LESCO Solar System

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), is an electricity company which distributes power to Lahore, Kasur, Nankana, Sheikhupura and Okara. We often see discussion about LESCO solar system in media and newspaper.

LESCO plays an important role as part of WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority). During the unbundling process of the WAPDA framework, the LESCO organization emerged during 2001. Prior to this it was the Lahore AEB (Area Electricity Board), comprising of the following substations:

  • 68 of 132 kilovolt
  • 14 of   66 kilovolt

However, during 2013 to 2014 there were the following number of substations.

  • 134 of 132 kilovolt
  • 7 of 66 kilovolt

LESCO System Types

The following types of connections are provided by LESCO, depending on your needs:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Temporary
  • Tube-well
  • Residential colonies
  • General services
  • Street light

LESCO Solar System

LESCO solar system has become a need of time. LESCO also purchases electricity through solar users. Yes, don’t be surprised. For example, a private company or entity is producing surplus electricity then solar electricity can be sold.

The government is bearing a great burden due to electricity costs. People have to pay extra taxes whenever there is some direction from IMF. It is a plus point to have solar installation at every home to lessen the effects of increase in electricity cost.

But we should note, selling electricity is also main source of income for LESCO. The government of Pakistan has serious concerns about LESCO Solar system. Frankly speaking, Pakistani government collects revenue from its citizens through utility bills.

Subsidies on utility bills is also given by governments which are additional or extra burden. The main thing is to generate alternative energy resources. For this solar electricity would be best option.

LESCO Online Bill System

A LESCO online bill system is quite useful. Sometimes a client doesn’t receive her/his LESCO bill which can be due to a mistaken address or misplacement by the customer.

In such a case where there is no document, the LESCO online bill system can empower the client to generate a duplicate bill, which will save him/her to pay an additional amount.

Does LESCO Buy Electricity from solar users?

If you are running a solar system, then obviously there would be chances of producing extra electricity. LESCO solar system will help such solar users to sell the electricity to LESCO. Net metering in Pakistan is helping or promoting this concept.

You need to install solar system which is enough powerful to meet electricity needs. For this always rely on a professional solar distributor in Pakistan that is none other than Zero Carbon.

It is a company which is providing quick service and quality level regarding solar panels. Net metering concept is going to bring positive effects for a common household as well. The reason is by utilizing solar electricity one can cut down electricity cost as well sell extra electricity production can be sold easily to power companies.

Why do power companies buy solar electricity?

There are several reasons behind buying solar electricity from users but one factor is obvious. The price or cost of solar electricity is much less than grid electricity. This is the reason, power companies buy it from solar users.

Why do we need LESCO Solar System?

Some other important reasons for LESCO solar system are for example, the increasing demand of electricity and shortage of energy resources in Pakistan. If LESCO buys electricity, then it would be beneficial not only for solar users but also for this company.  The reason is the cost difference between traditional electricity and solar generated electricity.

Another benefit is green energy concept will be applied in true spirit. However, the panel capacity and price would be important to check. You should consult with an authorized solar panel installation company first, to know the right size of solar panel. Then the sunshine side along with exact battery type would be crucial. Only an experienced company can assist you to purchase the right product in your first attempt.

You cannot take risk to change solar panels again and again due to heavy investment level. In short, if you are discussing LESCO solar system then choose your solar installer after proper verification. ZC in Lahore is one of the best solar companies in Lahore. It can take care of your exact requirement for solar electricity production. The lifetime or duration for solar panels would matter here.

How to Generate a Duplicate Bill from the LESCO Website?

Being a LESCO user you often need to check bills. You can get your duplicate bill from LESCO through following steps:

  • Browse lesco.com.pk after which you navigate to the check bill page
  • Open google.com and type in its search bar “LESCO Bill” choose on its first page & afterwards on the LESCO page. Now enter the reference number of your LESCO Bill & enter to proceed. Your most recent bill will be generated by the system after which it can be printed.

This duplicate bill can be paid at all LESCO Bill Receiving Agent-Counters, such as:

  • Small shops of easy paisa, OMNI & Nadra-e-Sahulat etc.
  • Commercial banks.

To get rid of electricity bills once again you can feel the importance or need for LESCO Solar System.

LESCO Bill Calculator 2021

The LESCO bill calculator 2021, can be used online for calculating your LESCO electricity bills in an easy, fast & reliable way.

The interface of the LESCO bill estimator is easy & understandable to use. Besides the fact that it can be used without hassle, you don’t need to download any 3rd party application.

