Commercial Solar Solution

Commercial Solar Solution

Commercial solar solution is a name of energy revolution in any country. It is a fact that demand costs & grid requirements of electricity are just increasing continuously. When it comes to commercial applications there are actually critical loads, for example lights and appliances, which are consuming power, which must necessarily be bolstered during grid outages.

There are some solutions which can assist in making up for either the loss or inconsistency which can be experienced when these outages occur.

This can include a commercial solar solution, where the sun’s energy is converted into electricity which can be consumed at commercial level. Besides making up for power outages, the peak demand charges as well as peak demand rates, can be highly expensive where a commercial operation is concerned.

This makes alternative types of energy more appealing to business owners.

Commercial Solar Loans

When a business owner is looking at a commercial solar solution, it is obviously a project which will need a substantial financial investment.

However, through Solar Financing Pakistan, which was initiated by the State Bank of Pakistan commercial solar loans are available to businesses up to an amount of Rs 5,000,00 – Rs 10 Million.

Via the Solar Financing program, Pakistani citizens are encouraged to make an investment into the sources of renewable energy, whether they are in the commercial, industrial or agricultural sector or living in a residential area.

Pakistan’s Solar Financing scheme can facilitate its clients to invest in solar energy systems, by paying the commercial solar loans back through affordable monthly installments.

This will result in attaining an electricity supply without interruptions.

All the excess energy will be obtainable by other people via the Net Metering system and as a result the whole nation will be impacted.

Commercial Solar Loans: Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria for qualifying this scheme has been kept uncomplicated, whilst it is easy to comply with. The program’s original goal is encouraging more citizens to start using renewable energy at an affordable cost.

The eligibility criteria have just two requirements:

The applicant must own the business or house where this PV solar system will be installed
The applicant must be a holder of a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)

The Mark Up Rate: Commercial Solar Solution

If it is made sure that commercial solar loans are affordable and easy to access, then a lot of people will start to use renewable energy sources in commercial needs. The mark up rate is not fixed and this may sometimes gives problem.

The SBP established the mark-up rate at 3 + 3 = 6 annually. Furthermore, the 3% can be negotiated with your bank.

Refinance Maximum Bank: Maximum Rate DFIs spread End User

3.00 % 6.00 %

Commercial Solar in Pakistan

Solar systems are of great assistance when it comes to the effective management of operations in the various sections of the commercial industry.

Solar energy systems can ensure uninterrupted power supply, thus these solar systems form an integral part of electricity supply at educational institutes, banks, hotels, hospitals & other corporate business buildings.

The substantial decline in energy costs as well as a decreased dependency on the grid are major benefits, which have increased the demand for commercial solar in Pakistan.

Solar systems are a smart choice; thus a commercial solar solution is seen as the most effective form of alternative energy. Renewable energy, with its eco-friendly properties, is a great asset to Mother Earth.

Commercial Solar in Pakistan

Zero Carbon, a Pakistani company offers avant-garde solar solutions for the commercial industry. This company can provide you with a customized commercial solar solution for your business.

ZC provides solar solutions with the following qualities:

Readily Available

The company stated that it has stock available and a client’s commercial solar solution, will be installed within a short period.

Superior Quality

Zero Carbon offers solar modules & inverters of high quality, as it brings some of the best international stock into the local Pakistani market after partnering with some top tier brands, as they believe in top quality. Looking for a commercial solar solution, get a quotation from this company.

Customized Solutions: Commercial Solar in Pakistan

This company will offer you a customized commercial solar solution. Thus, making sure that it will fit your requirements, whilst fulfilling your electricity demands.


The company is providing reliable commercial solar in Pakistan,
enabling their satisfied clients to reap optimum benefits

Commercial Solar Financing:

The amount of financing is between Rs 3,000,00 & Rs 20-million. The amount of the commercial solar finance will be determined by the solar project’s size.

The mark up rate

6% per annum


A minimum of 25 percent of the entire amount

Financing Term

The term will be between 3 & 5 years


Insurance offered via respectable partners at a special rate

Processing Fee

A minimum of Rs 5,000 or 0.5 % of the loan-amount – the highest of these two will be taken

Prerequisites of Getting Financing As Commercial Solar Solution

A Savings or Current account at the Bank
Obtaining a quote for a solar energy system from an approved dealer
Completion as well as signing of a loan-application form
A copy of CNIC
Two recently taken passport size photographs
Bank-Solar Panel Key Fact-Sheet applicable to the program you opt for
Undertaking Form CF 1, to be completed
Bank statements of either an individual account or a business
Documents of the property’s ownership together with some recent utility bills
Active tax-payer with MTN number, especially in the case of businesses

Commercial Solar Solutions by Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon, a renewable energy solution, is actually the first which is devoted to fight for climate change by providing clean, resilient and reliable energy solutions in Pakistan.

