Usually roof leaking after solar panels fitted happens as there is already leakage or due to old or weak roof. Because you know the roof is made in a way that they lose the durability after a defined number of years, then you are required to replace it. But often we see some roofs get damaged by weather conditions or poor quality materials which is used.

On top of a roof there may be a tremendous heat due to solar panels because the solar panels heat up to about 200 degrees under the sun and this is about normal sunny summer day. Some panels may just bake the concrete roofing and thus they fail a lot faster. However, here we would recommend you to buy solar panels that can work for you at least for 25 years plus the panels should not hurt the durability of roof.

Basic reason behind roof leaking after solar panels fitted

One of the possible reasons behind roof leaking after solar panels fitted is that when the solar panels are installed, they interrupt the flow of water on the roof; this can occur on tiled roofs where solar panels are installed in between tiles and therefore water cannot flow and backs up.

Otherwise, it can be on a metal roof where you may see roof leaking after solar panels fitted. It happens so because the solar panels are installed in between the lap or the joint of two sheets and water cannot flow properly and back up into the roof.

On the other hand, as far as roof is concerned most solar installers are either not properly trained for solar fitting or they use their companies’ old tools and instruments for mounting. So, choose your solar installation company wisely, and ZC informing you in advance about these issues so that you can remove these risks in your earlier stage.

Roof leaking after solar panels fitted may occur due to the roof damage caused by the holes or gaps left in the roof and it also gives rise to the drainage or leaking problems. Hence it is recommended to check for roof shape and material before planning to install the solar panels over it.

Solar panels installation is a great investment and we should hire some professional company which is able to fit the panels and whole system without damaging roof. If you just keep in mind price factor then you may face issue of roof leaking after solar panels fitted.

The investment in solar panels would keep you away from high electricity costs. In this short article we will also let you know about estimation of solar panels’ quantity for a home.

How many solar panels do you need? What are the variables that affect the output of a home solar system?

Do you know many solar panels we need to get full power output? At the beginning of the design of any home solar system, our engineers need to answer a couple of essential questions:

  1. What is the electricity bill and energy consumption of the house?
  2. What is the maximum output that solar panels can produce depending on the structure and environment of the home?

One of the best ways to answer the question “how many solar panels does my house need” is to contact one of Zero Carbon solar experts to avoid any wrong estimation.

What is the power consumption of the house?

To understand this all you have to do is look at the electricity bill. You can see in the lower left corner a graph with the breakdown of consumption in kWh by months during the last year.

Consumption is probably higher in the summer and winter months than in the transition seasons. We are interested in the annual consumption, since as part of the regulation of the net meter, the surplus electricity produced in the summer can be used during the less sunny winter days. Solar net metering is also an important feature that you need to understand. So, in short roof leaking after solar panels fitted can be resolved if the whole system is installed by professional and experienced team.

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