Solar Energy Panels for Home

Solar Energy Panels for Home is indeed great option if we want to save thousands of rupees each month. In fact, if the field of solar panels were to generate electricity at once, it could supply the needs of the whole of Pakistan. The world’s largest solar power plant is currently in the Tengger Desert, China, with a capacity of more than 1,500 megawatts.

Now Pakistani companies especially Zero Carbo working on many projects and putting all efforts to launch solar panels systems for households as well as for companies.

After reading a report at the BBC, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), more than 60% of solar panels in the world are made in China. Several giant solar panel systems are currently also being developed by China around the world.

Solar Energy Panels for Home Are Cheap

Installing Solar Energy Panels for home will be more affordable and cheaper. Recently, a new study reported the highest efficiency ever recorded for roll-to-roll printed (PSC) perovskite solar cells. Simply we can say, scientists who developed solar panel technology, can now produce solar cells using only certain plastic coatings.

Low cost technology for Solar power

Another system in solar energy allows for the printing of solar cells in a variety of materials that are cheaper and more flexible. For example, if it is to be printed on plastic coating, it can be done by screen printing, ink-jet printing, or by spraying in certain areas.

These new discoveries encourage a number of manufacturers to also compete in developing low-cost technology to apply solar power. Recently, Tesla, an innovative company under the control of CEO Elon Musk, is also developing solar cells that can directly replace rooftops at affordable prices. Tesla, a company that is passionate about developing the use of natural resources for energy generation. Soon, Pakistani people can enjoy same facilities here.

The steps taken by the manufacturer in developing this technology are well organized so that many people can apply for Solar Energy Panels for home to encourage the reduction of emissions from fossil fuels. In Pakistan, the government is taking various steps to use a new and renewable energy mix for electricity generation. Some private companies are also taking part in this great mission.

Zero Carbon for EPC

Zero Carbon is a private company engaged in alternative energy, namely solar energy. Our company is not only engaged as a distributor, but also a company that does EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction).

ZC supplies and installs Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and helps more people to discover the benefits of solar thermal systems to produce clean and environmentally friendly energy (Green Energy) for the needs of homes, offices and industries in Pakistan.

We are experienced in working with all sectors, including commercial, agricultural, industrial and public sectors, supported by contractors, architects, and planning on large and small projects. We recommend the best solar panel system for each customer. With an emphasis on product quality and design to meet precise needs, we have built a reputation that is unmatched in the industry.

Pakistan has abundant sunshine gifts. In almost every corner of land, the sun shines from morning to evening. Solar energy that is emitted can be converted into electrical energy using solar cells panels. Solar power generation is environmentally friendly and very promising, as one of the newest energy alternatives.

Seeing this opportunity, Zero Carbon continues to advance in providing the best service and business for customers and welcoming a better future.

Services by Zero Carbon

We can design efficient services, Construction and Installation of Solar Panels and Mounting Solar power generation systems for various sectors, some of them are:

  • Street Lighting
  • Solar power generator (PLTS)
  • Irrigation pump / clean water source
  • Solar tube wells in Pakistan
  • Public service vehicles / facilities
  • According to customer requirements (Customize), etc.

We want that each home should start saving money with the help of Solar Energy Panels for home. How can you install solar panels for home? it should not be a burden anymore. The expert and professional team at Zero Carbon will do the work for you. You will not need any estimation we will give you exact calculation that how much electricity cost you are going to save? This will help you to buy solar energy panels for home.

We should also keep in mind that in late 70s Solar energy concept was started but it did not gain much fame at that time. The reason was the panels which were made at that time had no capacity to save and produce much energy or electricity. But later on with better technology everything was changed.

Early Years of Solar Electricity

Solar energy or solar electricity was not a common practice in early years. The reasons were a lot but main reason was total working duration was short. It was around 5-10 years and you can imagine if you do heavy investment and you come to know after 5-10 years everything will be finished then it is obviously not a good decision.

The cost of solar energy electricity panel was quite high at that time. Nowadays solar panels are available at quite cheaper rates with 20-30 years’ life.

So, it is a good time to do investment in solar energy panels for home because you come to know there is a huge period or 20 to 30 years ahead. Your investment seems meaningful if you can take benefits for longer time. Plus, we should note in developed countries as well, the concept of producing electricity with sunlight is gaining popularity.

These developed nations do not need much saving on electricity but still they want to utilize the solar energy for the electricity production. There we don’t see much sunshine all the day as we observe in Pakistan.

That’s the reason Pakistani people and companies must focus to utilize solar energy panels for the production of electricity.