You can use this LESCO bill calculator 2021 free of charge, by following the steps below:

  • Click on the button
  • This button will navigate you to the webpage of the bill calculator
  • Select your type of connection
  • Proceed by selecting your Phase
  • Now enter the consumed units for off-peak & peak periods
  • Now, enter the provided meter rent which is applicable
  • Likewise, enter the provided service rent which is applicable
  • Proceed by entering Areas, then go on by selecting, the number of your television sets from the dropdown menu
  • Then check or uncheck the various checkboxes
  • Click on “submit” now for the calculation of your bill
  • For resetting the values, click on “Reset” which will reset all the fields’ values to default values.

In same way there is solar calculator that can give you quite accurate idea about the quantity of solar energy production as well as you can anticipate the sunshine direction over the panels.

LESCO Bill Unit Rates

LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) is a division of the government which supplies electricity to residential & commercial areas. The customers are charged according to the units they consumed.

We will be discussing the 2020 & 2021 bill unit rates of LESCO. These tariffs & rates are changed from time to time.

These electricity bills are split into numerous subtypes. For each type the unit rate is different. These types include:

  • Commercials
  • Residential
  • Industrial tariff
  • General services
  • Temporary tariff

The unit price of each of the above-mentioned types are different. Additionally, the price of the unit also differs as the units are increasing.

You have to take into account that at the peak times of day, the rates are rather high, with the result that you have to pay more for the consumption of every unit during this time.

The peak times for the year, are as stated below:

December – February   5.00 pm – 9.00   pm

March – May   6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

June – August   7.00 pm – 11.00 pm

September – November 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

This is the reason; people tend to produce solar energy electricity. Because sunshine cost does not vary as we see in grid electricity.

Besides these charges, some other charges are also included, which are:

  • Applicable variable charge
  • Variable NEPRA
  • Government subsidies

Industrial Sector Rates: General supply

The kilowatts will determine the rates. If a quantity of up to 25 kilowatts is installed, the unit price will be 18.32 together with NEPRA charges of 17.9 & applicable variable charges of 15.28.

For the amount of 25 – 500 kilowatt, it will be 15.79 per unit, together with 400 of fixed charges, variable charges & NEPRA charges.

Temporary Supply Rates

LESCO will also provide you with temporary electricity if you could want it.  The prices per unit will be as follow:

LESCO Bill Unit Rates

  • Residential price 20.84PKR per unit, together with fixed applicable charges of 20.84PKR & 18.15PKR NEPRA charges
  • Commercial price PKR18.39 per unit, plus applicable NEPRA charges.
  • Industrial price PKR16.36 per unit with additional NEPRA & applicable charges. A government subsidy is also provided.

LESCO Net Metering in Pakistan

Through LESCO net metering you can generate & sell power every month to your electricity generation company.

If your factory, home, shop or other open spaces are installed with a three-phased meter, together with a solar or wind system, the excess renewable energy can be supplied into the national grid.

This will result in paying a reduced power bill or get a refund for exporting electricity, via LESCO net metering.

During the past 30 to 40 years, Pakistan has experienced an energy crisis with a shortfall which increased over 4000 megawatts.
The gap between the demand & supply of energy is getting worse which results in excessive power blackouts and load shedding. Due to these issues we want you to understand importance of LESCO Solar system.

LESCO Solar System: Net Metering

In addressing the energy shortfall, Pakistani government is promoting renewable energy on a small scale via the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), based upon the Net Metering concept.

During 2015, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, (NEPRA),

has officially promulgated the rules & regulations concerning net metering as established under the act of “(Alternative & Renewable Energy) Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015.”

According to these regulations, any client could be entitled to install a small-scale, with the capacity of 1 kilowatt – 1 megawatt, RE, provided that he/she has a 3-phase connection and a facility. This is another initiative regarding LESCO solar system.

In accordance to Section 8.4.2 under this rule, any entity or person is entitled to generate renewable energy, provided that all technical aspects are met, to net metering, free from any DISCOs & discrimination, whilst the client can sign an agreement.

During 2016, 20 net-metering licenses were issued to clients by NEPRA. During 2018, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), has provided 200 LESCO net metering connections to customers who were interested to sign an agreement for providing renewable energy via solar systems.

The principal sources of generating power for net-metering are wind power units & solar arrays.

Net Metering: How to Apply

Below you can find the steps which you have to follow when applying for net metering, in order to acquire a DISCO generation license.

