Solar Power Plants in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of four seasons. In many areas of the country, there is constant sunlight touching the surface of the soul. Solar Power Plants in Pakistan list is here. The solar panel technology is very rampant in these areas. Moreover, solar panels are readily available in Pakistani markets.

Solar Power Plants in Pakistan

This is the era of the internet. Several people are researching on the advantages of going solar. Multiple cities in Pakistan have advanced solar panels to fulfill the demands of the masses. Being the purest form of heat, solar panels can store ample energy for later use. Keeping in mind the growing interest of the masses in the solar panels, scientists are on their marks to introduce newer and newer trends in this technology.

The renewability of solar energy is another factor to discuss. Sun has been a constant source of the energy for the past 6 billion years. So, benefitting from the sunlight may not seem as difficult as it appears to some people. When sunlight is compared with other non-renewable energy sources like coal or gas, it is discovered that their life span is not more than 50 years plus these are non-renewable sources of energy. So, in order to make an interesting and everlasting choice, an increasing ratio of people is tending towards the sun.

The process is less costly

Solar panels undergo a process through which the sunlight is converted into electric energy. When compared with the coal manufacturing process, the solar panel process appears less costly. The coal manufacturing process requires many plan processes that are very expensive. However, solar panels simply require photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into the electric energy that is then supplied to the home or office grid.

However, along with a lot of incredible pros, we should not forget about the cons of this technology. The downside of this technology includes its unavailability at the night time which means that this technology can be only beneficial during the day time and cannot be processed during the night time where there is no sunlight.

In order to balance its efficiency rate, several scientists have come up with some new technologies through which solar panels are made efficient enough to grab more and more light during the day time. The absorbed light during the day time is stored in the batteries that are later used at night when there is no electricity supply. So, with a little change in the manufacturing of the solar panels, the efficiency rate of them can be increased to a maximum rate.

Solar Panel Warranty

Every solar panel comes with some warranties. Usually, solar panels have two warranties that include,

  • Solar Panel Performance
  • Solar Panel Guarantee

When it comes to the performance of the solar panels, several companies can guarantee 90% of the production for 10 years. The production rate decreases when years increase. Then comes the solar panel working guarantee. A good quality solar panel comes with a guarantee of 10-15 years without creating any disturbance.

The solar panel warranty insurance covers the following common issues,

  • The manufacturing defects
  • The environmental issues
  • Premature wear and Tear

It is pertinent to note that the solar panel warranties help you in protecting your solar panel against several issues hence protecting your solar panel investment in one way or the other.

Solar Cell Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the competition between the good solar panels is very tough. Several manufactures are coming up with newer and newer technologies in the solar panel business each day. Each company or brand has its own price and type of solar panel that we are going to discuss in this article.

The prices of the solar panels have decreased as compared to the prices of the solar panels for the last couple of years. The more excellent quality of a solar panel is, the more expensive it will be.

The prices of the different solar panels depend on the following factors,

  • Brand or company that manufactures it
  • The modules of the solar panels
  • The efficiency rate of the solar panel
  • The power output of the solar panel

In more simple and easy words, the price of any solar panel depends on the customer requirements as well as the performance rate of that solar panel. Meanwhile, the rates of the solar panels used for the domestic purposes have been decreased to a certain amount so that the users may receive compensations in their electricity bills. Different companies are providing free maintenance and installation of the solar panels under the team of professionals.

In Pakistan, the lowest price of a solar panel is around PKR 6,300 while the estimated price on the average scale is PKR 10,000.

The prices of the different solar panels have been discussed below,

Sanco 170 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 6,500

Max Power 150 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 6,600

Tesla 150 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 7,200

Vertex 170 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 7,300

Crown Micro Solar Panel 170 Watt = PKR 7,500

SunMaxx 170 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 7,650

Topray 160 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 8,000

Canon Solar Panel 150 Watt Mono = PKR 9,360

Tesla 260 Watt Poly Solar Panel Project = PKR 13,000

JA Solar 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 14,850

So, whenever buying a solar panel, make sure that you are not compromising on the quality and durability of the solar panel. The price of the best solar panel may seem high at that time but the return on the investment may be witnessed within a few months.

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