Which Solar Panel is Best, Mono or Poly?

Which solar panel is best, mono or poly? The first-generation solar panels are of two types; polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels. Both the poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar panels serve the same function as any solar panel; converting sunlight into solar energy. Manufactures produce both kinds of solar panels.

Both types of solar panels are made up of silicon cells. The silicon used in each is different. These solar panels are also the best option for residential installment. The answer to the question; which solar panel is best mono or poly? is found in the differences given below:

  • Poly-crystalline solar panels are made up of the melting of multiple origins of silicon and are considered less efficient than mono-crystalline solar panels that are made up of only a single silicon origin of silicon.
  • Poly-crystalline solar panels take up more space while mono-crystalline solar panels take less space in installation.
  • There is no diamond pattern in poly-crystalline solar panels while the mono-crystalline solar panels show a diamond pattern in them.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panels work better in warm temperatures as compared to poly-crystalline solar panels.
  • The efficiency rate of a mono-crystalline solar panel is about 20.2% while for a poly-crystalline solar panel is about 17.5%.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panels are more expensive and have a longer life than poly-crystalline solar panels that are cheaper and have a shorter life.

Why should we prefer solar panels for home?

They are always available, in large quantities: the sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy, it can safely be exploited for about another 4 billion years and is able to meet the entire energy needs.

Clean energy: 

by exploiting the sun’s rays, no CO2 or other pollutants are emitted that enlarge the ozone hole.

“Zero cost” energy:

Since there is no need to extract coal, methane or oil, in addition to not putting the environment at risk, it is the cheapest because there are no production, transport and supply costs.

It is self-produced:

While the extraction of fuels can only be managed by large companies, solar energy can be produced directly on the roof of the house.

It is an investment:

The costs of installing a photovoltaic system with solar energy storage are amortized both by savings in the bill and by the various incentives offered by the state (to find out more about the photovoltaic system tax deduction laws, you can contact Zero Carbon’s team).

It is guaranteed:

The technology of the photovoltaic system that uses solar energy is highly developed and certified, requiring minimal maintenance.

Very reasonable costs:

Installing a photovoltaic storage system has an increasingly advantageous price. Compared to 5 years ago, for example, prices have fallen by about a third; and the technology offered is always higher.

Using solar energy in home electricity generation has become more important than ever. It allows you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, producing clean and renewable energy, but above all it allows you to achieve energy independence.

In short, using solar energy is a conscious and convenient choice. You will recover the cost of installing a storage photovoltaic system within 10 years thanks to various incentives, such as tax deductions, 10% VAT and savings on your bill. You can also enjoy facilities like nete metering in Pakistan. Solar lease system has become quite popular in these days as various banking channels in Pakistan have introduced installment systems. There are not very hard rules as we see in other installment systems. It is a beneficial investment if you are expecting turnout in next few years. The government is also keen to promote such types of technological change.

And above all, you will have the satisfaction of producing clean and non-polluting energy directly from the roof of your home. With Zero Carbon, the photovoltaic storage system, you can store the energy produced by your system and use it when you need it most. By producing 75% of your energy needs, you can start making yourself independent from the national electricity grid.


Concluding the question, which solar panel is best mono or poly?  The choice of the solar panel depends upon the buyer and the above-given differences are to be noted when buying a solar panel. The buyer can take advice from the company they choose.

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