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Trina solar has become a choice of smart businessmen as well as it’s also the choice of households in Pakistan. It’s amazing to think that the sun provides enough sunlight, which can create and sustain power for the entire globe for one year. Thus, anybody can buy solar panels which they can install and we are able to utilize the abundance of sunlight.

In comparison with solar energy, the extraction & burning of fossil fuels are expensive. A great edge is that solar energy, in the long run, generates remarkable savings on your electricity account.

Advantages of Solar Power Energy

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Savings on electricity bills
  • Reducing the carbon footprint

Trina Solar, founded in 1997, was one of China’s first photovoltaic & manufacturers. Since then Trina Solar has emerged as a world leader in the solar industry as far as solar technology manufacturing & innovations are concerned.

Additionally, to its Chinese manufacturing capability, it also has plants in Vietnam & Thailand. Since June 2020 this leader solar company has produced and delivered more than 50 GW PV solar panels globe wide.

As of 2011, this company established 852 approved patents, whilst it had set 20 world records regarding silicon cell efficiency & solar panel output.

What is main focus of Trina Solar?

Trina Solar focuses on value and performance and in general it does not compete within the premium, expensive end of the solar energy market. However, the company offers high performance products, which include the innovative N-type, i-TOPcon modules as well as the exceptional Duomax Twin-bifacial solar modules which deliver an imposing 445W.

According to Trina Solar’s company, it’s commitment is, sustainable development & innovation, whilst the company’s goal is the reducing the costs of photovoltaic power & the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

Between 2015 to 2019 the company decreased the water utilization by 32 percent as per megawatts manufactured, whilst electricity was reduced by 47 percent per megawatts manufactured.

Above-mentioned sustainability developments made a contribution of a 46 % reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gas during this period.

Trina Solar was globally recognized, in the first place by the SVTC (Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition) Solar Scorecard, for sustainability in 2017 & 2018.

Trina Solar Panel Price

You can find some indication of the Trina solar panel price, which is quite average if we see other market prices.  These prices are inclusive of:

  • Trina solar panels: A full turnkey solar-system
  • The STC GST and rebate
  • Installation by a pre-selected reputable installer

System Size Fully Installed Cost

6-kW Rs. 830292.00

8-kW Rs.1364758.10

10-kW Rs. 1766471.75

However, the Trina solar panel price differs because it depends on your location and installer which will do the installation & and also the inverter brand.

Trina Solar Stock

The Trina solar stock includes a wide variety of solar modules suitable for commercial, residential & utility-scale installations. Trina solar stock incorporates a lot of the most recent cell technologies which include: half-cell, bifacial, PERC, dual glass and more recently the avant-garde N-type – TOPcon monocrystalline-cells.

In Australia, Trina Solar is currently offering a series of five solar panels which include:

  • Honey (Trina solar type)
  • Honey Black
  • Tall a cost-effective price tag.
  • Vertex
  • Duomax

However, the company since September 2020 had the capability to manufacture panels with efficiencies equaling 21% – Vertex.

Honey Series Trina Honey M Solar Panel

The honey series poses to be Trina’s most prominent solar module in Australia, which strikes a balance between quality & efficiency together with a cost-effective price tag.

The Trina Honey M solar panel can be purchased with monocrystalline & multi-crystalline cells. For the smaller rooftops the ideal choice will be the honey solar module with the 120 half-cut cells.

Trina Solar respectively offers a 12-years product & 25-years linear power-output warranty on the Honey series.

This series contains the modules which were categorized as the ultimate performers when tested by the PV Evolution Laboratories.

Honey Black Series: Trina Solar Panel – Duomax

The Honey Black range is perfect for the typical highly visible rooftops which features all black. This makes it rather aesthetically attractive and generally it comes with a somewhat higher price tag.

These panels incorporate numerous technologies such as MBB (multi bus-bars) & half-cut silicon cells, whilst providing the same all-inclusive performance as the Honey series.

Trina solar Duomax-series solar panel

Dual glass technology is used for the Trina solar Duomax series. This means that both the back- and front sheet is manufactured of glass, providing extensive durability, whilst the degradation rate of power is slowed down.

The Trina solar duomax-series solar panel carries a linear performance warranty of 30 years in comparison with the most conventional solar panels, offering 25 years.

Due to the additional glass this panel is 6 – 7 kilogram heavier compared to a conventional panel. Another characteristic is that this panel has not so much aluminium framing, with the result that less dirt builds up on the solar panel’s sides & at a slower pace.

Trina Solar Vertex-Series Solar Panel

The Trina solar Vertex-series solar panel, 2.2m X 1.1m, is a larger panel which is most suitable to use in ground mounted installations of larger-scale or solar farms.

The Vertex, established on the 210-mm substantial silicon wafer & monocrystalline PERC cell, comes with numerous innovative design characteristics which allow a high power-output of over 500Wp.

This solar panel which is bifacial has the capacity to absorb solar radiation from the two sides, thus enabling 5% to 30% more electricity generation which comes from the reflected light towards the underside.

Low irradiance performance & excellent temperature coefficient of -035% / °Celsius, results in the fact that the panel has the ability to perform over a longer time span & in hot conditions.

Trina’s Technology’s efficiency for vertex series

Trina’s technology of high-density encapsulation & square mono cells, grant the vertex series the efficiency reaching up to 21%.Trina solar is quite popular in Australia as we well. This nation has developed powerful electric systems but still they acknowledge the power of Trina Technology.

The most of the Trina Solar panels which are sold in Australia through Trina’s official website are approved under special program. You can name that Clean Energy Council for the small scale renewable energy scheme.