  • Fill out the application for Net-metering
  • The acceptance of your application
  • Initially the Technical Team will review it
  • The technical viability by DISCO authorities
  • The signing of the agreement after the approval of application
  • The issue of the license for electricity generation
  • The estimation of connection charges
  • The payment of the estimated charge of connection
  • The Interconnection Facility’s installation
  • Net Metering: The Fee structure

The Distribution Generator (DG) will be responsible for all-inclusive charges relevant to the interconnection of facilities concerning the installation of the meter & other charges to maintain the interconnection facilities.

For a generation license to be issued, a once-off fee is payable by the Distribution Generator, via a pay order to NEPRA.

Below you can find the fee schedule

1 0 to 20     KW No charge

2 20 to 50   KW Rs. 500

3 50 to 100 KW Rs. 1,000

4 100 to 1,000 KW Rs. 5,000

You can do an estimation of your LESCO bill on a monthly basis, prior to your application for net metering.

LESCO New Connection

Below is the procedure to follow when you want to apply for a LESCO new connection.

  1. Visit the ENC (Electricity New Connection) system which will enable you to submit the application form online.
  2.  Whilst you are submitting your form, the under-mentioned information will be required for a LESCO new connection.
  • Choose your type of connection from: Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Tubewell’ Agriculture, General Services, Temporary, Street Light, Residential Colonies.
  • Enter NTN (National Tax Number)
  • Enter STRN (Sales Tax Registration Number)
  • Choose your district-related company. You have to select LESCO for Lahore
  • Then select your linked sub-division
  • Your application status – Owner or Rental
  • The Applicant’s name
  • Your Father name
  • NIC / CNIC Number
  • Your Recent Address
  • Mobile phone number 1 and 2
  • Name of contact person
  • Mobile number of contact person
  • Recent address of the contact person
  • The relationship with the applicant
  • Your email which is optional
  • The number of the meter which is installed already
  • The minimum load – in KWh
  • Address of the premises
  • Select the company for meter installation from
  1. During this step you have to upload scanned copies of the following documents which are required. Ensure that the size of the file does not exceed 300KB & PDF/JPG format permitted: LESCO New Connection
  • Copy of your property document: Provide proof of ownership such as Farred, Registry, Allotment letter (in event of a Housing Colony), Baynama. All the required documents should be certified by:
    • The Oath Commissioner
    • Notary Public
    • Class one Officer
  • The applicant’s undertaking, in accordance with the example which is accessible in the relevant office, on the stamped paper, which is appropriately verified by a Commissioner of Oath, that there is no installed electricity connection, at the requested premises & no overdue debts.

If there is any pending dues which are found at a later stage, the applicant will have to pay it first.

  • If there are various owners, a power of attorney, according to the available example in the applicable office, upon stamp paper and properly certified by a Commissioner of Oath, must also be submitted in favor of the individual, submitting this application from another owner(s).
  •  In a case where a tenant is the applicant, an objection certificate is not required from the property’s owner.
  • A certified CNIC-copy of the applicant
  • An attested CNIC-copy of 2 witnesses. However, if the application is submitted for a single phase meter, no witnesses are required.
  1. After you filled out & uploaded all the required documents & information, submit your application form.
  2. You will need to make a printout of this submitted application form.
  3. Attach all the above-mentioned documentation with your application.
  4. Submit or send your complete file to the relevant office.
  5. After your submitted documentation & information is verified, a demand notice from LESCO will be issued.
  6. Now you will pay this demand notice from LESCO to the applicable bank.
  7. After you paid the demand notice, make a copy and submit it to the relevant office for further processing.
  8. This is the final phase where the relevant office will be verifying the payment of the demand notice. The connection will be installed after the verification.

DISCOs (Distribution Company) have the authority to either cancel or reject the request for a new connection, in any phase, It should find the applicant to be a non-payer.

Please note that hazy & incomplete applications will be disregarded.

In the case where an applicant submitted some forged document(s), the application will immediately be cancelled. Thus, the department has the authority to file a legal action against such an owner or applicant.

Visit the company’s web portal LESKO.pk to get answers to all your questions, whether it is to learn about a new connection, get hold of a duplicate LESCO bill, the calculation of your electricity bill, browsing for LESCO job opportunities or to complain about the company. So, overall we can say LESCO solar system is helping Pakistani people in multiple ways. If we understand it and try to arrange solar panel systems for our homes, offices or factories then it can be milestone in Pakistan’s economy.

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