Should solar panels be in series or parallel?

Before you opt for buying solar panels you consider many things such as the connection of the grid, shape and material of your roof and type of solar panels. So, the main question arises here is should solar panels be in series or parallel? If you have a single battery along with a charge controller, then you have to select solar panels in parallel arrangement because the charge controller does not work over high voltage hence you will connect the solar panels in parallel.

When do you connect solar panels in series?

In other words when you connect more than one solar panel in parallel, one thing to remember is that the voltage remains same as in a single solar panel and ampere or current increases because the current is divided among them. Conversely, if you have a double battery then you can connect your solar panels in series or a chain parallel to each other. As a result, the solar panels connected in series carry the same connection.

Main objectives of parallel or series solar panels

First you need to know the purpose of using parallel solar panels and series solar panels. In order to understand why we use solar panels in parallel and series, here is a brief explanation of the two. In the case of wiring solar panels in series what you can try to do is to wire them up so you can gain a certain voltage window or output, let’s say to charge a battery it is adopted.

On the other hand, in the case of wiring your solar panels in parallel means you are wiring individual solar panels in parallel and it shows the voltage of solar panel. This is what you need but you’re essentially adding extra solar panels for redundancy or to speed up the charging process.

So, in order answer the query of should solar panels be in series or parallel, one must take in consideration the speed and adequacy requirement of charging.

Can you sell solar production?

The photovoltaic cells of the solar system convert the solar energy directly into electricity and allow the consumer to sell it to the electricity company. It is quite possible that the whole world will use solar energy sooner or later. Because the demand of energy or electricity is increasing with great pace.

But not everyone is aware of this option. In addition, installing a solar system requires a financial investment. The investment can be gradually returned when the profits from the electricity company start to arrive. While other energy sources like fuel or oil will run out somewhere in the future, solar energy is non-perishable energy and is available to everyone.

That’s why you can gain sufficient return whether you install solar panels in parallel or series.

Installing a Solar System – How Does It Work?

Step One – Should solar panels be in series or parallel also requires to understand a standard installation system for solar panels first. As you can see, at the beginning of process the company consultant will come to your home to check the suitability of the roof for the system, including slope, turning, space, infrastructure and more. At the end of the tests, the company consultant will recommend the system that is most suitable for you, including a detailed quote.

Step Two – After the consultation, an agreement will be signed between you and the company, including a breakdown of the expected annual profit and the company’s commitment to output. Under the agreement, the company will be given a power of attorney that allows it to handle all the processes with the authorities for you.

Third stage – This may include examining a construction on site, preparing a building drawing, designing the most suitable solar system for your specific needs and the characteristics of your site, submitting documents to the local committee, obtaining approvals and transferring them to the electricity company and signing a 20-25year contract. This phase lasts about 4-7 weeks normally.

Fourth stage – Risks associated with devised plans and electrical planning are discussed in detail then the final plans will be presented and approved by the relevant authorities.

Step Five – Upon receipt of all approvals, including approval of the final plan by the customer, the installation work of the system is carried out. The process is carried out with the utmost care, while preserving the structure, the roof and its surroundings.

Phase Six – Upon completion of the installation work, the system will undergo a thorough inspection by the company’s experts and at the end, a representative of the solar company will be invited to inspect the system and confirm its connection to the electricity grid. At the end of these tests, the system will be connected to the mains and you will start making money!

And the process of producing your own electricity through solar panels will begin immediately.

How to save energy with solar power?

The earth resources we use to produce energy will eventually run out. This may be experienced in generations and it does not mean we should not be feeling worried.

In addition, when energy is produced, such as in the process of generating electricity, the earth’s climate is damaged. The gases emitted from the coal-fired power plants emit pollutants.

While the responsibility for the environment lies with the governments and producing societies. But each of us can save energy and thus make the planet a better place to live. Now, our main query for example, should solar panels be in series or parallel is address carefully and with examples, so that you come to know the huge benefits are associated with both types of solar structures.

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