Sanctioned load in Faisalabad

What does a sanctioned load mean?

A sanctioned load in Faisalabad is referred to as the amount of energy in kilo-watt allowed by the company for a consumer to consume. People normally fall into the category of 5kW or 5000W, if their household items include a fridge, iron, deep freezer, five energy savers, five ceiling fans, a microwave, laptop, washing machine, etc.

The sanctioned load in Faisalabad can be checked in the electricity bills. Normally, if the above items are not even used every day, the house still falls in the 5kW group. If a person sets the sanctioned load above 5kW that means that they are authorized to use up to 7kW energy coming from the company.

Generally, in the electricity bills, there are mainly two kinds of charges that are charged to the consumers; energy charge (for unit or energy consumed) and fixed charge (for sanctioned load and maximum usage at homes). When one will consume the load more than what they have sanctioned, a penalty is charged.

How to enhance the sanctioned load in bills?

The conditions to enhance sanctioned load in Faisalabad are:

  • Condition of application
  • Condition of feasibility
  • Giving additional security money
  • No previous dues
  • Prepare a fresh agreement

How to reduce the sanctioned load in bills?

The conditions to reduce sanctioned load are:

  • Condition of application
  • The minimum agreement period should be completed
  • “No dues” are not required
  • Prepare a fresh agreement
  • No additional security money

So, it is time to take advantage of this program. Also we can use solar systems which would ultimately reduce overall energy expenditures.


The sanctioned load in Faisalabad above 5kW or more than 50 units and below 5kW or less than 50 units charge differently according to the peak and non-peak time. These charges differ in residential, commercial, and industrial supplies.

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