and the United States were particularly large, with growth rates of 84% and 72% year-on-year, respectively. On the other hand, China, which has been driving the growth of solar power generation in recent years, has suffered a large decline, with shipments only -10% year-on-year. Under these circumstances, Huawei, which has maintained the top share in the world for five consecutive years, has continued to grow in both growth regions and other regions.

Huawei continues to make breakthroughs in the solar field

Huawei continues to drive global growth in the field of photovoltaic power conditioners. While some manufacturers are losing market share, the situation is that they have been keeping the number one position for five consecutive years.

According to the company, “power conditioners will be the human” brain “for power plants.” As a key to smarter and more efficient power plants, future power conditioners will have to meet various demands such as specifications based on the systems of business operators and each country.

“Multi-circuit MPPT technology can be adopted to efficiently increase the amount of power generation.” “Precise monitoring of each string is possible, and it supports the IV curve scanning function, enabling real-time and online 100% inspection of strings.” “The fan-less and fuse-less design do not use fragile parts.” “The system configuration is simple and there is no need to install a DC current collector box or power conditioner house.”

Huawei Solar Inverter 15kW

The Huawei solar inverter 15Kw is a 3-phase inverter, model SUN200015-KTL-MO, which is using 3-level circuit technology, with an optimum efficiency equal to 98.65%, whilst the Photon test result poses to be A+ / A+ at high irradiation as well as medium irradiation.

However, the three MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker), is both flexible and adaptable for the building of roof-top PV-plant design for improving system yields.

The DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) lightning protection module’s integration as well as natural cooling, efficiently improve the reliability of the inverter. It is a silent type of inverter with a noise of 29-dB.

This Huawei solar inverter 15kW is in compliance with the following directives:

  • Germany BDEW MV
  • VDE AR N 4105-LV
  • CE low voltage
  • Italy Enel-GUIDA
  • CEI 0-21-certification
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Golden Sun certification – China

Its adaptability with regards to the environment is good. This inverter can also be used for multiple structures, which will cover from 8 kilowatts to megawatts for power plants on rooftops or ground mounted.

  • AI powered AFCI for reducing fire risk proactively
  • Maximum efficiency: 98.65 %
  • Optimization of the performance of each panel – higher yields, up to 30%
  • Optimizers enable more solar panels on a rooftop
  • A built-in Potential-induced degradation (PID) recovery for improving the performance of the module
  • Failure rate <0.5 percent – contains parts which do not wear rapidly

Huawei Solar Inverter Battery

The Huawei model SUN2000L comes with a feature which we can call battery ready. It has an interface for coupling with a DC high-voltage battery known as a LG chem RESUH.

This Huawei solar inverter battery has outstanding durability and with its supreme performance, it has the ability to elevate its power from 9.2-kWh to an optimum storage power of 19.2-kWh.

Battery: LG Chem RESUH

Different from a central inverter, this inverter doesn’t depend on an additional combiner box. Thus, there are no extra costs or hassles in comparison with other everyday inverters.

The LG Chem 7kWh & 10kWh batteries, are both high-performance and

secured batteries, obtainable for the single-phase Huawei SUN2000L inverter, which is currently dominant within the Huawei solar energy market for inverters.

However, Huawei, by November 2020, still has to introduce its own unique battery known as “LIFEPO4”. This battery, for the MO as well as new M1, 3-phase inverters, can be expanded from just 5kWh – 30kWh!

Huawei solar inverter battery

It is expected that by April 2021 Huawei will roll out the following energy storage modules consisting of Lithium-Ion technology:

  • Huawei LUNA 2000-5-SO Battery pack
  • Huawei LUNA 2000-10-SO Battery pack
  • Huawei LUNA 2000-15-SO Battery pack

Huawei Solar Inverter Distributor

Living in the Technology Era makes everything much easier and less complicated. Even to find a Huawei solar inverter distributor has become easy as pie. Online you can buy everything you need from Huawei’s website so everything is literally at your fingertips.

You will be able to find your nearest Huawei solar inverter distributor, by choosing your country. If you are living in Pakistan, then Zero Carbon is the most authentic source.

Huawei Solar Inverter Lifespan

The majority of solar energy inverters may last a shorter period in comparison with the solar modules. A Huawei solar inverter lifespan, will be determined by the model and type of the inverter.

It is a fact that solar inverters have complex electrical mechanisms compared to solar panels, which are necessary for the conversion of DC energy from solar panels into AC. Thus, these mechanisms have a greater sensitivity to heat, in comparison with all the other components of the whole solar energy PV system. This may result in a greater susceptibility for the failure of equipment.

What is the lifespan of solar inverters?

The lifespan of solar inverters may differ as the majority of string inverters have a life expectancy which varies from 10 – 15 years. However, DC optimizers & micro inverters are evaluated to last for a period of 20 – 25 years.

If you are interested in purchasing an off-grid PV inverter which is battery-based, a much shorter lifespan can be expected, which can range from 2 – 10 years, determined by its brand.

Huawei Solar Inverter Lifespan

Many facets like humidity, heat & regular maintenance can have a direct effect on your inverter’s all-inclusive lifespan, whilst it can also affect your solar system’s performance too.

An excellent way in which you can determine approximately how long your solar inverter will last, is to determine what the warranty periods are, which will be determined by the manufacturer.

Huawei Solar Inverter List

A Huawei solar inverter list is available online. To our surprise we found that on this list there are a number of 273 solar inverters.

The Huawei solar inverter list, is comprehensive and give you the following information:

  • Model description
  • Part number
  • A price list
  • Our (the company’s) Price
  • Quote sheet

We advise you to browse this Huawei solar inverter list to find all the details you will need to purchase your Huawei solar inverter.


Without any doubt we can state that Huawei, the mega company is the world leader when it comes to solar energy equipment and the company’s use of great technology is a winning concept.

In the era where renewable energy, especially solar energy is on the forefront, Huawei is continuously rolling out new technology. We are sure that purchasing a Huawei solar inverter will be a perfect choice, whilst it has a competitive price tag too!

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