It is undeniable that the increasing number of population also makes the needs more and more. One of them is the need for natural resources.

However, this becomes a big problem if it is related to non-renewable natural resources, such as coal or petroleum for example. Coal or petroleum itself is the result of weathering from animals or plants that have been buried for millions of years.

Especially at this time, the use of these non-renewable natural resources is running low. However, to solve this problem there are actually alternative resources that can be used. The alternative power sources in question are solar panels or solar cells or solar power plants.

Alternative energy sources:

Then, what is meant by solar panels and how do they work? So, before going further about the ins and outs of solar panels, it is very necessary for you to know the meaning of these alternative resources.

The solar panel is a device that uses the sun to convert sunlight into electricity by using a variety of solar cells in it.

This one energy system is arguably one of the best alternative energy electricity system that do not cause pollution. And it is environment friendly because it uses the sun which has the strongest light and can be utilized.

Renewable energy source

This renewable energy, which is also called a solar cell, is indeed very helpful for preserving non-renewable natural resources and clean environment.

Indeed, solar cells are a form of technological sophistication that has many positive impacts on human life. However, before discussing further about what benefits humans can get, it is important for you to know how it works first.

If you want to know the technical aspects of all this system, then you should know we have experts that will help you to clear the concepts.

How do solar energy panels work?

The way this solar panel works is by utilizing the pn junction principle. A pn junction is a junction between p-type and n-type semiconductors. Well, this semiconductor is a collection of atomic bonds in which there are electrons as a basic constituent.

Now, when the p-type and n-type of this semiconductor are connected, an electric field will be formed, then sunlight will hit the pn junction arrangement that will encourage electrons to move to the semiconductor and towards negative contact to produce electricity.

Solar Power Plant

Solar power plants work in a great way. With this way of working, it makes the electric panel very environmental friendly. Especially in 2020 there are already thousands of households’ owners who have started using solar panels to generate electricity. The increasing number of people who are starting to use these solar energy panels for home will definitely make you curious.

Benefits of Solar Cell

Well, below we will discuss some of the benefits of solar panels for everyday life. for those of you who are curious, see the following discussion.

Preserving non-renewable natural resources

One of the main benefits and the most sought after by people is saving in use. Only by using this one solar power plant, you don’t need fuel anymore. This means that besides being able to save expenses, you will also take part in environmental preservation by preserving non-renewable natural resources.

Can Be Installed Anywhere

Another benefit that you can get from this solar power plant is that it can be installed anywhere and moved easily. This makes the solar power generator more feasible for home owners. It is not like a fixed thing at your home. Some devices are fixed only once in whole life, as you decide to change the position it means you are going to destroy the device or gadget. But in case of changing the position of solar energy panel for home you have flexibility.

You just need to contact our experts and we will tell you which is best place or position at your area. We also keep in mind the expenditure on shifting the system. We try our best to keep you under reasonable budget. Our main focus is to promote the solar energy habits in society.

Centralization & distribution of electricity

Apart from these benefits above, it seems that there are more benefits that you would not like to miss. Where, solar panels can be used centrally, namely PLTS is installed in one area and then the electricity generated can be channeled through the distribution network to several places where it is needed.

Or it can also be used in a decentralized manner, that is, each system stands alone and does not require a distribution network.

Modular in nature

In addition, solar power has a modular nature, where the capacity of the electricity generated can be adjusted by assembling the module either in series or parallel. With these advantages, currently there are a lot of Pakistani solar panels that you can get easily. In fact, in market there are not many sellers who sell solar panels of the highest quality and at affordable prices. But at Zero Carbon platform you will get the best panels which are of fine quality and variety.

Because each house or company requires different electricity capacity it means we need to arrange different types of solar energy panels. The good news is Zero carbon is all set and ready to offer those energy panels which are of international standard. With a guarantee you get the service that is going to give you benefits for decades.

Easy to Operate

There are more benefits which you must know and why do we focus on soalr electric panels? For example, it is cool advantage that solar panels are easier to operate. In fact, you can also operate the system of solar energy automatically or by manual control.

No noise like electric generator

The benefits of solar cells that cannot be ignored are that they are very environment friendly. The use of these solar panel devices will not cause noise and also damage to the environment. Very interesting is not it?

In short if you want to avail the best offers then do not try new companies, just grab the service from Zero Carbon. We have installed huge solar energy systems in houses and companies. The repute is in our name. if you want best solar energy panels for home at your scheduled budget then discuss the plan with us. We will give you proper working feasibility and present full saving analysis.

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