Solar Stand in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which lies near equator. We receive a lot of sunlight, so we can make the most out of this renewable source of energy. Unfortunately, the authorities are not paying that much attention to shift our focus from hydel and thermal sources of energy to the solar one. In the long run, we will have to do so in order to survive the impending global energy crisis. Before embarking upon the debate of solar energy in Pakistan, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of solar energy, its generation, and how it works. Details of Solar Stand in Pakistan in this article.

A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity. Since we live in a country where the sun shines for about 300 days of the year, a one-time investment in energy from the sun can be a long-term solution to your energy problems. Let’s talk about the nature of solar panel work and how it works. A solar panel is a collection of different small solar cells. Electricity is obtained by attaching these solar cells to a large sheet.

A solar cell produces 0.5 volts of electricity while the amperes are more or less due to the difference in the size of the cell, so you should buy a good and standard solar panel while going solar to meet your electricity needs. If you choose a good solar panel for your home, this solar panel will get about 26 volts and it will generate 6.9 amperes of electricity. However, opting for a bad solar panel will give you nothing but expenses offering no benefits at all.

Solar Stand in Pakistan

Relevant authorities in Pakistan are much worried about the installation cost of solar panels. They are not willing to invest large sum of amounts in a project which might not give instantaneous results. Although the cost of solar panels has gone up a bit, a one-time investment in it can save you from 20 to 25 years of long load shedding and high billing tension as well. Explaining the cost formula of a solar system at home, shopkeepers selling solar systems say that the estimate for a solar panel starts with a battery of Rs 40, which is multiplied by watts and hours.

For example, if you need one thousand votes for 24 hours, then 40×1000 wattsx244 hours will be applied according to this formula. However, if you do not want to use solar power for 24 hours but only during load shedding, then you need hours. Subtract, like six hours, then this formula will be like 40x1000x6. Usually people choose this option for solar panels in Pakistan. According to a foreign report, if a 5 kW solar system is installed, the electricity cable can be reduced from Rs 30,000 per month to Rs 2,000.

Considering the scourge of pollution in Pakistan, it is imperative to shift towards solar technology because of its environment friendly consequences. If you are worried about fixing the solar system, don’t worry, this eco-friendly and long-term alternative source will not take up much space.

Which location is best suits for a solar panel?

If you are planning of going solar and producing electricity through solar panel then your roof will be the best for it. By installing solar panels in any part of the roof, fans, televisions and even air conditioners can be easily operated on this watt, after which you will not be bothered by the fear of load shedding and the tension of high bills. This problem is mostly witnessed in the remote areas of the country. People living in those areas are suffering as there are no proper electrical poles to cater the energy needs of the people. So, in such areas, people usually rely upon the solar panels. People find relief in alternative energy resources and can produce electricity of their own with low-cost investment. People can manage to install small as well as the large solar system; it all depends on their electricity needs.

In times of energy crisis, that happens in most of the underdeveloped countries, more and more people are shifting towards alternative energy resources such as solar systems. With the growing interest of people in the solar systems, the prices of different solar panels are rising with each passing day. Solar energy is indeed one of the most promising and reliable energy resources across the globe that is available at free of cost.

The Invention of Solar Tiles

The world has moved fast in the direction of new technologies. Now, it is high time for us to follow suit. We must introduce the concept of solar tiles in Pakistan as well. One step beyond the solar system, scientists have stepped into the world of solar tiles. Solar tiles are also a power generation system like solar panels.

Elon Musk, CEO of the American company Tesla (Electric Vehicle Manufacturer), has introduced rooftop tiles with solar panels. These glass tiles look like ordinary tiles but there will be some beautiful ways to get solar energy for your home, which will also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your home. From the outside viewers do not know whether these are ordinary tiles or solar tiles. By installing these solar tiles, electricity can be generated not only on houses but also on roads and passages. Make your difficult life easier by making choices. And in our opinion, solar panels or solar tiles can prove to be an excellent choice for the electricity production.

Advantages of Going Solar

There are many advantages of using solar energy to produce electricity in your homes, business sectors, or industries. It provides an uninterrupted supply to electricity. It is non-polluting and requires low maintenance while providing 20-30 years of life with low costs.

The reason why people find solar energy convenient is that it doesn’t require a huge scale investment or panel. You can manage your energy needs with solar panels that are low in capacity. Meaning thereby is a 100-watt solar panel is sufficient to meet the energy needs of a small family. So, many people find it as a budget-friendly system.

When discussing solar generators, then these generators are very convenient for large scale businesses like schools, colleges, or industries. They require a huge landscape that can be easily available. Moreover, their installation is easy as well. In such places, solar generators can work more efficiently than in small sectors. The trend of using solar power goes with certain increases in the population. More population means more electricity is required. While many countries are unable to fulfil the electricity needs of their masses. “Thereby allowing power generation to keep in step with growing needs without having to overbuild generation capacity as it often the case with conventional large scale power systems.”

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