Note: Take into account that not all panel sizes on module series are authorized. However, the watt ranges listed below are approved.

  1. Trina solar module honey with capacity of M 360-375 Wp
  2. M 325-340 Wp for Trina solar Honey
  3. Trina solar tallmax (Another effective module) M 390-410 Wp
  4. Trina solar honey with M 360-375 Wp capacity
  5. Trina solar Honey in Black color for M 315-335 Wp
  6. Trina solar tallmax is available with M 435-450 Wp
  7. Trina solar honey module is in market with 285-295 Wp
  8. Trina solar Module vertex and having 480-500 Wp
  9. 330-340 Wp module in Trina solar duomax
  10. 340-355 Wp module inTrina solar tallmax
  11. Trina solar duomax M144 390-415 Wp
  12. Trina solar duomax M120 325-340 Wp
  13. Trina solar duomax, it is a twin module with 120 325-340 Wp
  14. M144 435-455 Wp Trina solar duomax
  15. Trina Solar duomax twin 120 355-375 Wp

Trina Solar – Panel Specifications: Different types of Trina Solar Panels

We are mentioning different types of Trina solar panels and their specifications.

Trina Solar Honey M

Cell number: 120

Power output: 375Wp

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Power density: 204.6 W/m2

Nominal power voltage: 34.4V

Annual power degradation: 0.55 %

Panel efficiency: 20.5 %

Dimensions: 1763 X 1040 X 35mm – 1.83 m2

Weight: 20 kg

Performance warranty: 25-years

Product warranty: 12-years

Operational Temperature

Range: -40 °C – 85 °C

Manufactured in: China

Trina Solar Duomax M120

Cell number: 120

Power output: 340Wp

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Power density: 199.4 W/M2

Nominal power voltage: 34.2V

Annual power degradation: 0.5 %

Panel efficiency: 19.9 %

Dimensions: 1698 X 1004 X 6 mm – 1.70m2

Weight: 24.6kg

Performance warranty: 30-years

Product warranty: 12-years

Operational temperature

range: -40 °C – 85 °C

Manufactured in: China

Trina Solar Duomax Twin-144

Cell number: 144

Power output: 390Wp

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Power density: 191.92 w/m2

Nominal power voltage 40.2V

Annual power degradation: 0.5 %

Panel efficiency: 19.2 %

Dimensions: 2024 X 1004 X 6 mm mm – 2.03m2

Weight: 29.2kg

Performance warranty: 30-years

Product warranty: 12-years

Operational temperature

range: -40 °C – 85 °C

Manufactured in: China

Trina solar panel 330W


  • Power: 330W
  • Output current:  8.83A
  • Input voltage:    37.4V
  • Size:  1960 x 992 x 40 mm
  • Short circuit current:  9.28 A
  • Open circuit voltage: 45.8V
  • Weight:  22.5 kilogram

Trina Solar – Vertex 550 W / 500 W+ Ultra-high Power Module

Established on the leading multi-busbar technology of Trina Solar, its Vertex modules endorse the 210 millimeter silicon wafer, high-density & non-destructive cutting interconnect technologies, which enable it to exceed a power output of 600W & module efficiency of 21.4 %.

Due to the low-voltage & higher module string-power output, this new Vertex range is harnessing the potential to reduce the balance-of-system costs.


Trina Solar, is a worldwide recognized technology and considered as to be one of the foremost manufacturers of high quality solar panels. The company’s reputation has grown by providing improved customer service.

It also made imposing advancements with regards to cell technology, whilst increasing its efficiency & power output during the recent years.

The majority of products from Trina Solar, carry the following warranties:

  • Standard 12-year product warranty
  • Performance warranty – 25 years
  • Longer product warranty of 15 years
  • Longer performance warranty of 30 years

How reliable are guarantees? How is photovoltaic energy developed through its innovations? Let’s talk about Trina solar panels:

  • cost effectiveness
  • performance
  • quality

Trina Solar with valuable history

It is a very important player with a very valuable history. In more than two decades of existence, they have broken 18 efficiency records for different types of cells. They are also developing the idea of the Internet of Things to monitor and control the parameters of photovoltaic farms

Its capacity is 8 GW per year. The factory in Thailand produces 500 MW, and the one in the Netherlands 200 MW.

Trina Solar panels, which are probably of interest to the average person, because the capacity of this solar technology is quite handy to meet energy needs with minimum resources.

They offer completely typical, polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels, but also with cells cut in half, with an additional glass panel on the back, double-sided (bifacial) and their combinations!

They are not even limited to solar panels but also produce single or multi-axis tracking systems. In cooperation with the solar inverter manufacturer, companies in Pakistan cells ready-to-use PV farm assemblies – TrinaPRO – which reduces the total cost.  Zero Carbon wants you avail the opportunity for globally recognized solar modules.

In our reviews, we define quality as a measure of confidence that a brand’s photovoltaic panels will serve us for more than 25 years. Let’s check the product warranty, reliability test results and mechanical strength of Trina Solar’s photovoltaic panels.

Product Warranty: The end customer who purchases solar photovoltaic panels from Trina receives a 10-year warranty for the absence of defects and manufacturing defects that are not caused by external factors.

Reliability according to PVEL: Trina panels excelled in two of the four reliability tests in the annual PVEL tests.

Mechanical Strength: Trina has designed its solar panels to withstand considerable pressure from both snow and wind as well. It depicts the power and high quality behind Trina solar. In addition, they are certified for resistance to hail spheres with a diameter of 35mm and a speed of 97km / h.

Long story short, Trina solar panels are good panels, which should work for 25 years. Take care to choose the correct installer and everything will be fine.

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