Solar UPS in Pakistan

UPS has indeed become a crucial element not for the offices or the industrial sectors, but for the homes as well.  Keeping in mind the economic situation of the country, there has been a certain increase in the sales and import of the UPS. Details of Solar UPS in Pakistan is here.

As UPS stands for the “Uninterruptable Power Supply”, people can make the best use of it during the long hours of load shedding or excessive power outages in several sectors of the country. It is an electrical apparatus that provides electricity when there are power failures bot at offices and homes.

Rapid awareness has been created among the masses explaining the benefits of using solar panels and other electronic devices that be connected to solar energy. Solar power banks have been invented, solar torches, street lights, LED lights for home, solar fans, and many other related technologies are making their way to the world.

Solar UPS in Pakistan

The world has changed its ways and with each passing year, there are a number of inventions that made their way to the modern era. With so many other facilities, technology becomes successful in inventing solar UPS as well.

Features of the Solar UPS

  • Low Cost
  • High Performance
  • Less Maintenance

With such incredible usage benefits, customers would happily switch to the solar UPS instead of relying upon the ones that require heavy batteries to work efficiently. And of course, it is not heavy on pocket as well. The configuration of UPS solar systems include “solar panels, charge controller, and UPS batteries.”

Types of the Solar Panels

There are four major types of solar UPS that are available worldwide. These four types are,

The above-mentioned types of solar UPS can be easily relied upon plus these provide a completely pure sine wave inverter. These also come along with auto-restart options during power outages.

Solar UPS System in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many people are using solar ups or solar inverters to make life easier during the electricity shortage or failure. Almost every UPS comes with a VA rating which means voltage Amps. It will provide information regarding the gears being connected to it and how much life it will have.

These VA Amps also determine the time period for which UPS will keep on running after the failure of the power supply. Solar UPS has surely made life easier with no worries at all. The entire world, especially the Pakistani people have been getting benefits from this technology.

How does UPS System work?

UPS that are usually used in offices and homes have a system of inverters along with the batteries. These batteries are connected with the power that comes from the home grid. UPS charged the batteries while receiving power from the home grid.

In hours of load shedding or electric failure, the inverter immediately takes Direct Current from the charged batteries and converts this Direct Current into the Alternating Current that is used to run appliances and other electrical devices in homes or offices. The automatic switch simply turned on every time when the power cuts off.

With the solar UPS, the entire process becomes even easier as you don’t need a continuous power supply to charge batteries. The power that batteries needed can be easily availed through solar energy hence making no use of electricity at all.

UPS helps batteries

The solar charge control presented in the solar UPS helps batteries in taking power from the sunlight. This also converts Direct Current into Alternating Current. All the solar UPS have a built-in solar charge controller. In order to make the entire process easier, you can connect the solar panel with your UPS system and it will function as desired.

It is pertinent to note that the solar UPS system has two built-in charges i.e.

  • Grid Charge
  • Solar Charge

These two charges provide an instant power supply during electricity failure. So, many people across the globe are taking advantage of this new technology while saving money every month.

While summing up in final lines, I must not be wrong in declaring that solar panels have made life easy while solar UPS has made it even easier.

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