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Due to the environmental damage caused to Mother Earth over centuries, by burning fossil fuels, like coal and oil, for producing energy & because of the high concentration of carbon emissions worldwide, alternative energy sources like solar-, wind- and water energy became a necessity in our technology age. Jinko solar has appeared as big player in solar technology. You can easily read about Jinko Solar Panel Price in this article.

Alternative energy is not only more cost-effective, rather it is clean green energy, thus there is great competition and innovation between the largest solar energy companies in the world.

Jinko Solar Green Builder Media Award

Jinko Solar, is one of the foremost manufacturers of solar modules worldwide, whilst it was the winner of the 2021 Green Builder Media’s green award.

The Eagle TR G4-module received the Green Builder Media’s award for its TR (Tiling Ribbon) Technology. Jinko solar module is known over a wide spectrum, particularly its Tiger series. This design made an effective contribution towards the higher efficiency performance of the panel with a small-scale carbon footprint.

Jinko Solar Panel

The Jinko solar panel comes in a wide range which we will mention at the end of this section. For the purposes of the article we will discuss the Tiger pro series.

  • Tiger Pro 72TR – Monofacial

Efficiency: 21.35 %

540 wp


Power warranty: 25 years linear

  • Tiger Pro 72TR – Bifacial

Efficiency:  21.16 %

535 wp

Power warranty: 30 years linear


  • Tiger Pro 78TR – Monofacial
  1. Efficiency: 21.4 %
  2. 85 wp
  3. PID-resistant
  4. Power Warranty: 25 years Linear
  • Tiger Pro 78TR – Bifacial
  1. Efficiency: 21.21 %
  2. 580 wp
  3. PID-resistant
  4. Linear Power Warranty: 30 years

Benefits of Tiger-Pro Module (Valuable Jinko Solar Modules)

  1. Ultra-high power for Lowest LCOE, whilst highest IRR
  2. Tiling Ribbon Technology is reliable – eradicating the inter-cell gap
  3. 21.4 % ultra-high efficiency
  4. Multi busbar Technology – reducing the resistance loss.

Jinko Solar Modules

Here we will be dividing some most famous solar modules which people love to buy because of durability and cost effective performance. Further we can decide the best Jinko solar module based on the below mentioned features

  1. Power
  2. Model Name Rating
  • Jinko Eagle 48 205-225
  • Jinko Eagle 72 315-335
  • Jinko Eagle 60 260-280
  • Jinko Eagle PERC-60 280-300
  • Jinko Eagle PERC-48 220-240
  • Jinko Eagle Dual-60 255-275
  • Jinko Eagle PERC-72 340-360
  • Jinko Eagle plus 48 205-225
  • Jinko EagleDual-72 310-335
  • Jinko Eagle plus 72 340-360
  • Jinko Eagle plus 60 280-300
  • Jinko Eagle black 72 320-335
  • Jinko Eagle black 60 265-280
  • Jinko Eagle 1500v 72 340-360
  • Jinko Eagle 1500v 60 260-280
  • Jinko Eagle MX -JK078 275-295
  • Jinko Eagle MX -JKO7A 255-275
  • Jinko Eagle 1500v 60 280-300
  • Jinko Smart Module 255-270
  • Jinko Eagle 1500v 72 315-335

 Is JInko solar good for commercial installations?

The Jinko Cheetah series of modules have proved that it is highly popular for both commercial & residential solar installations.

Jinko Solar, with its solid market position and excellent track record are indeed a great choice for people who are looking for affordable and reliable solar panels.

Jinko Solar Review

Jinko Solar, is a worldwide leader within the solar industry and it is having the goal to alter the manner in which the world generates & utilizes energy.

This company takes responsibility for empowering a viable future through delivering the most efficient, cleanest & economical solutions via solar energy.

Quality check for Jinko Solar

Jinko’s ultimate goal is its solar panels’ calibre! Every solar module passes through a control & inspection procedure of 52 quality steps.

This process is concluded by a professional team of 1500+ engineers with the objective of a zero-defect. Thus, they are creating a high yield over a long period of time as well as a high investment security, because of demanding reliability & safety tests.

The wide range of Jinko Solar modules are manufactured in China and the company offers a diversified portfolio featuring polycrystalline & monocrystalline solar modules with an extensive output range.

All Jinko Solar products have the capacity to resist loading tests & extreme conditions, whilst it has been certified by renowned institutes.

The company’s GW smart factory poses to be both digitally-capacitated and intelligent, which allows Jinko to automate PV-production fully, whilst implementing exceptional quality control.

The Jinko Solar factories have been under strict check & certified for:

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Quality standards
  • Safety

Jinko Solar Price

You may have concern for Jinko solar price or What do Jinko Solar Panels Cost? We will cover both here.

For a lot of homeowners, the cost of solar equipment is the most important factor.

The all-inclusive price which you will have to pay when you purchase a Jinko Solar energy system will differ depending on the additional equipment which will be needed for the installation, like mounts & inverters. The features of your roof also play a key role.

The average price on the majority of the PV systems from Jinko Solar will in general be between 382 Rs. to 499.58 Rs / watt, making the Jinko solar price a solidified value within the home solar market.

Your gross expenditure for a standard 6KW system can be anything from Rs.2290014.00- Rs.2997498.00. Thus, it will be before the subtraction of some tax credits or additional incentives.

In the end the majority of homeowners pay actually much less, after the deduction of 26% federal tax credit regarding solar and to which everyone is entitled.

Thus with a Jinko Solar system, for a 6 KW-system the costs would be anything between PKR1694.55to Rs.2218179.55. Henceforth, there are multiple rebates & solar state-level incentives, which assist to reduce your upfront expenses.

