SMA Inverter Price

Before talking about SMA inverter let us discuss about a PV inverter. A PV inverter or solar inverter, is a kind of electrical converter, converting the variable DC (Direct Current) output of a PV (photovoltaic) solar module into a utility-frequency AC (alternating current), which can either be directed back into an industrial electrical grid, whilst it can also be used by an off-grid local electrical network.

SMA inverter, is a solar inverter, manufactured by a world renowned company. This company offers leading solar inverters which are created for residential, commercial & utility-scale grid-tie systems & off-grid systems.

SMA Inverter:

 The following battery inverters, Sunny Boy Storage, The Sunny Island & Sunny Central Storage are able to integrate storage systems within off-grid systems which are self-sustaining or the utility grid.

For the purposes of this article we will give a short summary of the Sunny Boy Storage: 3.7 — 5.0 — 6.0 SMA inverter.

Sunny Boy Storage: 3.7 — 5.0 — 6.0 SMA Inverter:

This battery inverter is used for batteries of high voltage. This SMA inverter, which is the initial multi-string battery inverter, is highly reliable.

  • DC voltage-range – 100V bis 550V
  • Type of battery – Li-ion
  • It stores solar energy
  • When necessary it can expand with extra battery power
  • Multi-string battery connection – has the ability to connect a number of 3 high-voltage batteries
  • Perfect for systems connected to the grid
  • It has a backup function which is fully automatic for providing electricity throughout the home, which is optional
  • Secure power supply-function which is integrated
  • Flexible system design
  • SMA smart connected – integrated service package for programmed observing of battery inverters
  • Completely provided with solar power on a continuous basis for today, the next day & in future

A PV system & the accompanying storage system, will be as distinctive as it’s owner’s home & power consumption.

SMA Inverter Price

Below you can find the SMA inverter price list, applicable in Pakistan.

Product Name and Prices

SMA 10 Kw on-grid inverter – STP-10000TL Rs 380,000

SMA 25 Kw on-grid inverter – STP-25000TL Rs 550,000

SMA 20 Kw on-grid inverter – STP-20000TL Rs 450,000

SMA 6 Kw on-grid inverter –  STP-6000TL Rs 900,000

SMA 6 Kw on-grid inverter –  STP-6000TL Rs 900,00

Above-mentioned SMA price list, applicable in the developing countries, covers just a small portion of the available SMA inverters. You will have big choice if you want to buy SMA inverter.

SMA Inverter Pakistan

During 2016, in Lahore Pakistan, SMA concluded its first project to save fuel. Within a period of 4 months, since the order was placed during August 2016, until its commissioning during December 2016. The need of SMA inverter is not constant rather it is increasing as the grid electricity price is also touching the sky in 2021.

SMA Inverter Pakistan: Details Nishat Mills Installation

  • PV power installed – 1,495-MWp
  • CO-2 reductions: 1526 tons on an annual basis
  • Annual energy yield – 2179-MWh

System Technology

  • 21 SMA Sunny-Tripower 60-10
  • 1 SMA – controller to save fuel 2.0
  • 5750 PV-modules risen SYP-260P

SMA Inverter Distributor in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are some excellent solar energy companies, as the country’s energy demands exceed the supply.

Highly frequent load-shedding and power outages are damaging Pakistan’s economy and disrupt both businesses and the everyday lives of the citizens. Thus, there is a great demand for alternative energy like solar, wind and water.

Looking for SMA inverter distributor Pakistan? There is no match for Zero Carbon as it’s in the number one place on Pakistan’s list of solar energy companies!

SMA Inverter Backup Power

SMA inverter backup power options with the Sunny Boy Storage Inverter

When a power outage occurs, you will be able to have backup power inside your home when you purchase SMA inverter such as a Sunny Boy Storage – 3.6 — 5.0 — 6.0.

Your backup options: A comparison

  • Full Backup – Secure Power Supply
  • Requirements: SMA inverter: Sunny Boy Storage: 3.6–5.0–6.0
  • An optional add-on is an automatic backup
  • Maximum Load – 230-Vac – 3.7 kilowatt Sunny Boy Storage rating – plus equal to 7.7 kilowatt from PV
  • Operation: manual switch to activate, whilst after a power outage it will switch on automatically
  • Power Source Batteries – will be batteries plus PV

A customer may opt for a Sunny Boy Storage, which will automatically power their electricity circuits within the home, when load-shedding or a power outage occurs.

With the installation of the Automatic Backup Unit, which is optional, your household loads will be disengaged from the grid automatically. The battery storage- & PV system will continuously supply electricity to your home.

Additional power will be available in such a setup, coming from your PV inverter, thus allowing more appliances which can be powered at the same time, as well as allowing a longer time of self-sufficiency from the grid.