The company’s customized product range include solar solutions for:

Residential Areas
Industrial Sectors
Commercial Buildings / Businesses
Agricultural Use

Below you can find a list of commercial solar solutions by Zero Carbon.

For the purpose of the article we will give details of 10 commercial solar solutions by Zero Carbon, whilst we will list the other projects.

Capital University:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 1,000
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 1,300,000
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 800

Commercial Installation – Ferozepur Road Lahore:

Net zero system
System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 237
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 322,000
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 200

Chenab Club Faisalabad:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kWh) – 280.3
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 388,215.5
Annual CO2 reduction – tonnes – 216

Commercial Installation Islamabad:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 112
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 154,012
Annual CO2 reduction – tonnes – 85.56

Commercial Installation – Muslim Town Lahore:

Solar power system
System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 151
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 205,000
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 130

Commercial Installation Verhari:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity (kW) – 118.80
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 164,538
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 91.41

Commercial Installation Okara:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 340
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 470,900
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne- 261.61

Commercial Installation Jaranwala:

Net zero system
System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 242
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 335,170
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 186.21

Commercial Installation Bahawalpur:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 254.5
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 352,482.5
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne – 195.82

Commercial Installation Multan:

System Type – On-Grid
Capacity – (kW) – 138.2
Annual energy generation – (kWh) – 191,407
Annual CO2 reduction – tonne- 106,33

The other listed commercial solar solutions by Zero Carbon:

  • Burewala Hospital
  • Commercial solar Installation – Hali Road Lahore
  • Commercial Installation Shalimar – Lahore
  • Commercial Installation Islamabad
  • Commercial Installation Abdallian – Lahore
  • Commercial Installation Muslim-Town – Lahore
  • Commercial Installation Lahore
  • Commercial Installation Sheikhupura
  • Commercial Installation Nankana – SB
  • Commercial Installation Burewala
  • Commercial Installation Faisalabad
  • Commercial Installation – Gagu Mandi
  • Commercial Installation – Batala Colony
  • Commercial Installation – Jhang Road
  • Commercial Installation Faisalabad

To see the details of the commercial solar solutions by Zero Carbon, listed above, we advise you to browse the Internet.

Commercial Solar Benefits: Commercial Solar Solution

Solar energy systems are not only for mega companies anymore. Any business can now take advantage of commercial solar benefits, by adding solar power.

A list of 10 Commercial solar benefits:

1 Solar energy power will reward you with a great profit on investment.

2. It will enable you to control your energy bills in the future.

3. Decreases your operating costs.

4. The value of your property will be increased.

5. It will provide bonus depreciation & tax credits.

6. Solar energy will empower you to have a better cash flow.

7. Solar modules are now more cost-effective than ever before.

8. It will enable you to support your local economy.

9. It will improve your business by creating a greener image.

10. It Will provide high reliability, whilst the maintenance is low.

Taking into account the commercial solar benefits which can be derived from a commercial solar solution, will let you think twice and empower you to make a strategic decision.

Commercial Solar Solutions Guide

The institutions in the commercial sector which include banks, corporate buildings, educational institutes, hospitals and offices have in a great way adopted a commercial solar solution.

This trend within this sector is rapidly rising when the benefits of solar systems are taken into account. Avant-garde solar solutions were delivered to the commercial industry by Zero Carbon.

When it comes to a commercial solar solutions guide, you can find FAQs below, which can assist you to get more insight.

How long will I have to wait before recovering my initial investment? Solar Energy has a transparent policy; thus the company will share a financial viability report with its customers. This report will provide them with a calculated:

Internal-Rate of Return;
Relevant financial details regarding the system’s all-inclusive profitability;

The extent of maintenance required by solar energy modules?

Solar PV modules do not need a lot of maintenance. However, it is important to put the panels where shade & debris won’t cause trouble.

How can I keep track of the system’s overall productivity?

An Online Monitoring-System can be installed to the system & mobile phone of the customer.

At the end of the day this system generates an email automatically, which lists the peak hours, total units produced & the system’s overall efficiency. Thus, enabling the customer to keep track of the system’s daily performance.

These FAQs can serve as a commercial solar solutions guide to a novice looking for a commercial solar solution.

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