Although Jinko Solar doesn’t offer the ultimate performance or efficiency within the industry of solar, the cost-effective Jinko solar price remains an appealing choice for clients in comparison with other solar quotes.

Jinko Solar Price in Pakistan

Jinko Solar distributes their solar modules in Pakistan at a cost-effective price and are available in cities like Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi to mention a few.

You can find different distributors of Jinko Solar modules which can also enable you to compare the Jinko solar price in Pakistan at the different distributors.

For the purposes of this article we will give you a short list of Jinko Solar modules available in Pakistan with the applicable prices.

  1. Jinko Solar polycrystalline 320W Rs19,990
  2. Jinko Solar 270W Rs17,900
  3. Jinko Eagle 72 – 340W Rs24,000
  4. Homage Solar panel 150W Rs 9,570
  5. Jinko 270W polycrystalline Rs16,760
  6. Homage solar panel 100w Rs 6,560
  7. Csun 320W Monocrystalline Rs15,720
  8. Csun 320W Monocrystalline Rs14,720

Depending on what you need to convert your home to green energy, we are sure you will find the Jinko Solar price in Pakistan, quite cost-effective and you should take the fact into account that a solar panel energy system adds value to your home.

Jinko Solar Panel 150w Price in Pakistan

A 150-watt solar module will effortlessly power the majority of your torches, camp lights, as well as its rechargeable batteries, particularly if the torches & lights are LED.

LEDs actually draw a minimum of power from the solar panel module, whilst it also lasts longer in comparison with incandescent bulbs. You will also find Jinko Solar 150w – 18v solar panels – 150w – sun cell panel-light the best decision for your homes or offices.

Short Overview for Jinko Solar

Place manufactured:  Shandong, China

Brand name:  Hienergy

Material: Polycrystalline silicon

Model number: HSPV150wP156-36P

Number of cells: 36 – 4*9 – pcs

Maximum power: 150W

Solar cell:  Grade-A

Size – 1480 x 670 x 30 mm

Back sheet: double-sided – fluorine TPT

Front glass: high transmission

Frame: double-layer – Anodized aluminium Alloy

Encapsulation: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Cable/connector: 4.Omm2 – 900 mm / MC4 compatible connector

Junction box: IP65 waterproof

Certificate: TUV / IEC 61215 / IEC 61730 / CEC/PID / ISO / INMETRO

Application glass: Class-A

Supply ability: 120,000 – piece on monthly basis

Warranty: output power guarantee – 25 years

Jinko Solar Efficiency

The term Jinko Solar efficiency is a reference to what extent a solar module captures sunlight and its capacity to convert it into electricity.

During similar conditions or circumstances a solar panel with high-efficiency will create more electricity in comparison with a panel with a lower-efficiency, of similar size.

Thus, a solar panel with a higher efficiency rate is usually preferable. Your Jinko Solar modules will differ which will depend on the particular model you opt for when installing your solar energy system.

Jinko Solar Estimated Efficiency Ratios

The Jinko Solar products contain an efficiency rate of 18.67 % – 20.38 %. For the purposes of this article we will mention some Jinko Solar modules below, with its efficiency rate. This may help you to form an opinion about Jinko Solar efficiency.

Jinko Solar Panel Efficiency Rate:

  • Eagle 60-P 60 cell poly 16.5 to 17.7%
  • Cheetah 60-M 60 cell; mono 18.2 to 19.4%
  • Eagle HC-60P 60 cell; mono 16.6 to 17.8%
  • Eagle 72-M 72 cell; mono 18.5 to 19.6%
  • Eagle HC-72P 72 cell; poly 16.5 to 17.5%
  • Cheetah HC-72M 72 cell; mono 19.3 to 20.3%
  • Cheetah 72-M 72 cell; mono 19.1 to 20.1%
  • Swan 72-M 72 cell; bifacial mono 18.8 to 19.7%
  • Tiger LM 72-HC 72 cell; mono 19.9 to 20.8%  

Why do we like Jinko Solar Panels?

If you are looking for a high quality solar system, then Jinko Solar is the way to go. The company has stringent internal standards as far as quality-control is concerned. Every panel has to pass the company’s IEC & UL standards.

Jinko Solar, has a policy to send invitations to the leading 3rd party organizations on a worldwide basis to test its products, audit the facilities, with the goal that such organizations will assist the company to refine its advanced process. Thus, the Jinko Solar brand is a highly tested & validated brand, which results in the fact that the company’s rate regarding warranty claims is the lowest within the USA.

Jinko Solar, also takes responsibility where its manufacturing is concerned. Thus, reducing GHG emissions, water usage, electricity consumption, and managing the discharge of wastewater as per MW of the panels produced.

Jinko Solar Size

Jinko Solar panels carry a 10-year product guarantee, whilst the linear power warranty is 25 years. For the Jinko solar size we will look at the 330-watt Y 72-cells solar panels.

Reference – JINKO 330watt-72

This JKM-330 PP-72 module; 330Wsolar module, which is polycrystalline; 330W & 72 cells.

Dimensions – 1956 * 992 * 40 mm

Weight – 26.5 kg.

This solar module is an ideal choice for off-grid & grid-connected PV solar energy installations. Due to its incredible value for your investment, these panels really stand out. The minimum you may order is 4 panels.

If your home has an unusual shaped roof or it is small, then the size of the solar panel as well as the quantity will be decided.


Worldwide, Jinko Solar poses to be one of the most innovative and largest solar panel manufacturers. The company employs more than 15,000 employees, throughout its seven manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company is renowned for its Tier 1 solar module brand.

Jinko Solar modules have a good combination of competitive pricing and high reliability, which make the company a very affordable option. In Australia the Jinko Solar modules got a rating of 4.5 stars from 5, in a review done by an independent platform.

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