The Working of an On-Grid Residential Solar System
Pakistan has been facing swerve price hikes regarding essential commodities for the last couple of years. The situation has worsened for the previous year as the basic electricity costs around Rs. 24.82 per kWh. The adjustments were made in July, August, and October 2022. Due to this massive increase, the monthly expenditure of an average...
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Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan 
  Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan  What is a Solar Panel Power?  The solar system works on solar energy. It operates through PV sheets and batteries. The PV sheets are installed in open locations where the sun directly accesses them. The PV sheets absorb the light from the sun and convert...
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Zero Carbon Secures AEDB’s highest category License ARE-V1
Zero Carbon is pleased to inform that the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has issued a license under the category ARE-VI (installations of capacity up to 1,000 kW) for net metering implementation in Pakistan. Zero carbon has fulfilled all the pre-qualifications required to achieve this license as a renewable energy company. The company aims to...
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