Solar Panel’s Lifespan and Durability – Get a Complete Guide Here!

Over the last few years, solar energy has gained amazing popularity in Pakistan. One of the main reasons is due to Pakistan has a large population, heavy energy consumption, and increasing electricity prices. Hence, it is no surprise that many homeowners and businesses have been switching to solar power. There is just one big question here; how long is the solar panel’s lifespan and durability? Read out a complete guide below! 

Solar Panel’s Lifespan and Durability – The Intro  

In brief, the lifespan of solar panels is the time duration in which they can reliably generate electricity with efficiency. The good thing about solar panels is that they will not suddenly stop working after some years. Instead, you will find their efficiency decreases gradually. 

On average, most solar panels come with a warranty that guarantees their durability and performance for years. However, some solar panels can continue producing electricity well beyond their warranty period. 

What Factors Affect Solar Panel’s Lifespan and Durability? 

For sure, some factors influence the solar panel’s lifespan and durability.  

What are they?  

Manufacturer’s Warranty 

Mostly, solar panel manufacturers will provide warranties that guarantee the level of solar panel’s durability for a specific period.  

For example:  

  • Product warranty for 10 years 
  • Power warranty for 25 years (10 years at 90% power output and 25 years at 80% power output) 
  • Materials and workmanship warranty for one or two years 
  • Warranty for batteries which between 5-15 years 
  • Inverter(s) warranty from 5 to 10 years 

Simply put, do not forget to read the warranty terms and conditions to know the expected solar panel’s lifespan.  

Regular Maintenance 

No doubt, regular maintenance and cleaning can prolong the solar panel’s lifespan. You can do this by cleaning dust, debris, and other contaminants from the surface of solar panels. With proper maintenance, you can enhance the performance and durability of your solar panel. Even better, regular maintenance can prevent potential damage. 

Degradation Rate 

Do note that solar panels experience a gradual decrease in efficiency through time. Accordingly, this thing happens due to numerous factors, such as: 

  • Exposure to sunlight 
  • Temperature fluctuations 
  • Environmental pollutants 

In addition, degradation rate of solar panels relies on the technology used and the quality of materials. Mostly, the average time for solar panels to degrade is around 0,8% each year.  

Types of Solar Panels and Their Lifespan 

To choose the right solar panels, you might want to consider their lifespan. Well then, have a look below for the types of solar panels and their lifespan! 

Types of Solar Panels and Their Lifespan

Photovoltaic Solar Panel  

Photovoltaic solar panels, or also famous as PV panels, are popular solar panels for residential and commercial applications. A reputable company in Pakistan like Zero Carbon provides these panels made up of multiple solar cells to generate electricity.  

The remarkable thing about PV panels is that the solar panel’s lifespan and durability can range from 25 to 30 years.  

Monocrystalline Solar Panel  

Monocrystalline solar panels are quite popular for their high efficiency and elegant appearance. Basically, these panels are made from a crystal structure, which converts sunlight into electricity with amazing efficiency. This solar panel’s lifespan and durability can range from 25 to 30 years.  

Flexible Solar Panel  

As the name suggests, flexible solar panels offer a lightweight and flexible alternative to traditional rigid panels. In structure, these panels are made by depositing a thin layer of photovoltaic material onto a flexible substrate. On average, this solar panel’s lifespan and durability have a lifespan can be around 10 to 20 years.  

Know the Benefits of Solar Panels in Pakistan 

Indeed, solar panels are an excellent investment to save money on electricity. Even better, by installing solar panels, you can contribute to a greener planet. 

Let’s know the benefits of solar panels in Pakistan! 

Solar Panels Lower Down the Electricity Bills 

The energy situation in Pakistan has risen domestic electricity demand. Accordingly, this has left many households facing higher electricity costs to pay. In this context, the most effective way of reducing your electricity bills is by installing solar systems. In fact, many homeowners and businesses in Pakistan today, can save up to 80% on their electricity bills by switching to solar panels. 

Solar Installation System Is Environmentally Friendly 

To be noted, solar panels do not release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Well, with the increasing concern of smog issue in Pakistan, switching to solar installation system will help in creating a greener environment.  

Pakistani Government Incentives for Solar Panels 

Yes, the Pakistani government have provided various incentives and policies of installing solar panels. Hence, making solar panels a more attractive option to help you save money. 

Solar Panels Require Minimal Maintenance 

Once you have installed solar panels, they only require minimal maintenance. Better yet, solar installation systems can withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus, many of them can last for up to 25 years with minimal maintenance. 

Solar Panels Help in Disaster Recovery  

Solar energy contributes to regaining normalcy in areas affected by natural disasters. How? 

Well, solar provides a reliable power source that can operate even when the electric grid fails. As a result, it helps in enabling emergency services to function efficiently for disaster recovery.  

Where to Get Solar Panel Installation? 

Considering the long solar panel’s lifespan and durability, we must say that solar panel installation can really benefit everyone. Now the question is; where to get solar panel installation? Zero Carbon is a reliable company that provides customised, cost-effective, and sustainable solar solutions. So, simply book your free survey today! 

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