SMA Inverters as Leading manufacturers

SMA is one of the leading manufacturers of inverters all around the globe. SMA products are the best for both residential and commercial use. SMA is the name of guarantee among the users as well as the field community. Sometimes we look for the one that is the best in all the aspects and, believe me, SMA Inverter is that kind of product. With help of SMA products, one can easily get the most benefits that are the need of the hour in the field of solar energy. To complete the needs of consumers, you will find SMA Inverters in several forms.

Need to know about SMA

SMA is a German-based company that manufactures inverters. SMA was established in 1981 and is considered a solar icon all around the world. SMA Inverter is considered as the name of reliability among its users. That is the reason SMA is among the best and, hence, you can fulfil your energy needs by purchasing it.

Importance of SMA Inverter

The variety of SMA is very important because of many points. If you are hunting down the solar inverter that is the best among the rest, then you must try the SMA Inverter. We are saying that because SMA is not only reliable but also an affordable one.

It offers several categories regarding inverters so that the users could go with the choice of their own. More importantly, it is written in the hearts of the field workers. If you will ask them about the best solar inverter, then the answer must be the SMA. It is because the SMA offers the ideal results.

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Types of SMA Inverter

We all know that variety is the spice of life and we need it in almost all aspects of life. That is the reason behind the number one status of SMA. It offers several types and, hence, you can go and select the version that you like the most. Following types of SMA Inverters are the best and you can count on them without any hesitation.

1. Sunny Boy (AV Series Inverters)

As we have mentioned above about this type, Sunny Boy is a single-phase SMA Inverter for residential use. It is the variety that is considered the best among the single-phase inverters. Currently, these are gaining popularity all around the world because they are light weighted and elegant to use. The range of SMA Inverter or the Sunny Boy that is available is 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0.

2. Sunny Tripower (3 Phase Inverters)

This SMA Inverter is available in 3 phase capacity. It can be used in both the commercial and the residential field. It offers several ranges so that the common users can easily pick the light range for residential use. The most important thing is the reliability in the field of solar energy and this SMA Inverter is the name of reliability. This is the option that will take the users to next level of as it is equipped with the latest functions.

3. Sunny Tripower Core 1 & Core 2

1 Core 1

Core 1 commercial inverter is the best for the larger-scale system. This Core 1 inverter is a clear example of how the SMA is focusing on the up-gradation process. Core 1 is the unique SMA Inverter because it can be fixed on the roof as well as on grounds rather than on the wall only. That is the reason the Core 1 is called “the world’s first free-standing string inverter”. The unique design is the real attraction that you got initially.

2. Core 2

This 110kW inverter is the most powerful string inverter released by the SMA. It is best to cover the larger systems, especially in the commercial fields. These are more reliable than the central inverters in terms of both features and capacity. This SMA Inverter has a wall or floor design like a traditional way of designing.

4. Battery Storage Inverters

In storage system SMA takes a different approach. It offers a new as well as a unique way to handle the storage system. SMA battery storage inverters are connected to high voltage batteries and can create AC coupled energy storage. It is easy to handle and reliable to use and you can use and store as much as you want to.

5. Sunny Island Inverters

These are the high-quality inverters regarding the off-grid solar world. It was started a decade ago and quickly became popular among the off-grid solar system. This SMA Inverter is functional in both the single and the advanced 3 phase power system.

Features of SMA Inverters

  • It can be placed on the floor as well as on the wall.
  • It does not require a DC fuse and has a built-in DC connector.
  • It has the facility of a Wi-Fi system.
  • It offers protection for extra voltage.
  • It has an LED display system that shows all operations.
  • It can be monitored remotely.
  • It has six MPPT inputs that allow it to work at its maximum capacity.
  • It can produce uninterrupted electricity.
  • It has an efficiency of around 98%.

Monitoring System of SMA Inverters

The monitoring system of SMA is known as the Sunny Portal. It is a free cloud-based system that offers you to monitor the working of the SMA Inverter. The latest models of SMA are equipped with the WI-Fi system that helps the users to monitor the whole process. This new system of SMA needs an understanding of the system as they do not have a typical display system.

SMA is a leading as well as iconic inverter producing company all around the world. It is helping the consumers to overcome the energy problem by alternating as well as the best way. That is why SMA Inverters have become the leading product in the solar market. Currently millions of consumers are relying on SMA to generate uninterrupted electricity. It has become a dynamic company and exploring the new as well as reliable options to satisfy the users.


There is no doubt in our minds that the SMA inverter is a perfect solution to purchase when you convert to green energy.

In this technology era there are different alternative clean energy systems and solutions you can consider when you want to become self-reliant as far as electricity is concerned.

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